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 Rating the Pokemon on Creativity 
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I've decided to rate each pokemon on creativity, on a 1-100 scoring scale, based on the school grading system. Well, my school grading system:

93+: A
85-92: B
77-84: C
70-76: D
69 and under: F

If you want to search for your favorite pokemon, their names are all listed, so just do ctrl+f. This will be updated constantly, despite posts or not.

Bulbasaur Family wrote:

Bulbasaur {bulbasaur} : This is (obviously) one of the more creative species of the generation, and easily the most creative starter. As a child it starts as a bulb, which slowly grows into a large blooming flower. And from this bulb, nutrients and energy are stored so that bulbasaurs can go for days upon end without food. But the bulb is only on its back, and what is underneath the bulb? A strange froglike, dinosaur creature! This is a creative mixture for sure, and it looks totally nature. That’s one thing about Kanto -- a lot of them look natural enough to look like they belong in our world. For some pokemon, this is good, as it makes them even more creative. For others, it’s bad, because it shows a lack of. Score: 94/100.

Ivysaur {ivysaur} : See Bulbasaur. It’s pretty much just what a Bulbasaur would be like if they grew naturally, like humans, from babies into adults, instead of sudden evolution. It’s a bigger Bulbasaur, but now the bulb has opened up to reveal a rose-like plant, it has fangs, and it has darker spots, making it closer related to the dinosaur, more ferocious than the toad, the other animal it’s based off of. Also, when it grows, its flower gains an aroma. Although the fact that it’s just a bigger, stronger Bulbasaur may seem uncreative, it is not, for only certain pokemon need that kind of...unnatural growth (Dusclops-Dusknoir, Piloswine-Mamoswine, Scyther-Scizor). So, even though I like it a lot less (not as cute :(!), it gets the same score as Bulbasaur. Score: 92/100.

Venusaur {venusaur} : See Bulbasaur, then see Ivysaur. At this point, the flower has completely opened up to reveal what is resemblent of a PALM TREE. Now THAT is creativity right there. Up to the point where it is far more dinosaur like than toadlike, it is now a vicious machine, ready to rip apart enemies with its strength. Now with the bulb opened up, special attacks are delivered not only faster, but stronger, because the creature is at full potential. The female also has a seed, possibly signifying the creation of a new Bulbasaur, along with the physical development so that the Venusaur is actually able to deliver/plant a baby. And when the palm tree is all nice and healthy, it gets brighter colors and becomes stronger, and when it rains, a scent is released. A cross between a plant and an animal, I wish I could give it a higher score, because it is easily the most creative in the family, and the most creative starter. Score: 96/100.

Family average: 94/100

Charmander Family wrote:
Charmander {charmander} : A fiery salamander. A pokemon that’d normally be water, they took and transformed it, made it bipedal, and made it a FIRE type! Good job, GF, great work. Its tail is on fire, symbolizing its life force, I like it, I like it...but what else is there to poor little Charmander? He’s creative so far, but there really isn’t much else to him. He’s...simple. And those claws...because claws are SO creative. But wait! I just found out from Bulbapedia That the entire family is based on some legendary fire spirits that took the form of lizards, who survived extreme heat. That’s creative there! Too bad it doesn’t help a whole lot. Score: 82/100.

Charmeleon {charmeleon} : A bigger Charmander…wow. It’s skin colour changes, but that really doesn’t matter that much, it doesn’t even get it an entire extra point. It’s more dangerous, because it isn’t like the majority of all creatures, real or pokemon, get stronger as they evolve. More profound muscles, and sharper claws. It seems to have a little horn/volcano thing on its head, but that isn’t too great, either. :/ *sigh* I’m sorry charmeleon, but you just don’t cut it. 79/100.

Charizard {charizard} : Similar to Venusaur, Charizard is the most creative pokemon its evolution line. Why? Because at this point, it’s more than just a salamander: It’s a salamander that grew up into a dragon. But because the wings are fairly new, they aren’t very strong, and are considered as charizard’s weak spot. It’s partly based on the Jersey Devil, which is cool, but also partly based on the European Dragon, which isn’t nearly as cool, because it’s generic. But then again, the Jersey Devil is creative itself, but the only thing Charizard takes from it is its appearance, which isn’t very creative at all. Score: 85/100.

