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 "Well, Their Top Songs are..." 
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Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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Joe Satriani

1. Crushing Day
2. Devil's Slide
3. Gnaahh
4. Up In Flames
5. War
6. Surfing With The Alien
7. Turnin' Left (Chickenfoot)
8. Crystal Planet
9. Avenida Revolucion (Chickenfoot)
10. Cool#9 (G3)

Steve Vai

1. Erotic Nightmares
2. For The Love Of God
3. I'm The Hell Outta Here (Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival 2004)
4. Bad Horsie
5. The Animal (Live - Passion And Warfare Tour 1990)
6. Tender Surrender
7. Juice
8. Giant Balls Of Gold
9. The Attitude Song (Live in Holland)
10. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix Cover)

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Sun Nov 15, 2009 6:42 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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1. Wake Up (Funeral, 2004)
2. Neighbourhood #3 [Power Out] (Funeral, 2004)
3. No Cars Go (Neon Bible, 2007)
4. Rebellion (Funeral, 2004)
5. Sprawl II [Mountains Beyond Mountains] (The Suburbs, 2010)
6. Keep the Car Running (Neon Bible, 2007)
7. Neighbourhood #1 [Tunnels] (Funeral, 2004)
8. Une ann


Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:20 am
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Breaking Benjamin
1.The Diary of Jane
2.Until the End
3.Dance With the Devil

2.Falling Down
3.Slow Burn
4.Bleeding Mascara
5.Stop! Before Its Too Late and We've Destroyed it All

Billy Talent
1.Red Flag
2.Rusted From the Rain
3.Fallen Leaves
4.River Below
5.Devil in a Midnight Mass

Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:31 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Ryanh181 wrote:
Avenged Sevenfold

1. Afterlife
2. Bat Country
3. Dancing Dead
4. Chapter Four
5. Beast And The Harlot
6. Lost
7. A Little Piece Of Heaven
8. Seize The Day
9. Critical Acclaim
10. Clairvoyant Disease

I could go on and on, there's too many.

I'm pretty sure you also meant to include Welcome to the Family...

Off the rock topic, top Eminem's best:

No Love (ft. Lil Wayne)
Just Lose It
Without Me
Space Bound
25 To Life (ft. Unknown Girl)
Stan (ft. Dido)
Like Toy Soldiers
Careful What You Wish For
When I'm Gone

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Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:00 am
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher
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Okay this is just base on my opinion but here it goes:

Sum 41

!. Fat Lip
2. Count Your Last Blessing
3. The Hellsong
4. Rhythms
5. Screaming Bloody Murder (New Release)
6. Scumfuk (Unreleased
7. Noots
8. Underclass Hero
9. Walking Disaster
10. With Me


1. American Idiot
2. Good Riddance (Time of your Life)
3. Jesus of Suburbia
4. When I come Around
5. See The Light
6. 21 Guns
7. Wake me up When September Ends
8. Basketcase
9. Holiday
10. Welcome To Paradise

Linkin' Park

1. Burning In the Skies
2. Waiting For the End
3. Numb
4. Faint
5. Valentines Day
6. Breaking The Habit
7. With You
8. Somewhere I Belong
9. New Divide
10. What I've Done

-All of this are pure Rock/Punk/Rap Genre bands

-hey if someone knows about the band eraserheads from the philippines plz. let me know what is your top 5 songs of eraserheads



Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:13 pm
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Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
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Red Hot Chili Peppers
1.Dani California
2. Under the Bridge
3. My Friends
4. Can't Stop
5. Otherside
7. By the Way
8. Give it Away
9. Aeroplane
10. Look Around

The Beatles
1. Yesterday
2. Yellow Submarine
3. I am the Walrus
4.Hey Jude
5. Lady Madonna
6. Eight Days a Week
7 Drive my Car
8. She Loves You
9. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
10.Strawberry Fields Forever

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Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:21 am
Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master
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Gamma Ray

Hear of the unicorn
Rebellion in dreamland
It's a sin
Send me sign
Garden of the sinners
RazorBlade sigh

Iron MAdien
El dorado
Mother of mercy
Rime of the ancient mariner

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Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:40 pm
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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I mostly like the old stuff some of these bands/singers did. Also, Top 5 only because I'm naming these from memory.

