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 GP's thought about each Pokemon 
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This is mostly a post for myself, since I don't have anywhere to write it and I want to know my thoughts about them. (Since I can't think of 600+ Pokemon at the same time) But yea, feel free to comment. :)

{bulbasaur} - {venusaur}
Alright, while they weren't my choice when I chose my first starter, I still like the concept of a plant frog thing, and the design is very well done. But it's not really my style... still had fun with him tho. :) Also one of the few megas I like.

{charmander} - {charizard}
No wonder why it's one of the favorite Pokemon around the world, it looks so good! Well, Charmander looks like some bald larvae but once it grows its horns it looks epic. I always used it in my Firered, I love it. But I don't really like its megas... sure they look nice, but they remove what makes me love Charizard so much, its face traits.

{squirtle} - {blastoise}
Here's one I dislike... well, I do like Watortle's look, he's nice with these small wing things, but when he evolves it's meh. Metallic cannons on its back. It looks boring to me. And to make it worse, its mega, it just looks bad.

{caterpie} - {butterfree}
I'm quite neutral about this one... not one I like, not one I dislike. Well, caterpie looks nice, then it evolves in this green turd and then in a strange butterfly. But well, I like butterfree, its wings aren't too invasive. The design is nice but the concept not that much.

{weedle} - {beedrill}
Omg I love Beedrill. It's such a shame that it's so bad, it looks epic. It has this mysterious, aggressive look, epic design, good concept, bad stats sadly. It would probably have a spot on my team if it was better! I tried a run with it in firered but it got rekt. :/ For the mega... eh, another case of too many details. its eyes and wings looks great tho. As for weedle, it looks dumb, and Kakuna looks great from the front... just look at the back sprite from Firered, so messed up.

{pidgey} - {pidgeot}
I probably never told anyone, but I love bird Pokemon, they almost all look great somehow, like if they are easier to design or something. But well, I love the pidgey line. I must say that I prefer pidgeotto over pidgeot, but I love them all. They have a modest look, just perfect! As for the mega, I absolutely loooove it, but GODDAMIT GAMEFREAK WHY U TRIGGER OCD!!! Useless detail for that dem feather, it makes me cringe. I mean, a small one would have been fine, but now it's a huge thing in front of his face. It reminds me of when I wake up and my hair are not only messed up, but they hurt when I try to place them; I hate this pain.

{rattata} - {raticate}
Not much to say about those two, they look boring, I never used them. Rattata is not bad, but I dislike raticate, too big. The generic rat I guess.

{spearow} - {fearow}
I used to dislike fearow... I mean, look at its neck; what happened! It looks broken in half! But yea, I found a shiny spearow and evolved it into fearow, I grew up liking it more. I still hate this neck tho. Overall, nice design, it has nice details on its body, like that white fur thing on its back.

{ekans} - {arbok}
Ekans looks dumb. Just look at its face. For me its just that rotten apple in an old caramel apple. But Arbok, I friggin love it! My favorite color is purple, and the thing actually looks great! Epic, aggressive look, one of my favorite Pokemon.

{pikachu} - {raichu}
Okay, I don't like raichu. It looks strange, not my taste. And they decided to mess up Pikachu's tail in the 4th gen, a small detail to make it look bad. Buuut since I started playing it in smash bros I got to like it, I just don't like the anime version of it, it was better off fat.

I will continue later, maybe tomorrow!

Thanks DragoBoy for this awesome sig and Mektar for the astonishing avatar!!!

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Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:51 pm
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{sandshrew} - {sandslash}
Very nice design for both, but it never really worked for me, I never had them in my teams. Maybe it's the moveset, dunno.

{nidoran f} - {nidoqueen}
I like the first two stages, but not nidoqueen. She looks boring to me...

{nidoran m} - {nidoking}
I actually have a shiny nidoking, and it looks epic. A pokemon I grew to like. I don't seem to be a fan of poison/ground types. o_O

{clefairy} - {clefable}
I dislike those two, they look dumb, just another duo of fluffy pink stuff. Clefable looks acceptable though.

{zubat} - {golbat}
I loooove Zubat's design, it looks so great. That's until it evolves into Golbat. Why. Anyway, Zubat was always a member of my team in my early days of gaming, but I grew bored of it, much like how I never use any starters.

