The story of Kecleon
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Author:  mew da real suger baby [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  The story of Kecleon

This story is made by me and Mooxy! Please comment, BUT ONLY AFTER WE TELL YOU WE HAVE FINISHED THE STORY!!!! And may Kecleon give you joy! Anyway, here it is... The story!

CHAPTER 1-The baby
Kecleon sighed. Her new born baby was tiny, and so cute... You could hardly stop loving it. But she was dying. The wounds on her body were deep, and her life was coming to an end. Her new baby had made her use up the last of her strength, and she was already weak. Just a few days ago, she had had her shop stolen from... Her irreplacable items had been stolen, by a ruthless, reckless Charizard. She put up an amazing fight, but had only just been beaten by the evil pokemon. But now, her baby was the most important thing to her. But as she said one last thing to her baby, she slipped away, and died.....

Author:  mooxy [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 4:19 pm ]
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CHAPTER 2-10 years later
The baby - Well, not baby, any more... The Kecleon, now a ten year old worker, was with his father, collecting items for the shop run by his parent. He wasn't very successful today - Only 3 oran berries and a blast seed. However, he had other things on his mind. Today was the day he would be taking over the shop, while his dad went out to the pub (tut tut!) He was determined to do a good job, and he hoped - Like hell - That he wouldn't get robbed, like his... Oh, he couldn't think about it... Let's just say he wanted to do well! He was so nervous, he ran straight past a precious reviver seed.
"Um, Kecleon? You ran straight past a reviver seed!" His father said.
"Sorry, Dad. I was just nervous about today... I can't get over the fact that I'm gonna run a shop on my own!"
"I can see why," his father said,"but if you're gonna do well, you'd better pull yourself together! Go and pick it up."
But, as he approached, something jumped out the water in front of him. A Gyarados! It grabbed the seed, and towered right over Kecleon...

Author:  mew da real suger baby [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 4:49 pm ]
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Chapter 3-Kecleon vs. Gyarados!
"DAD!"Kecleon cried.
"Don't worry, Kecleon! Gyarados, feel the true power of Kecleon!" His father ran up to the Gyarados, and slashed its back. It swivelled round, its attention now on Kecleon's father, and lunged forward, biting into his neck. Blood trickled down his body, and he shouted in pain. He was hurt - Badly. Kecleon ran up to Gyarados. He took a deep breath, and swiped it with all his might. It appeared unhurt, but dropped his father, and turned to Kecleon. It whipped Kecleon with its tail, slamming it against the wall. Kecleon was hurting all over, but he ran at Gyarados.
"Don't worry, Dad! Don't worry! I'll try the best I can! As for you, Gyarados... I lost one parent... I won't lose another!" And that encouraged him. He took hold of Gyarados's jaws, and pulled them away from each other with all his strength. He heard a rip, and Gyarados fell to the floor, roaring in agony. It was still alive though. It tried all it could to get up, and eventually succeeded. It fell to the floor. On top of Kecleon! But, just as it looked like Kecleon had lost his life, Gyarados was knocked out the way by something. His father! It hit the floor right next to Kecleon. His father got up, and stabbed the Gyarados with sharp claws. It coiled up, and stopped breathing.

Author:  mooxy [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 5:34 pm ]
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CHAPTER 4-Running a shop!
"Dad? Are you OK?"
"Yes, I'll be fine. I'll have to get home to safety though."
"Shall I take you back?"
"No. I'll be OK."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. Time to run the shop. Good luck."
"OK... Are you sure you're all right?"
"Yes." Kecleon's Dad got up from the floor, and tried to walk. He was doing fine, except his neck was still bleeding, and he had a limp.
"Good luck with the shop, Kecleon."
"Bye, Dad."
With his Father gone, Kecleon found a place to set up his mat. He placed all the items neatly in a row, and nervously waited for his first customer. It was only then he realised how lonely he was, in the Northern Range. There was nothing there that he was aware of, except the distant cry of pokemon, and the echoes of his own quiet breathing. The loneliness was almost more then Kecleon could bear. Until he heard a loud bang in the distance. He jumped, and pulled himself together. He stood up, in case the pokemon came to buy some items. He didn't want to be seen asleep in his own shop. That would keep customers right away. But as the bangs got louder, Kecleon wondered what could be happening. The thumps certauntly didn't sound very friendly...

