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 Survivor: Video Game Island Season 1 
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So, my lets see *goes back and counts all of the stories I was too lazy to continue half way through*

One, two, three, four, five, six. Two of which not on this forum. And yes, I really suck at up keeping a story. Well, this one I have been writing improv. This is COMPLETELY unplanned and I think as I write. I only loosely planned the first three episodes.
First of all: If Survivor isn't exactly known to you or you don't know the rules, this story may seem confusing.
Breakdown: Two or four tribes start out in the beginning. Usually 16, 18 or 20 contestants play. The ayers are split evenly into tribes. Every three days, a reward challenge and an immunity challenge must be accomplished. The winning tribe of a reward challenge gets a reward. The losing tribe of an immunity challenge will go to Tribal Council. The tribe votes based on alliances and strategy to kick someone off the game. This continues for a while until a merge. A merge basically merges the two tribes into one and makes it every man for himself. After the merge, whoever is voted out becomes part of the Jury. One person in the single tribe will win immunity is safe from the Tribal Council. Again, voting continues until the final three, where the jury votes for the winner. The person in the top 3 with the most votes wins a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.

Breakdown of my story: 4 tribes, 20 contestants. 6 different games: Mario, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, StarFox, Legend Of Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Oh and, although unplanned, I am not writing the story in this post. I simply write the stories in publisher and copy and paste into this post.

Lets get started: *cracks knuckles*

A/N: I do not own Nintendo, Mario, Pokèmon, Starfox, Sega, Sonic, Animal Crossing , Legend of Zelda or Survivor.
Format for story: A private interview will have their name in front of it.
ie. Mickey: "I only formed an alliance with Sammy because I need some form of strategy."
At the end of each episode I will post the losing tribes thoughts on the last few days and/or the eliminated contestant.

Survivor: Video Game Island

Episode 1: Want to be in my... *snicker*... Alliance?

"Hello and welcome to the first season of... SURVIVOR: VIDEO GAME ISLAND!" Our host, Mario exclaims. The camera zooms to see a large blimp with the Nintendo logo.

"We are above Game Centre, the centre of all games. An island, just off of Game Centre territory will be where all 20 contestants live for the next 42 days."

"Lets meet our tribal members!" He exclaimed as he points to the 20 contestants behind him.

"We have our first tribe: The Mercury Tribe."

The five Mario game characters wave.

"We have, Yoshi, the green dinosaur. Peach, the lovely princess of the mushroom kingdom. Diddy Kong, resident of Kongo Bongo. Queen Boo, the graceful but scary ghost queen. Luigi, the brother of myself, Mario."

Peach: "I may seem sweet, but I have a dark side."

Diddy Kong: "I'm so sick of being Donkey Kong's shadow. In this game, I'm going to be the hero."

Luigi: "I'm a little bit scared of going into the island. What if there are bunnies? Please, no bunnies."

"Lets meet our second tribe, Venus. This tribe is filled with our distant neighbours of Animal Crossing."

Five contestants wave to the camera.

"We have, Tortimer, our reptilian mayor. Dora, the shy, quiet mouse. Wolfgang, the outgoing wolf. Mable, the content, timid tailor. We also have our kind, spirited dog, Bones." Mario says.

Bones: "I'm hoping to be the nice, kind contestant and go far through my alliance. But, out of last shows, I know that the nice guys doesn't go too far." Bones frowns, thinking.

Tortimer: "I'm probably going first. I don't really understand the younger people in my tribe."

Mable: "Being a tailor is boring. If I win, I'm spending the money on myself so I don't have to be a tailor."

Dora: "The guy in the green suit looks kinda cute. But he's also a bit weird. He was twitching and repeating, "please, no bunnies."."

"We also have our next tribe, the Jupiter Tribe. This tribe has our friends, the Pokèmon. We have Riolu, the fierce but friendly fighter. Gardevoir, the strategic mind controller. Simisage, the rough, tough monkey. Buneary, the sweet, shy rabbit. And Floatzel, the strong, enduring weasel."

Floatzel: "My plan is too eliminate my team... Than everyone else." Floatzel laughed at the thought.

Buneary: "There is a little mouse on another tribe. She seems nice. If I ever make it too the merge, I'll make an alliance with her."

Gardevoir: "If any of them think they're going to win this game, they're wrong. I'm going to be the puppeteer. A puppeteer needs what? Puppets."

Simisage: "Look. I'm here for the money. Friends come second. My family needs the money, I'm getting the money."