Family average: 82

Squirtle Family wrote:
Squirtle {squirtle} : Wahaa! Our least creative pokemon yet, it seems. A turtle that’s the water type; basic, generic, cute and awesome, but not very creative. It’s got that fancy little tail, but you can’t really get too creative with those. Oh, and just ftr, turtle pokemon should not be confused with tortoises: turtles are associated with water, and their shells cover their backs AND their underbellies; the tortoise pokemon’s shells only cover their backs, and are not associated with water. It has a stronger than normal shell, which is cool, I guess. But squirtle’s not really that special, it seems. Even after researching on bulbapedia. :/ Score: 63/100.

Wartortle {wartortle} : Congratulations, the first middle-evo that gets a higher score than the first form! Wartortle is a bigger squirtle, but with strange ear things, and a unique tail. I, myself would assume that these furry/feather/cloudlike features would help swimming in some way, maybe go faster? Oh well. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Apparently, it’s extremely long tail is a symbol of the fact that it can live for 10,000 YEARS. I thought only Ninetales and legendaries could live that long! But then, that’s it, nothing else, goodbye. Score: 72/100.

Blastoise {blastoise} : A zomgHUEG squirtle. With cannons. That lacks the uniqueness of wartortle’s longevity and fluffy/furry/cloudlike ears and tails. While the cannons help, it’s not really that creative. The only thing creative in the least about this thing is its head. It another animal that I can’t name at the moment. Score: 67/100.

Family Average: 67.33333333333333...

Caterpie Family wrote:
Caterpie {caterpie} : Apparently, caterpies are supposed to be based on these things. In fact, it pretty much IS just those things, except for the fact that it has a horn, and a yellow tail, and is cuter. It releases a stink to protect itself if you touch the horn, which makes it kinda skunklike, so I guess skunk + caterpillar is kinda cool. And it molts. Sorry bud, not creative at all. Score: 56/100.

Metapod {metapod} : By slightly resembling the face what with the eyes and the nose, it’s slightly more creative than Caterpie. But not by a lot, seeing as it’s still JUST A STUPID COCOON. -.- Score: 57/100.

Butterfree {butterfree} : Butterfree’s inspiration seems to be THIS thing. Weird, huh? Seeing as it actually looks DRASTICALLY different from its real-life counterpart, that spouts creativity, doesn’t it? This happy purple butterfly with its large red, good-visioned eyes is creative, it seems! It rubs honey on its legs to get back to the nest, is purple, has large red eyes, non-generic bug feet, and two sets of wings! And it can release toxic dust by flapping its wings, causing moves like sleep powder, stun spore, etc. Yay Butterfree, you’ve saved your family from ruin. But you’re still just a butterfly. Score: 78/100.

Family Average 63.6666666666666666...

Weedle Family wrote:

Weedle {weedle} : Thank goodness weedle resembles something other than just a simple bug that it looks exactly alike. Weedle is apparently based off of a Wiggler, you know, from the Marioverse? Yes, those. But then again, it’s still not that much better, seeing as if you were to take off the flower and shoes of a wiggler, and add on some horns, it’d be a weedle. Oh, and shrink it. :p Score: 66/100.

Kakuna {kakuna} : Now, bulbapedia doesn’t say anything at all about Egyptians, but I can just tell by looking at it that Kakuna got some inspiration from there. It’s so much more than just a chrysalis with a face (see Metapod -.-), it actually looks like it was based off of ancient Egyptian burial things. As if some ancient monster was buried inside (Beedrill), but because it’s a cocoon, the ancient monster will awaken and arise at Lv. 10! :O! Kudos to creativity, yay. Score: 78/100.

Beedrill {beedrill} : Now here we go! A really creative pokemon! I wish I could say you were the first, but Bulbasaur sucks for being the first in line. >:O So anyways, you take this thing and you draw it cartoon style. But unlike Caterpie, you DO something to it! Like change its wings to be more peaceful, and give it drills for arms to make it all the more dangerous and frightening. Now, while I tend to be against generic-icky-bug legs, they work for Beedrill. Congratulations. They only reason you’re not on par with the Bulbasaur family, is because you look too much like your inspiratin, but otherwise: good. Score: 89/100.