Author:  mooxy [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 6:17 pm ]
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CHAPTER 5-First customers!
Kecleon waited for the thumps to come closer. He almost ran away when the thumps got too loud for him to handle. But then they stopped. He heard a close scream, and then something appeared round the corner. It was the thumping monster, followed by a smaller, but still scary looking, pokemon. When Kecleon looked closer, he saw there was a Blastiose and a Castform, looking at his items greedily.
"Come on, Caster, let's get those items!" The Blastiose said.
"Yeah, let's get 'em!" Caster said.
Kecleon was sweating. He didn't want his items stolen on his first time! He would probably be hated by all other Kecleons, and be considered a truly bad shopkeeper. He braced himself for a fight, and for running. As they drew closer, he felt like killing himself.
"Hey, ShellCannon?"Caster said,"should we get an apple? I'm getting hungry."
"Yeah," ShellCannon said,"and a reviver seed or two. We may need them.
"OK, Caster said, and picked up two reviver seeds and an apple. "So how much is that?"
Kecleon stared. He thought these pokemon would steal thoughtlessly from the shop, but he was wrong! Wow! He wiped the sweat from his face, and plucked up all his courage. "Um... one apple, that's 25 poke, and two reviver seeds, is 800 each, so that's... Um... 1600... Plus the 25, is 1625 poke please... Oh, sorry I took so long adding up, I have only just started running my own shop..."
"That's OK", Caster smiled.
"We're glad to see new shops starting up!" ShellCannon told Kecleon.
"Anyway, bye!" Caster said,"glad to have bought some items!"
"Bye!" Kecleon said. And, thinking he should do the job properly, added "hope you like your items!"
ShellCannon and Caster grinned at him and left. Kecleon grinned himself. His first time, successful! But wait... What cheats! Thay had seemed so nice - Nice enough to charm Kecleon so he wouldn't notice that - They hadn't handed over the money! Kecleon ran after them, determined to get the money! But as he ran after them, Caster jumped and turned round.
"Oh, there you are!" He said,"I just realised! I didn't give you the money, I got so carried away! How much do I owe you? 1625 poke, wasn't it?"
"Yes," Kecleon said. Caster handed over the money.
"There you go", she said.
"Thank you", Kecleon replied. He walked back to his shop, and put all this items back neatly. He was still a little bit suspicious though. He thought that if he hadn't approached Caster and ShellCannon that time, they wouldn't have given him the money... 'Lucky I did', Kecleon thought,'otherwise who knows what would have happened? I have to watch out for scammers like that. Hopefully my next customers won't be thieves! And if they are, I'm ready! And if I see Caster's team again, I'll show them what Kecleons are about!' And with that, he was happy again.

Author:  mooxy [ Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:13 am ]
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Chapter 6-Kecleon's fight
Kecleon sat down again. His first sale, successful! But he barely had time to make himself comfortable, before hearing a loud crash from above, followed by a crack. He jumped up, and ran towards the sound. Only then did he realise that he was leaving his items behind. He stopped, and thought. Should I leave my items and see what's happening? Or should I stay behind? But, eventually, his curiosity overcame him, and he wondered around the dungeon, looking for some way to get up to the next floor. Eventually, he found some stairs. He clambered up, and finally reached the top. He could see the pokemon all right. It was a Torchic! But, as he approached it he could hear some voices...
"What did you get?"
"Um... Let's see... Three reviver seeds... Um, two apples, one big apple, three gummies; One white, one red and one clear. Oh, and a joy seed."
Kecleon stared. He recognised those items, and those voices! It was Caster's team! They had stolen his items! He crept round to near where they were hiding, and suddenly jumped out, and stabbed Castform as hard as he could. Castform cried out in pain, and turned round. She created a huge fireball, and sent it flying towards Kecleon. He was caught by it, and slammed against the wall. Dazed, he tried to get up, and found that Castform was running towards the stairs. Kecleon picked up a boulder, which took a lot of strength, as he was weakened, and threw it at Castform. It hit her, and she tripped head over heels in mid-air, and fell right down to the bottom of the stairs. Then Kecleon heard no more. He ran towards the Torchic, determined to save it. But, as he got closer, he was slammed against the wall yet again with a huge force. Then Kecleon realised... He had forgotten one tough customer - Blastoise.

Author:  mooxy [ Sun Feb 25, 2007 10:47 am ]
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OK, I'd say that's enough of a cliffhanger.. So, guys, what do you think of it so far? Start posting!

Author:  Cellblock [ Sun Feb 25, 2007 10:52 am ]
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<3 {kecleon} :mrgreen: story

Author:  Swampert King [ Sun Feb 25, 2007 10:56 am ]
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Is that it? :| Please go on. This story is too good to leave us hanging like that.

Author:  Latiosdude [ Sun Feb 25, 2007 2:50 pm ]
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It was great please keep writing. {kecleon} :D

Author:  shadowman777 [ Tue Feb 27, 2007 11:01 am ]
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Wow I just have to read more. It was great youre really good at writing stories.

Author:  Cellblock [ Tue Feb 27, 2007 11:08 am ]
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Chapter 7:

na only kidding i'm not continuing the story :roll:

Author:  mooxy [ Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:41 am ]
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Lol, we're glad you liked it! I might continue when I get back from school...

Author:  wisewords [ Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:12 pm ]
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i wont read it again unless you edit out the part where gyarados' jaw breaks and he dies. I say this on behalf of all Gyarados' world wide;

Please don't start a fuss on something so unnimportant, and don't offend other members.

Author:  Cellblock [ Wed Feb 28, 2007 1:21 pm ]
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and try and get a gardevoir or umbreon in the next chapters, then i will be overwhelmed with joy.

Author:  elite42 [ Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:14 pm ]
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It's pretty good, I guess...
I'll give it a 8.6/10

Still, I think you should allow posters to post between chapters.

Try to get a starter Pokémon in the next few chapters, or at least like maybe, Kecleon finds a rescue badge...


