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Author:  Amphy [ Fri Oct 01, 2004 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum FAQs

How do I become an Elite?
- The "Elite Four" title is reserved for the four webmasters of Psypoke: TonberryKing, Amphy, darkmind and Frost. It is unlikely that this will change in the near future, and thus nobody else will be given the "Elite Four" title.

How do I become a Gym Leader?
- The "Gym Leader" title is reserved for moderators of the forums. Moderators clean up offensive posts or spam and move inappropriate topics to other forums. Gym Leaders are chosen by the Elite Four on the basis of how people behave and contribute on the forums. Gym Leaders are appointed when an opening becomes available, and are chosen at that time. Simply contribute, and you will have a chance of becoming a Gym Leader.

How do I get my post count up?
- By posting CONSTRUCTIVE topics and replies. Spamming, or repeated posting is frowned upon. Post topics which are worthwhile and create discussion!

How do I change my rank?
- The ranks are based on your post count. Contributing more will increase your post count. The ranks are:
Bug Catcher - 0 Posts
Pokefan - 25 posts
Pokemaniac - 50 posts
Cooltrainer - 100 posts
Pokemon Master - 250 posts
??? - 500 posts
??? - A LOT of posts

What are the ranks for 500 posts and 'A LOT' of posts?
- You will have to find out by getting there yourself :)

How do I get a Trainer Card for my signature?
- They're down right now. Be patient.

How do I get Ribbons/Medals/Badges for my Trainer Card?
- Check out this page here: Note: You must have a Trainer Card to get Ribbons etc added to your card.

How do I contact an Elite/Admin?
- The easiest way is to send a private message to one of the Elites: TonberryKing, Amphy, darkmind or Frost. You can also post in the help forum as anybody is free to post there.

Who is "Elite4 Admin"?
- This is a joint account between the four webmasters and is generally not used, so don't bother sending any messages to it, as a response is unlikely.

How do I get a multi-pokemon avatar?
- This is nothing more than an animated gif. Check out the graphics section for more info, or use the ones in the avatar gallery: look under flashy pokemon.

How do I get a cool signature?
- Either make one yourself or talk to the graphics people and see if one would be willing to hook you up.[/url]

Author:  Jigglypuff [ Mon Oct 24, 2005 1:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

It seems this needs to be made clearer again, because we're getting a lot of repeat questions. So,


How the Forum itself works, and help on technical problems.

How things specific to Psypoke Forums work.

The Official Rules of Psypoke Forums.

A list of very helpful links to important forum topics.

And, as always, be sure to read Any and All Announcements first, as the explaination can often be found there.

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