"Our last tribe involves characters from three different games, Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Starfox. We have, Zelda. The graceful princess of Hyrule. Sonic, the speedy hedgehog. Shadow, the silent, suspicious competitor. Fox, the stubborn, get things done, tribal member. And Falco, the blue bird with attitude." Mario exclaims.

Falco: "I may seem like I'm Fox's friend, which I am, but not in this game. Of course I'll make an alliance with him, but not for too long."

Shadow: "That Gardevoir pokemon... She seems evil. I like that in a girl."

Zelda: "I'm not going to announce my strategy. I'm a princess. Why should I?"

"4 tribes, 20 members, 42 days!" The camera flashes through all the contestants.

Theme music plays.

4 tribes... 20 members...
Mercury Tribe: Yoshi, Peach, Diddy Kong, Luigi, Queen Boo
Neptune Tribe: Fox, Falco, Zelda, Sonic, Shadow
Venus Tribe: Tortimer, Dora, Wolfgang, Bones, Mable
Jupiter Tribe: Simisage, Gardevoir, Buneary, Riolu, Floatzel

42 Days...

The blimp slowly lands. "Ok, nice to see you all made it. Lets get things started with a challenge. An immunity challenge to be exact." Mario states. Gasps fill the blimp.

"That's right. One of you is going tonight." Mario slowly says. "So, here's the challenge. At each of your camps, is a large flag with your tribe name. All of your tribe members must race there. One tribal member must then come back and give me the flag. First three teams to do this are safe. The others, well, you have a date with me at tribal council."

Tortimer: "I'm going for sure if we lose."

Zelda: "I can't believe they did this. We don't even get to experience the game, and they're gonna knock one of us off."

"What are you waiting for. Maps outside. Go, go, go!" Every tribal member rushed out and into the shrubbery, racing to their camps. All except Tortimer and his tribe who were slowly walking as a group.

"Slow and steady win the race." Mario cracks.


Jupiter Tribe

The tribe raced through the jungle, Simisage snapping the branches.

"We have to be first." He says over his shoulder. The rest of his tribe just follows him with little thought. Simisage waves the map. "We're almost there."

Gardevoir: "Well, someone seems controlling. Then again, I can't talk for what I'm about to do later on."

"Explain to me again, why I have to jump with all my strength to see the other teams?" Buneary asks.

"You need to see their progress." Gardevoir mocks.


Mercury Tribe

"Just keep walking. We have a long way to go." Peach commands.

"Who died and made you queen?" Diddy Kong asks.

Diddy Kong: "She doesn't get to be the star of the show. That my job!"

"Well, we have a dead Queen behind us." Peach snaps. She looks back to Queen Boo.

Diddy Kong moves back.


Venus Tribe

"Hey, Tortimer. You mind speeding it up?" Wolfgang asks.

"Hey, Wolfgang. Be nice. If we lose we can just vote him out. Fantastic Four, amirite?" Bones whispers.

"Yeah, I suppose. He's just slowing us down so much. That brings me to another thing." Wolfgang replies. He lowers his voice. "Want to be in an alliance? I'm going to ask Dora as well." Wolfgang asks.

"Uh... Sure. But only if Dora is too."

"I heard you guys. Your kinda loud." Dora says. She looks over her shoulder to see Mable and Tortimer trailing. "But I don't think they heard. Sure."

"Its settled. We vote off Tortimer first, then Mable." Bones says.


Neptune Tribe

"It kinda sucks." Fox says.

"What sucks?" Zelda asks as she limps through the jungle.

"The fact that every other tribe is from a single game. And they merge three games into one for us. They already know each other. We have never seen each other." Fox says.

Sonic snickers. "But I thought that one night was special." He whines.

Zelda: "Look up immaturity in the Hyrule dictionary. You'll see a picture of Sonic sitting there." Zelda says as she pulls a Hyrule Dictionary out of her satchel. "Neanderthal." She whispers.

The rest of his tribe ignores him.

Fox: "And with that, we have someone to vote out. That's only if he's bad at challenges though..."


Jupiter Tribe

"Hey, guys.... I... See the.... Camp.... Over there." Buneary blurts as she jumps up and down.

"And you said it wouldn't work." Simisage accuses Riolu.

"I don't really care at this point. Lets just get this dumb challenge over with." Riolu states.

The tribe runs through the bushel and bursts out, into the clearing.

"There's the flag." Floatzel points. Simisage runs over to it.

"You guys stay here. I'll run back over to Mario." He sprints back into the vegetation.

"Vote him off if we lose?" Gardevoir asks.

Gardevoir: "Although he is good at the challenges, he's annoying."

"Definitely." The rest of the tribe says.

Riolu slowly steps over to Floatzel. "Want to be in alliance?"