{oddish} - {vileplume}
Nope. Boring concept and design, I never liked it.

{paras} - {parasect}
Probably some of my favorite Pokemon, it's a shame that they sux so bad!

{venonat} - {venomoth}
I like these two, mostly Venomoth. A great-looking pokemon. Sadly, its movepool is quite small, and is not of any use... except for that ATV. :P

Thanks DragoBoy for this awesome sig and Mektar for the astonishing avatar!!!

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Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:36 pm
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{diglett} - {dugtrio}
This pokemon.... I don't know... the first time I've seen it a few years ago I was like "omg it looks cool!". But now it's just three heads. But sure, it's useful and has a great movepool, I like it. Diglett's line is a fanbase favorite and will remain for a long time. Diglett used fly!

{meowth} - {persian}
I'm... neutral? I never used them in my teams, and it looks.. normal. Well, for me, it's just one of those Pokemon you say "they are Pokemon" and move on. No emtion on it. Persian looks too bulky and lost meowth's amulet thing on its head... only useful for pick up.

{psyduck} - {golduck}
I never liked those two. Look at them, they look dumb or something, and golduck is scary. It's not impressive or anything, just an humanoid duck thing. But well, I heard it does good, might try it one time.

{mankey} - {primeape}
I. Never. Liked. Monkey. Pokemon. And this one is far from being an exception. To make it even worse, it has some kind of pig nose, and looks completly horrifying. Big body with long, skinny parts - no thanks. At least Primeape gets better, but still nope. :c

{growlithe} - {arcanine}
I don't like growlithe's ears <-- this is the only thing wrong on this line. It looks marvelous, super cute pokemon. All this fur. It ends up being very useful too, but I always pick Ponyta over this one... I'll have to try it one day.

{poliwag} - {poliwrath}
I always liked this line, since it was on the box for pokemon firered/leafgreen, on the side. I looked forward to seeing it. And I was not disappointed, great pokemon, probably the best fighting type of this gen in the actual gameplay. One of my friends would use it to battle against me. I used it in one of my water type only runs, it does well.

{abra} - {alakazam}
I always liked Abra, same for Kadabra, but I hate Alakazam. You see... when Abra evolves, it gets that fox tail thing and a star in the face, very nice details, which he loses when he evolves. I was upset. Gtg get two spoons too. Meh, screw Alakazam, I'm keeping Kadabra. 3:

{machop} - {machamp}
I hate this one. Macho pokemon thing, I dislike big muscles, they look ugly. Well, it looks dumb and is ugly, not for me. A big nope. (Those dem humanoids)

{bellsprout} - {victreebel}
The first two looks dumb... why do Weepinbell even loses its vines? It looks lost or something. Well, the last one gets better, and it's actually useful. I'm taking this one over oddish without any question. Gen 1 still lacks good grass types tho.

{tentacool} - {tentacruel}
I have a shiny tentacruel, 'nuf said. He looks epic, some kind of sea monster thing. I know that tentacool is annoying in the water, but it's tentacool. Tentacruel is still one of my favorite shinies, and the one I'm the most proud... "see onix".

{geodude} - {graveler}
Screw geodude and graveler, they look dumb. The lure of this line is its evolution, or what I thought would be its evo. Of course, when I was young, I battled Brock with its geodude and onix, and I actually thought onix was geodude's evo. When I found a geodude in Mt.Moon, I was like "omg" and trained it hard. Well, I later learned that onix wasn't its evo, so I just went and captured one. But my friend showed me something even better, and it's Golem. Still one of my favorite pokemon. The problem is: I didn't know we had to trade it for it to evolve. So I proceeded to train my Graveler to level 89. Yes, 89, but it never freaking evolved! ;_;

{ponyta} - {rapidash}
A horse with a fiery mane; what else do you want? No rlly, and their shinies gets even better, blue and black flames. I mean wow, by far my favorite pokemon design, even if it's cliche, we just can't have enough fire horses. The only flaw is its movepool, but the raw power is worth it; I rekt a volcanora with my special attack Repidash when I played pokemon showdown, it even tanked a EQ.

I'll do next part soon. I can't do more than that due to the 25 smilies limit, but I still did more than 25 Pokemon.

Thanks DragoBoy for this awesome sig and Mektar for the astonishing avatar!!!

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Mon Jun 22, 2015 7:14 am
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