The Fake MoveDex
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Author:  James86134 [ Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Fake MoveDex

Move: Windwrath
Type: Flying
Power: 50
Damage Type: Special
Info: The user inhales a dangerous amount of wind and holds for a turn. It lets go on the second turn and hits the opponent. This switches the opponent out of the battle. In the wild the battle ends.

Move: Force push
Accuracy: 100
Type: Normal
Power: 20
PP: 30
Damage Type: Physical
Info: The user runs backwards to gain potential energy and pushes forward towards the enemy to hit it as hard as possible. The user must rest the next turn out of exhaustion.

Move: Wager
Accuracy 100
Type: Normal
Power: -
PP: 5
Damage Type: Status
Info: This move runs over two turns. The user wages with the opponent that the opponent will miss in the next turn.This move makes the opponent's next move's accuracy 50. If the opponent misses HP, Sp. Attack, Sp. defence raise sharply.

Move:Bullet punch
Damage type:Physical
Info: The user takes a quarter of his max health and converts it into energy. The user uses the energy to punch quickly and efficiently as possible for 3 turns.

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