Floatzel: "I needed a strategy. So I said yes. Sure the pipsqueak is probably weak. I can use that."


Mercury Tribe

Diddy Kong slowly tredges through the bushel, his tribe far ahead. Queen Boo slowly moves back.

She snickers. "Want to be in an alliance? You need to vote out Peach, though." She asks.

"I'm in if she's going. But, why did you laugh before you asked?" Diddy replies

"Force of habit. I'm going to try to get Luigi in too." Se moves up ahead slowly.

Diddy Kong: "Anything to get rid of that princess."

"Hey, Luigi." Queen Boo yells. Luigi turns.

"Hi, can you protect me from the bunnies?" He asks.

"Sure thing. As soon as you make an alliance with me."

"Sure, just get rid of those treacherous bunnies."


Neptune Tribe

"Hey, Zelda." Fox and Falco yell. "Wanna be in an alliance?" Falco yells in front of Sonic and Shadow. They quickly rushed forward and grabbed Zelda's arm.

"Ignore them. Come with us." Shadow says. Zelda falters. "You're better off with us." Sonic adds.

"I... I think I'll take my chances." Zelda brushes her shoulders.

Shadow: "And now if we lose, Sonic and I are screwed."

Sonic and Shadow race forward in defeat and rush to the campsite.


Venus Tribe

"So, what to do once we have voted out Mable and Turtleman?" Wolfgang asks.

"Then, we win and make it too the merge. Hopefully on the same tribe. This whole four tribe thing has happened before." Bones said. "They merge into 2 tribes... Then one."

"Ok. Well until the merge, let's hope tweedle dumb and tweedle dee leave." Dora adds.

Mable: "I heard what they said. I wonder which one of us was Tweedle Dumb..." Mable looks up. "Funny cloud in the sky."


Jupiter Tribe

"Do you thinks he's coming back?" Riolu asked. All four pokemon sat, bored.

"Probably. If he isn't it will save the work of us having to vote him off. He's just so energetic." Buneary answers.

Simisage tore through the bramble, flag in hand. "Need to get there soon."


Mercury Tribe

"So, you're definitely getting rid of those bunnies?"

"Yep. As long as you vote Peach." Queen Boo reminded Luigi.

"Oi! Quiet down back there." Peach yells behind her as she slowly tredges through the bushel. "My dress is getting cut."

"Hey, Yoshi. Are you going to say something at all?" Diddy asks. Yoshi gives him a puzzled look and shakes his head.

"Ok, then. Well. Hope we're almost done with this dumb race thing." Diddy says.


Neptune Tribe

"Finally!" Shadow yells as he runs into the clearing. Sonic pushes ahead and grabs the flag.

"I'm racing back to Mario." He rushes back into the bramble again just as Zelda, Fox and Falco leave it.

"So... Are we voting Sonic out next?" Zelda whispers.

"Definitely." Falco quickly replies. All four tribal members sit onto the ground.

"And now we play the waiting game." Shadow sighs.


Venus Tribe

"Are we close to the camp yet, Mable?" Wolfgang asks.

"I don't really know. I lost the map a while ago." She replies.

"Ok, seriously!" Bones turns. "Why didn't you tell us! We're probably off in no where land right now and if we lose this challenge, I can guarantee that you or that old turtle will be voted out next!"

Bones: "Not really playing the nice game I want to. Stupid people make me stupidly angry." Bones shrugs.

"Ok, then. How about we just keep walking. We can't be too far off track." Mable suggests.

"You're going anyway. So sure, why not." Bones mutters sarcastically.

Mable: "I'm screwed. I just better hope I'm leading them the right way." Mable looks down in defeat.

"Tortimer, if either of us get an immunity idol, we need to use it well." Mable says.

"Sure if I get the immunity idol, we use it to get Bones out. I did not like the outburst just then." Tortimer answers.


Mercury Tribe

Yoshi happily starts to walk into the campsite and plops down onto the ground.

"Finally. We're here." Peach puffed. Yoshi started to look up and noticed a fruit hanging above him.

"I'll go back and return the flag." Diddy slowly walks into the bushes, already exhausted.

Yoshi starts to jump into the air and float towards the fruit. "Lets start building a fortress against those bunnies." Luigi says as he picks up a log.

Peach: "I'm surrounded by idiots. One is scared of bunnies. BUNNIES! Another doesn't talk. One keeps stealing my spotlight. And the last one is a dead queen who laughs uncontrollably! Why can't I just get a good team?"

Peach, Luigi and Queen Boo start to build a shelter as Yoshi dangles from the fruit, slowly taking bites out of it.


