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 A theory about Steven Stone becoming Hoenn League Champion 
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A long time ago, there were 3 trainers called Graham, Joe and Ramsay. They loved Pokemon battling very much. 1 day the 3 of them entered a tournament. Ramsay lost in the 2nd round. Joe won the tournament and made Graham the 2nd strongest trainer. Ramsay was filled with hatred and rage. Ramsay yelled "If I can't be the strongest of the 3 of us, no1 can!" and stormed off. Joe was stunned. He had never experienced something like this before. Many years passed. Ramsay challenged and defeated his former friends and became Champion of Hoenn. Ramsay's rage from that day had still not subsided. He battled many trainers without caring about his Pokemon. People called him the Heartless Champion. A young man named Steven challenged Ramsay and was able to defeat him. Steven asked "Why do you force your Pokemon to battle so hard? Your method is extremely cruel". Ramsay finally snapped and unleashed the full brunt of his power on his Pokemon for losing. 1 escaped however. That Pokemon must have known on some instinctive level Ramsay was still mad at Joe. The Pokemon left Hoenn. Ramsay left Hoenn to train in Mount Coronet in Sinnoh. The End.

"For those of you who don't know, I've crushed Gym Leaders, Elite 4 members and Champions of all regions without fear. I'll be happy to battle you anytime. PM me for battles!"

Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:00 am
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Wow! Great story/theory! :lol:

~ From


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Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:57 am
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This is a really good start. It's too short though. You could go into so much more detail about the kinds of cruelties he committed to his pokemon and even talk more about how these three grew up and raised pokemon together. I think it's a great story/theory so far. But could be SO much better if you spent some more time on it. Just and idea :)


Thu Apr 07, 2016 4:12 pm
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