Before posting, please read, and try these tips
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Author:  Jigglypuff [ Wed Aug 04, 2004 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Before posting, please read, and try these tips

To prevent the board from getting flooded with the same questions again and again, please check here to see if your question is answered already.

1) If you need help with a game, please first check the walkthrough and other features for that game, available at before you post. Almost any question you could have should be answered there.

2) Please do not post your question multiple times, and/or in multiple forums. If your question is about a specific game, post it in that game's forum. Posting in here will just get it moved and get me upset. Posting in BOTH will NOT increase your chances of being helped; it WILL anger myself and others, and may result in flaming.

3) This forum is to be used to get help, not discuss things. We now have a dedicated forum for testing; all new such posts here will be moved. Any other posts will be considered SPAM, and will be treated as such; either moved to the correct forum, or deleted.

4) Some questions may come up frequently. If this is the case, I will post a FAQ topic here. Please check said FAQ topic as well before asking your question. If you are an established user who sees a question being asked that is answered in said future FAQ, politely point the user to the topic.

5) Flaming is unacceptable. I do not care HOW MANY times you've told new users to read the FAQ, or check the site, you will treat them with kindness and respect. Those who choose to be violent and drive away new members will be reported to the E4. There are NO exceptions.

6) If you have asked your question and have not recieved a responce; be patient. If your topic falls to 5 posts away from leaving the first page, you may bump it back up. When doing so, be civil. Simply reply saying "bump" or perhaps rephrase your question. Do not yell and scream because you did not get an answer 30 seconds after posting.

7) This is a help forum. Put your personal issues aside. Do not taunt users saying that you know the answer to their question, but refuse to tell them simply because you don't like them. No one needs that, and no one deserves that.

8) As with all other forums, and I know this will be hard -- you're here because you're frustrated -- no cursing, swearing, etc. No adult content; this website is available for people age 1-100+, so let's keep the content something that can be read by all people in that age group.

9) If you see someone breaking any of the rules, please notify me or another mod, and we will take care of it.

10) Failure to abide by all aforementioned rules will be dealt with accordingly. I believe in giving people second, maybe even 3rd chances, so I'm not going to recommend an IP ban for a first offense, unless you really deserve it. Ultimately, though, that's up to the E4. As long as you follow the rules, it shouldn't ever come to that anyway.

11) More info to follow as needed.

Author:  Jigglypuff [ Sun Sep 12, 2004 5:03 pm ]
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1) When the answear to a question is "Check the website," use common sense and tell where on the site. Give a section, page, or a URL. Simply telling people to check the site leads to more frustration and confusion, and likely more questions, to which you, or someone else, will have to provide this additional information anyway.

2) If your question pertains to teams or items, any continuing advice of a specific game, please, register and post your topic in that game's forum. It will help keep this forum clean, and will give you a greater chance of getting an answer. I encourage you to register, and thus be able to post in all forums, including the ones dedicated to games.

Author:  psycho_freak [ Tue Jan 18, 2005 9:40 pm ]
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<font color=ACEACE>To prevent necromancy, which is a big problem here, all threads that have been answered will be locked. Except Stickies and Announcements.


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