Jupiter Tribe

Simisage burst out of the vegetation and ran towards Mario.

"Wow. That was... Quick. Here is your immunity idol." Mario hands Simisage the immunity idol. He runs back into the bush to get back to his team.

"Attention. Jupiter Tribe has completed the first challenge. They are safe for tonight." Mario calls into a speaker. It echoes around the island.

"He did it!" Buneary yells on the other side of the island.


Venus Tribe

"They are safe!" Wolfgang yells angrily. "We haven't even done half the challenge and they already completed it."

The tribe trudged on and finally made it to their camp.

"I'm going to return the flag." Bones says, glaring at Mable.

Bones: "I have no chance at being the nice guy anymore." Bones frowns.


Neptune Tribe
Mercury Tribe
Venus Tribe

Sonic rushed through the jungle as Bones and Diddy Kong jumped over a log together. Eventually they were all neck and neck, racing towards Mario. Bones tripped over a twig. Sonic fell into a puddle. Diddy made it to Mario second.

"Congratulations. You are the second tribe to complete this challenge. You are safe."

Bones and Sonic both trudged to Mario. Sonic made it first.

"Congratulations, Sonic. Your tribe is safe. Bones, one animal will leave tonight from your tribe." Bones looked down in sadness.


Venus Tribe

"We lost." Bones said as he walked back into camp. He looked up and saw his tribe had already built a shelter and started a fire.

"Wow. You guys work quick." Bones said.

"We decided that we weren't going to sit around for hours." Wolfgang said.


Mercury Tribe

As Diddy Kong walked into his tribes camp, he discovered that they had done nothing.

"I've been gone for hours! You haven't done a thing?" Diddy asks.

His tribe looked around and pointed to Yoshi.

"He fell from this red fruit he was eating." Queen Boo explained. "We had a shelter until Yoshi fell on it."


Neptune Tribe

Sonic entered his campsite to see a pile of coconuts and a fire ready.

"We have the food. We have the warmth. Anyone want to help me make a shelter?" Sonic asked. Only Shadow raised his hand.

Shadow: "I'm the only one who got the coconuts and fire ready. I do not want to go home anytime soon. So I'm going to suck up. As long as Sonic goes before me, I'll be happy."


Jupiter Tribe

Simisage walked back into his tribes camp.

"Lets get started on a fire." He stated as he looked at the shelter.


Venus Tribe

Dora looked around. "So. Who are we voting off tonight? We only have about an hour until we go to Tribal Council."

"Well, Tortimer is weak and will not help in challenges. Mable is not helpful. We lost this challenge because of her." Wolfgang reminded his alliance. "I think we should vote for Tortimer."

"I personally think we should vote Mable." Bones said. "She made us lose this challenge. At least Tortimer could keep up."

Dora stood thinking. She stated her reasons and the tribe left for Tribal Council.


Tribal Council

The five tribal members walked into the large hut. A bonfire stood in the middle with 10 stools on one side. With another on the other side. Mario sat on the lone one.

"There are five torches behind you. Please pick one up and light them on the bonfire." Mario said. The tribe members picked up a torch each and lit it. "In this game, fire is your life. If your fire goes out, so do you."

"Lets get started. Bones, who do you think pulled their weight this challenge?" Mario asked.

"Well, personally I think everyone but Mable. She lost the map to our camp and didn't even tell anyone. I think she's the reason we lost." Bones answered.

"That was straightforward. Mable, how do you feel after hearing that?"

"I feel like I'm about to be voted out. But, I might just have the thing to be safe."

Dora, Wolfgang and Bones all look at her cautiously.

Dora: "I Really though she had the hidden immunity idol."

"Dora, how is camp life so far?" Mario asked.

"Well, its only been one day. It's hard to tell. I really think its going... Well?"

"Tortimer, who do you want gone tonight?" Mario asked the last member.

"Don't you think that's getting past the whole point of the game?"

"I suppose. With that its time to vote." Mario concluded.


Voting Order: Dora, Bones, Tortimer, Wolfgang, Mable

"Bones, come on. You could have won. You were so close to winning but you lost. We made it to the camp at the same time as the others even though I did lose the map." (Bones)

"Look. Your outburst and the fact that you were neck and neck with the other tribes means you could have won. Don't blame it on Mable." Tortimer said as he wrote down Bones' name. (Bones)


"I'm going to go tally the votes." Mario leaves and comes back with the urn.

"Ok. Once the votes have been counted, the decision is final." Mario opened the urn.

All five tribal members looked nervous as Mario raised the first vote.