It's a good story based on the Kecleon Shops in PMD.

Author:  mooxy [ Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:24 am ]
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Sure, I will in future... I haven't been around much lately, but I'll get back to work on the story as soon as I can.

Author:  Meeps [ Sat Mar 10, 2007 12:04 am ]
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:shock: OMG .... Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {kecleon} oohh...oooo :mrgreen:

Author:  hunter160 [ Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:23 am ]
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You guys should get your work published or something. Can you continue the story?

Author:  Auzzie [ Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:41 am ]
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You are good at this, almost as skilled as me :D , Im joking your better then me...Anyways Good job keep writing.

Author:  mooxy [ Fri Mar 16, 2007 10:03 am ]
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Sorry I haven't been doing the story for a long time, I was just preoccupied with other things. Anyway, here's the next chapter:

Chapter 7 - Getting away-Or not?
Kecleon woke up. The huge Blastiose loomed over him like the tallest building in the world. Kecleon scrambled up.
"Why are you hurting that Torchic?" He cried.
"I was bored..." ShellCannon said, "and plus, it was annoying us... Questioning us about what we were doing here..."
"Let it go!" Kecleon shouted, and ran at ShellCannon claws first. ShellCannon turned round, and Kecleon's claws just bounced of his rock-hard shell. ShellCannon turned back to Kecleon, and lowered his cannons. But Kecleon knew what was going to happen, and ran over to the Torchic, ducking down just as the water shot out of ShellCannon's cannons with an almighty force, and sweeping Torchic up. ShellCannon lowered his cannons, and the water came lower. Kecleon stood there, crouched, until the water was just above his head. He then suddenly came back to his senses, and leapt out of the way just as the water lowered to the floor. He straightened up, and ran as fast as he could over to the stairs. But ShellCannon beat him. He grabbed hold of Kecleon and Torchic, and squeezed as hard as he could. Kecleon cried out in agony. As the arms around him squeezed tighter and tighter, it seemed as though every bone in his body was breaking. This would surely be the end...

Author:  mooxy [ Tue Mar 20, 2007 8:44 am ]
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Oh, by the way, we're letting you post in between chapters now...

Author:  DNA [ Tue Mar 20, 2007 8:58 pm ]
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I was wondering what the story of Kecleon was and now I find it. I like it - a lot - kinda like being a Claydol (look below lol). I say 4/5 - {kecleon} rocks.

Author:  mooxy [ Sat Mar 24, 2007 4:21 am ]
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Chapter 8 - Blastoise vs. Kecleon, and one other...?
Kecleon was dying... He couldn't take it... He could even see a bright, shining light... It looked so pretty... But what was it? Was this what it was like being dead? He was still feeling bad, bad, pain... But the light was disappearing now... The tight squeeze he could still feel was loosening... It was as if something was slowly taking the pain away...
And then the light disappeared.
Kecleon slowly became more aware of his surroundings. But what was that light he had seen earlier? What had happened? He could hear Blastoise's voice. He looked around him. There was the cave, there was Blastoise, and there was... A Combusken? Kecleon must be dreaming. But then it all came to him. The light... The pain letting go as if Blastoise's arms couldn't fit round Kecleon and Torchic... Torchic had evolved!
"Wow. You've evolved!" Kecleon said, jealous. "I wish I had an evolved form..." Combusken looked himself over.
"I feel much stronger now..." He said. "Oh, and Kecleon? Thanks for saving me!"
"No problem", said Kecleon,"but right now what we need to worry about is Blastoise."
"Come on! Let's get him!" Combusken said, running at Blastoise with a Rolling Kick.
"Right!" Kecleon replied, charging at Blastoise himself, claws outstretched, and jumping on Blastoise with a stab right in the side of the head. Kecleon then managed to get in a few Fury Swipes, while Combusken threw a Fire Punch at the enemy. Blastoise roared, and shook Kecleon off, a tried to stamp on him. Kecleon rolled out of the way just in time, but Blastoise now had his attention fixed on Combusken. It shot some water straight from its cannons, and hit only just hit Combusken. Kecleon, who was wondering what to do, didn't really see Combusken fall to the floor and not move. He was concentrating more on a trick his father had tried to teach him a few years ago, but he had never got the hang of it... Until now. Kecleon flashed for a few seconds, but then turned into almost exactly the same colour of the cave surroundings. He crept up behind Blastoise, and took a few Reviver Seeds from the stolen bag. He threw one to Combusken, and it landed right in his mouth, enabling him to get up and fight again! Meanwhile, Kecleon took the other two, and hid them. They were now under his possession, and could be used whenever he was in need of them.
"Come on, Combusken! We can do this! We have to!" Kecleon cried.
"The thing is, the chances are quite slim..." Blastoise replied. "I'm much more powerful than both of you, and I even have some Reviver Seeds!" Kecleon and Combusken tried to hide the smug looks on their faces, and resumed the fight with plenty of confidence. They were going to win this, no matter what!

Author:  TheKyogreKing [ Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:57 am ]
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Pokemon dying! It's never happened before! Anyway, 8.5/10 on the KyogreKing scale! (Obey the scale, it's always right!)

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