Family Average: 77.66666666666

Pidgey Family wrote:

Pidgey {pidgey} : Ah, our first bird pokemon. Looking at its design, and then looking at its inspiration, the basic pigeon, Pidgey has some creativity up its sleeve. They seem to put a lot of emphasis on this pokemon being pudgy; they made it round and ball like, a good portion of its dex entries talk about it eating food, and another good portion of the dex entries talk about it blowing around sand with its wings as opposed to flying. This information causes me to believe that the name Pidgey is less of a corruption, but instead, a portmanteau of Pidgey and pigeon. I’m also glad they changed the colour scheme, because having a pokemon be that uncreative/ugly would’ve been ANNOYING. But it’s also still just a basic bird pokemon. ;[ Score: 68/100.

Pidgeotto {pidgeotto} : Aha! So it’s not just a bigger Pidgey! It’s…slimmer. Which is what Pidgey was based off of, and where all of its creativity streamed from. Sounds like a Wartortle-Blastoise thing to me. >_> The coloured feathers are a nice touch on the head and tail, and apparently it’s based off of an osprey. But ospreys look more like Pidgeot. So, if Pidgeot is an osprey, and Pidgey a pudgy pigeon, than it seems pidgeotto is just a smaller Pidgeot. Which it is. Sorry. :( Score: 65/100.

Pidgeot {pidgeot} : Even though its name is obviously from a pigeon, it’s actually more of an osprey. In fact, it looks VERY much like an osprey. Just add some muscles so it doesn’t look so scrawny, some colour, and some head feathers, bada-boom, bada-bing, you got yourselves a pokemon. The extra long head feathers make it more elegant, a more respectable bird pokemon. It’s pretty nice, but also pretty basic. Nothing really makes it special besides the colour scheme, and maybe its head feathers. Score: 67/100.

Family Average: 66.666666666...

Rattata Family wrote:
Rattata {rattata} : Now see, this is an interesting pokemon. It’s just a basic rat, but its been changed and corrupted into pokemon style. You take a normal, pudgy, ugly ugly ugly rat, and then you 1. Make it purple, 2. Stretch it out so it isn’t as amazingly fat anymore, 3. Make the whiskers noticeable (and sexy), 3. Give it zomghueg teeth, 4. Stretch its tail out so long that it becomes curly. Rattata is a lot more muscular than a normal rat, looks like the thing that’s been crawling through my walls has been working out at the gym! It also has square ears, but that isn’t much, and the buck teeth are amazingly generic. In short: Everything that isn’t exactly like a normal rat about Rattata is original, and vice versa. Score: 72/100.

Raticate {raticate} : A big rat! :O! Well, it’s not just a bigger Rattata, so that’s a plus...but it’s more rat like than it’s pre-evolutionary counterpart. Based on the coypu, they’re pretty much exactly alike, save the coloring. Well, actually, it looks just like an albino coypu, except with a bigger mouth. And a MUCH larger head, along with a smaller body. So...a big headed rat with a large mouth? Not that great. Score: 65/100.

Family Average: 68.5

Faillow Family wrote:
Spearow {spearow} : Well, it seems we have here another animal splice. What was our last one...? The first was the last, and that’d be the Venusaur family (Pidgeot isn’t really a splice, since it really hasn’t got much pigeon). Well anyway, if you were to take a sparrow…and give it the head of a falcon, you’d pretty much have this little creature right here. Except, they recolored it to make it look like a ragamuffin! Yay! So, it get points in that it’s a splice between to animals, and that they recolored it with slightly unordinary colors, but it’s still just a bird. Sorry. Score: 77/100.