"One vote Tortimer." Mario raised the second vote.

"One vote Bones, One vote Tortimer."

"That's two votes Tortimer, one vote Bones."

"Two votes Bones, two votes Tortimer." Mario raised the last vote.

"First person voted out of Survivor: Video Game Island, Tortimer."

Tortimer raised his bag and his torch and walked over to Mario. Mario snuffed his torch out and Tortimer walked out of the hut and onto a trail.

"Well, you voted out Tortimer first. If you lose the next challenge. Who's next?"

The tribe slowly walked out and grabbed their bags.

Tortimer: "I really wanted to continue further. It would have been nice, but I just didn't do well enough."

Bones: "Mable, you're next."

Dora: "It was too much of a risk to vote for Mable. I mean, what if she did actually have the immunity idol?"

Mable: "I hope we win the next challenge. I'm definitely going to keep riding my hidden immunity idol."

Wolfgang: "Why do you need my opinion. I'm sure I'm just adding to what Dora and Bones said."

Next Time on Survivor:

Tensions rise as alliances clash.

"I hate you!" Bones yelled as he fished his bag out of the creek.

"Peach better be going next." Diddy said.

For some, desperation may arise.

"Shadow, we need to think of a plan." Sonic whispered.

"Zelda, are we voting Shadow when we get a chance?"

"Simisage next?" Buneary asked Gardevoir.


A/N: My thoughts on Tortimer are mixed. He was obviously supposed to be the older contestant who gets voted out first. But at one point I was going to do a Rudy in Season 1, by making Tortimer go further than he should have. He didn't really have too much to do though, so I just went with him going first. He was at one point, supposed to go to the final five with Mable (don't ask me how). But I realised how unbelievable that would have been. So he is now, last place.

That is episode one. Yes, these chapters will be EXCEPTIONALLY LONG. As this was the first, it will most likely tube the shortest. :| . Anyway, if you don't understand anything, or you see a typo that is bugging your OCD, comment.

EPISODE 2 will be up in 10 days. Or, if I feel happy, 4 days as I have already written it.

Thanks to Dare234 for the Awesome Banner.
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A/N: I do not own Nintendo, Mario, Pokèmon, Starfox, Sega, Sonic, Animal Crossing , Legend of Zelda or Survivor.

Survivor: Video Game Island

Episode 2: Where is the Idol!

Previously, on Survivor: Video Game Island

Teams met each other for the first time, and realised that there were four teams instead of two. Alliances formed.

"Want to be in my alliance?" *snicker* Queen Boo asked.

While enemies clashed,

"Mable needs to go! I really don't like her." Bones yelled angrily.

"Bones' outburst was really scary. I hope he goes soon." Mable whispered.

The challenge required tribes to begin an arduous hike to their camps. A race began which ended with Bones losing for his tribe.

The first day ended with an elimination to begin the game.

"I'm sorry to say, Tortimer, you have been eliminated." Mario said solemnly as he snuffed out the torch.

1 day in with 41 to go. Who will be eliminated next?

Theme music plays.

4 tribes... 19 members left standing...
Mercury Tribe: Yoshi, Peach, Diddy Kong, Luigi, Queen Boo
Neptune Tribe: Fox, Falco, Zelda, Sonic, Shadow
Venus Tribe: Dora, Wolfgang, Bones, Mable
Jupiter Tribe: Simisage, Gardevoir, Buneary, Riolu, Floatzel

41 Days to go...

Venus Tribe
Night 1

"Boy that was hard." Dora sighed as they walked back into their camp from the trail on the beach.

"We had to vote someone out." Wolfgang said as he joined her.

Bones: "I don't care about Tortimer. I just want Mable out."

Mable: "I've decided that because I'm going soon anyway, I'm going to mess with Bones."

The tribe started to enter their shelter. All except Mable. She sat by the fire and waited for her tribe to fall asleep. She slowly snuck over to the pile of bags and quietly searched for Bones' bag.


Mercury Tribe
Night 1

All was quiet at the Mercury camp. Only three members were stirring.

"I'm considering the plan that we throw the immunity challenge to vote out Peach. She's bossy, rude, she's not very good at challenges and well... She sucks at this game in general." Diddy said. "She better go next. Then Yoshi."

"Maybe so, but Yoshi did not knock down the first shelter." Luigi argued.

"Yes, but Yoshi can climb, jump, run and he's a good scavenger." Diddy countered.

"I vote we vote out Peach next time." Queen Boo ended the conversation.

They all headed to bed and slowly fell asleep.


Neptune Tribe
Night 1

"Where's the immunity idol." Sonic said as he dug under trees.