1. For Whom the Bell Tolls
2. Enter Sandman
3. Ride the Lightning
4. Astronomy
5. Master of Puppets

1. Dota
2. Russian Privjet
3. Hallah Dar
4. Saturday
5. All I Ever Wanted AND Tetris (tie)

1. Butterflies and Hurricanes
2. Time is Running Out
3. Uprising
4. City of Delusion
5. Hysteria

Lady Gaga
1. Poker Face + Telephone (tie)
2. Judas
3. Bad Romance
4. Just Dance
5. Born This Way + Love Game (tie)

Panic At The Disco!
1. I Write Sins Not Tragedies
2. But It's Better If You Do
3. I Constantly Thank God For Estaban
4. Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks
5. There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered

These are just my favorite artists. I've got plenty more, including The Beatles, Carbon Leaf, Owl City, Billy Talent, Atreyu, The Killers, and Avenged Sevenfold, but I'm too lazy. I'm from Huntsville, Texas...thus I listen to Rap and Country (okay, mostly Taylor Swift <3) as well, but I won't torture you people with those lists.

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Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:40 pm
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Ok, here's mine. I'll do 1 band. Rush. It's my favorite. :D

Rush: (Of course I wish I could list more songs then their hits...)

1. Limelight Album: Moving Pictures (1981)
2. The Spirit of Radio Album: Permanent Waves (1980)
3. Freewill Album: Permanent Waves (1980)
4. Subdivisions Album: Signals (1982)
5. YYZ Album: Moving Pictures (1981)
6. Tom Sawyer Album: Moving Pictures (1981)
7. New World Man Album: Signals (1982)
8. Red Barchetta Album: Moving Pictures (1981)
9. Closer to the Heart Album: A Farewell to Kings (1977)
10. 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx) Album: 2112 (1976)

Are they in order? No.

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See how it sings like a sad heart, and joyously screams out its pain
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~Neil Peart

Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:57 pm
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Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer
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Alright, let's try this. These isn't a list of hits, but rather my recommendations.

They Might Be Giants (TMBG)
1. Birdhouse In Your Soul
2. Contrecoup
3. Ana Ng
4. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
5. Experimental Film
6. Doctor Worm
7. They'll Need A Crane
8. Don't Let's Start

Billy Joel
1. Piano Man
2. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
3. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
4. Goodnight Saigon
5. We Didn't Start the Fire
6. Only the Good Die Young
7. Uptown Girl

Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)

1. Bad Moon Rising
2. Lookin' Out My Back Door
3. Rollin' on the River
4. Born on the Bayou
5. Down on the Corner

I like Quagsires.

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Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:19 am
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Kylie "Goddess" Minogue:

1-2. Kylie (1988): "I Should Be So Lucky," "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi"
3-4. Enjoy Yourself (1989): "Never Too Late," "I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)"
5-7. Rhythm of Love (1990): "Better the Devil You Know," "Step Back in Time" <3, "What Do I Have to Do?"
8. Let's Get to It (1991): "Too Much of a Good Thing"

9-10. Kylie Minogue (1994): "Confide in Me" <3, "Where is the Feeling?" <3
11. "Where the Wild Roses Grow" (1995)
12-13. Impossible Princess (1998): "Breathe" <3, "Drunk" <3

14-15. Light Years (2000): "On a Night Like This," "Butterfly" <3
16-17. Fever (2001): "Love at First Sight," "Fragile"
18-19. Body Language (2003): "Chocolate," "Loving Days" <3
20-22. X (2007): "In My Arms," "Sensitized," "No More Rain"
23-25. Aphrodite (2010): "All the Lovers," "Closer," "Can't Beat the Feeling" <3


Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:06 am
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