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 Pokemon the Next Generation 
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Hey all out there! :D Well anyway this thread has the first chapter of my first ever fan-fic (Pokemon or otherwise) Pokemon the Next Generation. I'm actually up to chapter 8 now but I'd like to see how much feedback I can get before I get more into the story. If you like this and want to see the rest this link will take you to my DeviantART folder that contains the rest (don't look at anything else I have there because I'm a terrible artist =.=) Enjoy and comment!

Pokemon the Next Generation: 1

Storm stood with her paws planted firmly on the dry earth looking over the steep precipice of a cliff, to a most un-welcomed sight.

The blackened husks of trees dotted the otherwise barren landscape below and the scent of burning and dust carried on the empty breeze. The sky had remained the same for weeks, a dark gray blanket of clouds that sometimes drifted slowly but otherwise left everywhere in a bleak shadow.

This was what was left of Storm's world. Everything she had ever known had been reduced to this bleak and despairing place and so was the rest of the Pokemon world.
She had not seen another Pokemon, human, or even any plant life since she had come out of hiding. The natural disasters seemed to have wiped the earth clear of any brightness, any green, any life. But that was not what caused the ever expanding black whole in the Pikachu's heart. It was the absence of her beloved brother Lightning and the memories of their separation stung Storm's mind life claws and thorn bushes.
So clear, she had relived those frantic moments a hundred times in hiding and a hundred times out and now they came bubbling to the surface once more.

After Storm and Lightning had lost their parents and the forest they had called home brother and sister had set out to find a new one and found peace and happiness in a lush forest. They ate delicious berries, battled other Pokemon in friendly competition, and avoided many a trainer who tried to seek them out. It had almost bored Storm at the time, but now it seemed like heaven.

One day however, the wind had picked up and the seas began to churn. This made Storm uneasy and never the optimistic one she shared her thoughts with Lightning, imagining the worst. Being a more easy-going Pokemon Lightning had brushed it off at first and attempted to assure his sister that there was no need to worry. It didn't work in the slightest. Storm persisted and eventually Lightning gave in, they began to search for a place where they could be safe if things did turn bad.

It took a while but soon they discovered a small tunnel that actually led under a sheer cliff face and then down into a surprisingly wide and cozy cavern a few feet below, it was perfect. They gave it a thorough check to make sure no one lived there currently (it looked like something dug by a a Sandshrew or some other Pokemon with the move Dig) and then began preparing. They carted down grass and soft moss by the armfuls along with various berries and other edible things from the forest. Storm even discovered a half full wicker basket of poffins probably left behind by some trainer who didn't realize there were some left and stored them too, even though her brother almost ate them all as soon as she showed him.

The weather continued to worsen by the day as they worked, this only speeding Storm up, and when they had about a month's worth of supplies in their hide-away Lightning thought they should stop, but Storm disagreed.

"Come on," Storm remembered her brother saying with a smile and giving her and affectionate flick with his tail. "What exactly do you expect to happen?"

"I'm not sure.." She had murmured absently in response.

So Storm continued to prepare until there was about three months of solid supplies and barely any room for them, just in time too. Only two short days later nature let its fury loose.

It was true that the weather had been worsening steadily but one day it was like a bomb went off. Gale force winds swept the land picking some Pokemon clear off their feet, salty waves swelled flooding the coasts, the earth rumbled eventually splitting, and volcanoes spewed fiery magma and pitch black ash into the sky.

From that point on Storm and Lightning's world... was fire. A nearby volcano had blown its top and after the magma went up, it came down in a fiery rain setting the whole forest alight.

Fire was what had destroyed their home, fire had taken their family, turned their life topside and now it was all around. Storm only remembered dashing through the burning foliage on all fours until finally their sanctuary came into view making their hopes soar. Then, came the sound.

It was a sound that would echo in Storm's mind for weeks to come. The scream of wood and the tearing as roots were ripped from the earth before a burning tree descended on the two Pikachus. Storm remembered heat, flames, and then a sharp jab in her back that sent her flying forward ripping her outstretched paw from her brother's. When Storm had picked herself up off the earth coughing she had turned to find the gigantic tree burning even more feircly, and her brother nowhere to be seen.

Storm had called her brother's name until her voice was hoarse and eyes streaming from the smoke. She had then searched desperately for a way to reach him but the burning tree spanned the entire path and the sidelong trees were alight with crackling flames.Eventually she had been forced back when the fire began to catch on the grass and creep towards her the cracklings and hisses sounding like taunts and name-calling.

Her streaming eyes being joined by tears Storm had backed up a few paces before crawling into the darkness of the hideaway.

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