"We need to find it soon. Its about 4am by the looks of it." Shadow said.

"If we don't find it, we need to come up with a plan." Sonic whispered.

"We already have a plan."

"We have no chance of voting Falco out if we don't get the idol."

Sonic: "Our plan it to vote out Falco using the idol. Once he's gone, we sway Zelda. If there is a tie... I'm sure either of us could beat either of them in a tie breaker. Once one of them is gone... We vote out the other. We continue and win the game."

Shadow: "Ha! He believed that dumb plan. My actual plan is to win the next two challenges, all while making Sonic look like a fool. Then vote Sonic out. Then make it to the merge and make an alliance away from Falco, Fox and Zelda. I keep going, slowly voting people out then million bucks, here I come."

"Yes... I found something." Sonic yelled as he pulled out a snake. He threw it right at Shadow, where it latched onto his face.

"Moron!" Shadow mumbled.


Jupiter Tribe
Day 2

Buneary stretched as she walked out of the shelter and started to make a fire.

"How is everyone?" She asked sweetly as her tribe stretched and yawned.

Gardevoir: "Why is our tribe not planning a strategy or attack on other tribes? We aren't even considering who we will be kicking out if we need too."


Venus Tribe
Day 2

"I hate you!" Bones screams as he fishes his bag out of the muddy river.

Bones: "If she continues I'm going to kill her before I vote her out."

Mable: "Yep. I put it in the lake with the alligators. I'm hoping they chewed it up real good."

"I know you did this, Mable!" Bones screamed again.

"Whaa...? How do you know it was me?" Mable asked curiously.

"Hmmm... I wonder. Is it the fact that I'm in an alliance with Wolfgang and Dora... Or maybe it was the fact that I saw you get up in the middle of the night."


Mercury Tribe
Day 2

"Good Morning everyone. Did you all have a good sleep?" Peach asked sweetly. Diddy, Luigi and Queen Boo all looked at each other in relief of Peach not yelling.

"Because I didn't! I felt like I had a rock under me!" She yelled angrily. They all sighed in frustration. Yoshi just got up and walked to forage berries.

Yoshi: Yoshi pointed at himself and held up a rock and pointed at himself again.


Neptune Tribe
Day 2

Sonic and Shadow returned to camp. Shadow hadn't gotten over the fact that Sonic had thrown a snake at him.

"Hey, guys. Tree Mail!" Shadow yelled as he pulled a scroll out of his pocket.

"Reward. Swoop and soar. Grow your wings. Does your landing gear work? Better not crash and burn." Shadow read.

"What the hell does that mean?" Fox asked.

"We'll find out." Sonic said as he started to walk out of camp.


Reward Challenge

"Hello, tribes. Welcome to your first reward challenge." Mario announced as the tribes walked onto their mats.

"Take a look at the new Venus tribe. Tortimer, voted out last night." No one looked surprised.

Luigi swallowed hard when he saw a bunny on one of the other tribes.

"Who wants to know what your playing for?" Mario asked.

"Oh! Oh! Is it going to be flint? Or are you going to come up with something original for once?" Mable asked sarcastically. Mario glared at her.

"We are playing for flint. The first three tribes to complete this challenge will receive flint."

"So, here's the challenge. Four out of the five tribal members will participate. All four participants from each tribe will wear a wing suit." Mario pointed to high tower. "You must then climb up to the top of the tower.. Then all four members will fly out to that target, 150 metres away." Mario pointed to the target.

"The first three tribes to get a tribal member to land on the target will receive flint." Mario smiled as if this would be an easy feat.

"Lets get started. Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. Please choose a tribal member to sit out."


"So. Queen Boo, Buneary and Zelda will sit out."

Mario looked to the tower and saw all 16 tribal members standing in front of it, ready to climb.

"Ready! Set! Start!" He yelled next to the target.

All 16 contestant climbed speedily. All except Peach.

"Peach, freakin climb!" Diddy yelled.

"I... I can't. I'm afraid of heights." Peach said with fear in her eyes.

"Then why didn't you sit ou... Uggh. Never mind." Diddy said as he reached the quarter mark of the tower.

Simisage sat way out in front, just below the top. Next was Floatzel behind him.

Simisage reached the top and straight away floated to the target, landing in the Center.

"Neptune Tribe! Finished!" Mario yelled as Simisage ran over to him. Floatzel floated down as well as the other climbed down and ran over.

Luigi reached the top too but noticed Buneary sitting at the bottom of the tower. He tripped and fell to the bottom.

Fox and Shadow reached the top next. Both floated down but missed the target slightly. They ran over and started the trek up the tower again.