<s>Failow</s>Fearow {fearow} : Well, it seems bulbapedia lacks an origin entry for this little demon bird. But not to worry. I have a BRAIN! So, this is what I figured. Sparrows, obviously from the name. Its dex entries talk a lot about it having a beak of death, and its Japanese name reflects that. So, on the chats, Diyon and I came to this conclusion. Heron (long neck) + Hawk (wings) + Falcon (claws, butt-feathers) + Sparrow (namesake, a little bit of coloring) + Homelessness (that ugly, ugly colouring, and how it looks so scruffy and nasty and untidy) = Fearow. Now that’s a LOT of stuff. Despite the fact that it’s a suck pokemon, it’s pretty creative, but the only thing I can say is that I wish that they put more emphasis on the demon beak thing. But also, a regular bird pokemon will never get that high of a score. But Fearow, ya done pretty good. Score: 84/100.

Family Average: 80.5

Ekans Family wrote:

Ekans {ekans} : Y’know, ever since I started this thing, I’ve begun to dislike stylized pokemon more and more. Squirtle, Caterpie, Metapod, Pidgey…they’ve begun to annoy me with their lack of creativity. Well, ekans annoys me. It’s a splice, but it really doesn’t do much of its second half besides constrict and coil. Yes, Ekans is rattlesnake + boa + stylized. It eats eggs like its real life counterparts, Pidgey and Spearow eggs actually, and its always nice to see carnivorous and omnivorous pokemon. So, it’s pretty much a snake. Not a snake pokemon, just…a snake. Whoopadeedoo. Score: 67/100.

Arbok {arbok} : More creative than creative than ekans, but still peevingly stylized and simple. Well, not really simple. Arbok is based on a cobra, and its entire body shape is that of. I’m not really sure if it actually takes this from a real life snake, or if the chest patterns that have the ability to hypnotize are actually all GF’s own. Well, I’ll just give arbok the benefit of the doubt and assume the latter. :D So yeah, it has a sexy chest that can hypnotize, due to the fact that it sumbolizes a face. Pretty creative, I must say so. And even then, it also retains ekans’ boa-like style and constricts its opponents. Nothing amazing, but pretty good. Score: 80/100.

Family Average: 73.5

Pikachu Family wrote:
Pikachu {pikachu} : Ah yes, pokemon’s mascot. Well I’ve got these few things to say before we start: 1) It doesn’t look much like its real life counterpart (which is good), 2) it seems like a lot of thought was put into it (which is REALLY good). Now, let’s look at its counterpart…the pika. The resemblance is there…slightly. Which is good! GF used their creativity powers to change this small little rodent into exactly what they wanted: a creative, electric rat. Speaking of electricity, I tend to like it when they take normal animals and give them elemental themes, like Luxray the electrical lion, or Banette the ghostly puppet. Pikachues have highly alert and sensitive ears, due to their size, and of course, the famous electrical cheek sacs that generate their energy. I wish all pokemon had sources for their power that are specifically pointed out, but the only ones I can think of are the Pikachu family, the Shinx family, and the Vulpix family. And it also apparently uses its tail to monitor its surroundings, which is awesome. So yes, pikachu has earned bunches of points already! But like Charmander, there’s nothing else left. However, unlike Charmander, there’s nothing else needed. Congratulations pikachu. You do deserve to be pokemon’s mascot. ;) Score: 93/100.

Raichu {raichu} : Well, according to bulbapedia, Raichu’s a kangaroo rat…which is nice. It has the long tail and legs like one, and of course, the similarities to pikachu, but it all ends from there. It looks like they just took Raichu and…made it CREATIVE?! Well, it’s got TIGER STRIPES ON ITS BACK which is REALLY nice, and the lightning bolt tail has become even more like a lightning bolt, and the tail is longer and it looks like…well, lemme put it this way. Y’know how pikachu is an electric rat? Raichu is an electric PIKACHU. Now that’s pretty amazing. I could just sit here and describe its physical attributes, but I won’t, because you can check that out for yourself, and there’s nothing really interesting or excitingly creative about it aside from its appearance. Oh, and that it supports my theory that the stones contain large amounts of elemental energy, so that when it comes in contact with a pokemon, that type of energy (in this case, electricity) overcomes them, and they evolve through the complete power of that element. :D Score: 95.

Family Average: 94.

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z0mg liek U sUck r@t!ng sUm1 taht 10w..

I agree with most of these, but the Charizard should be lower >.>
Good assesment of Blastoise. and lol @ caterpie family. :]


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