the devil burmy.....
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Author:  thepichudude [ Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  the devil burmy.....

one day a certain pichu was bored of continuisly beating the snot out of baryy and the sinnoh regions elite four,so he decided to go online and look for some players who wanted a good battle.said pichu then found a player who only did 2 on 1 double battles and had a perfect record,so this pichu pm'd him and asked for a battle.later he got a reply and his challenge was accepted!so after exchanging friend codes and waiting for a while in the wi-fi club he finaly appeared,with his lv.100 torterra and magmorter at the ready he challenged him to a battle.then the pichu ot confused,with a record as good as his opponents he expected something along the lines of an arceus,but no,his opponent had a lv.1...burmy....
the pichu then asked "are you sure you didnt grab the wrong pokemon from your pc box?"
his opponent replied "no."so the pichu thought it was going to be an easy win.however in the middle of his thought his opponent told him to hurry up and pick his moves.naturaly the pichu used his faithfull flamethrower+razor leaf combo.then the pichu was surprised to see the burmy go first instead of his magmorter,and the burmy used hyper beam and instantly kill off his magmorter.and then the pichu's torterra used his razor leaf and barely scratched the burmy,the pichu proceeded to use razor leaf again,and yet again the lv.1 burmy used hyper beam and instantly killed the pichu's torterra.after the battle the pichu asked "how is a lv.1 BURMY that strong?!?!"
and his opponent replied "breeding and perm-stat incresing items",the pichu was awestruck...a pokemon a became that powerfull through breeding and item usage?aparently yes.the pichu then asked how the burmy learned hyper beam which he thought burmy couldnt possible learn,
the reply he got was "i used a breeding guide and breed 2 pokemon of the same breeding type that knew hyper beam."
then the pichu had to ask...."what is your burmy's exact stats and nature?"
the answer he got nearly gave him a heart attack.
"all stats maxed out,with a relaxed nature."
the pichu then never underestimated a lv.1 pokemon ever again.

this was based off of a true story.

Author:  Skeleton [ Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: the devil burmy.....

This is better than Twilight

Author:  Mektar [ Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: the devil burmy.....

This would make more sense if the Lv1 Poke' was one of those Gen-5 Sturdy Arons with Endeavor, a Shell Bell, and Sandstorm support.

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