Next was Diddy and Sonic. Both were quibbling. Sonic pushed Diddy down but tripped on his own feet. Both fell.

All four animal crossing characters reached the top at the same time and flew down.

All four had reached the target but only Bones had hit it.

"Yes! In your face Mable!" Bones screamed in joy.

Mable just looked at him.

Mable: "Let the baby have his bottle."

"Venus Tribe! Finished." Mario yelled as he handed the tribe their flint.

All 8 tribal members from the remaining tribes except Peach reached the top. They slowly pushed each other down one at a time. All fell straight. Only Yoshi and Falco were still standing. They started to push each other but before Falco could charge, Yoshi moved to the side and Falco fell. Yoshi glided to the target and landed.

"Mercury Tribe. Finished!" Mario handed Luigi the flint.

"Neptune Tribe. Not Finished! You get nothing." Mario said to Falco as all the tribes left the challenge.


Venus Tribe
Day 2

"We finally won a challenge." Bones exclaimed as he walked into camp, flint in hand.

"Hey, Genius. We've only done one challenge. Stop acting as if we lost eight in a row." Mable contradicted Bones.

"Shut up, Mable." Bones said as he sat in the shelter.


Neptune Tribe
Night 2

"I can't believe we lost." Sonic broke the silence as the tribe walked into the camp.

"As long as we win the Immunity Challenge, we are golden." Shadow started to pull Sonic away from the tribe camp.

"Look. It doesn't matter if we go to Tribal Council as long as we have this." Shadow raised the snake out of his pocket. He screamed and threw it.

"As long as we have this." Shadow pulled the immunity idol out of his pocket.


Jupiter Tribe
Day 3

Gardevoir: "This is getting to become a pain in my side. I'm going to form an alliance."

"Simisage and Riolu, I think we should make an alliance. Our main target, Floatzel."

"Wait what? Its only 7am. Come on. Can't we talk about this in the morning?" Riolu asked angrily.

"Why Floatzel?" Simisage asked.

"Because, apart from you, Floatzel is the best at challenges." Gardevoir explained.


Mercury Tribe
Day 3

"So? Are we throwing the challenge to get rid of Peach?" Luigi asked.


Immunity Challenge

"Come on in guys." Mario exclaimed.

The tribes walked over to their mats.

"Enjoying the flint?"

"Uhh... Its hard to enjoy something that makes fire when you already have fire." Sonic stated.

Mario stuttered. "Well. Lets get started. Buneary, Peach, Shadow. I'll take the immunity idol back thanks."

Buneary and Shadow easily let go. Peach lingered.

"So. Here's today's challenge. In this challenge, three of your tribal members must manoeuvre a sliding puzzle while blindfolded. The other tribal member must command them and help them. First three tribes to finish this... Win immunity. I'll give you a few minutes to strategise."

Peach: "I was so going to command those puny morons. I am a ruler, after all."


"Sitting out, Riolu, Falco, Diddy Kong. Commanders: Peach, Zelda, Dora, Buneary." Mario announced.

"Tribes ready? Go!"

All four tribes moved the pieces around blindly as the commanding girls ordered them. The Mercury tribe aimlessly moved two pieces back and forth. Neptune had the top row completed. Venus had two pieces in place. While Jupiter only had one.

"Floatzel move the piece in front of you up." Buneary ordered.

Neptune had five out of the eight pieces in the right places. Jupiter only had three. Venus had four. Mercury kept moving two pieces as Peach screamed.

"Neptune tribe, Finished!" Mario announced as he handed the tribe their immunity idol.

Buneary, Zelda and Peach looked at each other momentarily and commanded their tribes again.

Jupiter only had to move a single piece across but kept tripping. Mercury somehow had gotten ahead of Venus.

"They're not even trying and they're ahead of us." Dora squealed.

Jupiter moved the piece.

"Jupiter, Finished!" Mario exclaimed. The last two tribes were rushing around. Luigi and Queen Boo had changed their minds. Venus and Mercury had only four pieces in the right spot.

"You're almost finished." Mario encouraged.

Someone placed the last spot down perfectly.







"Venus Tribe, Finished."

"Mercury Tribe, Incomplete. You've got a date with me at tribal council."


Venus Tribe
Day 3

"We completed another challenge. You live for three more days, Mable." Bones laughed.

"Dora, Bones. Want to got search for the idol?" Wolfgang joked. "Its not like Mable can stop us."

Mable: "Please let the merge be tomorrow. Please let the merge be tomorrow."


Neptune Tribe
Day 3

"Better start rebuilding the fire." Sonic joked. "Oh wait. We don't have flint."

Shadow: "Ugghh. He's insulting himself."

Fox, Falco and Zelda discussed plans.

"Shadow needs to go. He seems a lot smarter than Sonic, and if the merge appears soon, an alliance could kill us in this game. Sonic, on the other hand, would crash and burn and get himself voted out." Falco argued.

"Sonic is an easier target. Shadow has no where to run if we vote Sonic out." Fox stated.

"Listen, we haven't lost yet, so lets discuss this when we actually have to vote someone else." Zelda settled.


Mercury Tribe
Day 3

"Are you ever going to speak Yoshi?" Diddy asked. Yoshi thought for a moment. He shook his head.

"Well, would you like to vote out Peach?" Queen Boo asked. He nodded and smiled, walking off happily.


Jupiter Tribe
Day 3

"I wonder where all the cameramen went." Buneary asked. She looked around and found one behind here. She jumped back in surprise.

"So, Simisage next?" She asked Gardevoir.

"I think Riolu or Floatzel. Simisage is actually good at challenges." She spoke her opinion.

"Well. Which is it? Floatzel or Riolu?"


Tribal Council

"Welcome, Mercury Tribe. Behind each of you there is a torch. Please light the torch in the bonfire." Mario said as the tribe entered the Hut.

"Ok. Lets get started."

"Diddy, who do you think should stay for tonight?"

"Hmmm. Me. Luigi. Queen Boo. Yoshi." He said slowly.

"What about Peach?" Mario asked.

"What about Peach. She is going tonight after all." Diddy said. Peach gasped.

"Ok. Peach who do you think did the worst in the challenge?"

"Everyone but Yoshi and I." She stated blankly.

"Yoshi. Where do you think the crack lies in this tribe?" Yoshi stood. He moved to the left slightly towards Diddy Kong, Luigi and Queen Boo. He pointed to the stools and did a crack gesture, leaving out Peach.

"Interesting. Interesting. Well its going to be a good Tribal. Yoshi, you're up first." Mario pointed to the urn about ten metres away.


Voting Order: Yoshi, Diddy Kong, Peach, Queen Boo, Luigi

"I vote Peach, obviously." Diddy states.

"Peach holds her vote up." (Diddy Kong)


"Ok. I'll count the votes. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The tribal member voted out will be eliminated from the game. The decision is final."

Mario grabbed the urn and slowly pulled the first vote out.

"Peach, One vote Peach."

"Peach, Two votes Peach." Everyone looked at Peach and smiled.

"Diddy Kong, one vote Diddy, two votes Peach. Two votes left."

"Diddy Kong, two votes Diddy, two votes Peach. One vote left."

Diddy stared at Yoshi, Luigi and Queen Boo.

Diddy Kong: "Someone betrayed me. I am going to find out who."

Queen Boo looked at him, shocked.

"Last vote. Second person voted out of Survivor: Video Game Island is... Peach." Diddy sighed in relief as Peach raised her bags and her torch.

"I'm sorry to say. You have been eliminated." Mario said as he snuffed the second torch.

"Interesting tribal council. Yoshi, wrong with the crack." Mario said.

Diddy: "I'm saved for three more days. I'm finding out who betrayed me. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Queen Boo."

Queen Boo: "It wasn't me who voted for Diddy. Anyway, Peach really needed to go. Now Yoshi."

Luigi: "Peach was like a bunny. She was scary, mean, rude and was a pest."

Yoshi: Yoshi stared at the camera and shook his head again.


Next time on Survivor:

Betrayal and revenge are apparent in Diddy as he finds out who voted for him.

"Tell me now, or I'll vote you out." Diddy screamed in rage.

The immunity challenge tugs at the nerves of the player's mental and physical strength.

A big surprise might ruin plans for the future.

"Why. Why are you doing this now?" Dora asked.

"Thank you!" Gardevoir, Mable and Shadow said at the same time.

Even with the surprise, love begins to blossom.

"She kind of scares me, but I still like her."


A/N: Peach was supposed to go first actually. These things happen. I threw in that extra vote for fun. Lets see what happens. Oh and yes, I have this completely unplanned so I think as I write. I only had the first three episodes loosely planned.

Shadow has the immunity idol. Mable might have one. Jupiter and Mercury still have one to pop up. With Venus, you never know.

Spoiler for next episode:


That's Episode 2.

I am not 100% happy with this episode so, I will be going back to change and tweak it when I get a chance.

Episode 3 will be posted on 18th of May AEST.

Thanks to Dare234 for the Awesome Banner.
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