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 Pokémon Sun/Pokémon Moon 
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Last night marked the thirty-sixth hour I had not slept, so I started browsing through all the stories I have started but not yet finished (and there are a lot of them). I got to the Pokémon story I started here, and read a little bit of it. When I began writing that story, I was all excited, but then a little ways in I lost momentum and quit. There were just too many questions I didn't have the answers to for my character. Why is my character in Japan when he's American? Is he on business, and if so, what kind of business would send a ten-year-old to Japan? So, after about seven seconds of serious contemplation, I decided that there was no reason to send a ten-year-old American boy to Japan that would make sense. Thus, a new story is born.

I decided to make a new region in America, near where I currently live. I know, not a unique idea, but still one that I thought would be best. But what about the Pokémon? Would I just use the Pokémon from other regions in this new region? The answer to that came quickly: No. SO I made some new Pokémon. And now, I present to you the Marion Regional Pokédex (Marion being based on Marion County, Oregon). Many of the Pokémon on this Dex are new, but most are borrowed from the six generations that already exist. If you were to compare the new Pokémon to one generation at a time, there would be more new than old, but total... I'll just show you.

001. Xantholus - Grass/Flying - The grass starter, based on a yellow-headed blackbird
002. Icteriol - Grass/Flying - Based on a Bullock's Oriole, evolved form of Xantholus
003. Neglectark - Grass/Flying - Based on a Western Meadowlark, the Official State Bird of Oregon, evolved form of Icteriol
004. Firula - Fire - The fire starter, based on a mountain beaver, specifically Castor fiber birulai
005. Beavire - Fire - Based on a common muskrat, evolved form of Firula
006. Pycastra - Fire/Ground - Based on an American Beaver, the Official State Animal of Oregon, evolved form of Beavire
007. Hermik - Water - The water starter, based on a hermit crab
008. Grachela - Water - Based on a graceful rock crab (metacarcinus gracilis), evolved form of Hermik
009. Magicrab - Water/Psychic - Based on a Dungeness Crab, the Official State Crustacean of Oregon (I didn't know we had an official state crustacean), evolved form of Grachela
010. Kituru - Normal/Flying - Based on a white-tailed kite
011. Preydator - Normal/Flying - Based on an osprey, evolved form of Kituru
012. Cathaura - Normal/Flying - Based on a turkey vulture, evolved form of Preydator
013. Elecub - Electric - Based on a black bear cub
014. Voltursus - Electric/Dark - Based on an adult black bear, evolved form of Elecub
015. Pemtra - Fire/Rock - Based on a puma
016. Solynx - Fire/Rock - Based on a lynx, evolved form of Pemtra
017. Ralts - Psychic
018. Kirlia - Psychic
019. Gardevoir - Psychic
020. Gallade - Psychic/Fighting
021. Camshatica - Water/Electric - Based on a fried-egg jellyfish
022. Baird - Bug - Worm-stage of the Oregon Swallowtail
023. Orockeon - Bug - Cocoon-stage of the Oregon Swallowtail, evolved form of Baird
024. Papifly - Bug/Flying - Based on an Oregon Swallowtail, the Official State Insect of Oregon, evolved form of Orockeon
025. Quinat - Water - Based on a Chinook salmon
026. Tyoncor - Water - Based on a Chinook salmon, evolved form of Quinat
027. Regynchus - Water - Based on a Chinook salmon, evolved form of Tyoncor
028. Dorsathiz - Poison/Dark - Based on a common porcupine
029. Icicus - Ice/Normal - Based on a ringtail
030. Racryon - Ice/Normal - Based on a common raccoon, evolved form of Icicus
031. Rattata - Normal
032. Raticate - Normal
033. Binacle - Rock/Water
034. Barbaracle - Rock/Water
035. Hawlucha - Fighting/Flying
036. Eevee - Normal
037. Vaporeon - Water
038. Jolteon - Electric
039. Flareon - Fire
040. Espeon - Psychic
041. Umbreon - Dark
042. Leafeon - Grass
043. Glaceon - Ice
044. Noxeon - Poison - New Eeveelution, evolved using a Poison Rock, specific to the Marion Region
045. Drakeon - Dragon - New Eeveelution, evolved using a Dragon Rock, specific to the Marion Region
046. Ditto - Normal
047. Litwick - Ghost/Fire
048. Lampent - Ghost/Fire
049. Chandelure - Ghost/Fire
050. Magikarp - Water
051. Gyarados - Water/Flying
052. Hoppip - Grass/Flying
053. Skiploom - Grass/Flying
054. Jumpluff - Grass/Flying
055. Horsea - Water
056. Seadra - Water
057. Kingdra - Water/Dragon
058. Oddish - Grass/Poison
059. Gloom - Grass/Poison
060. Vileplume - Grass/Poison
061. Bellossom - Grass
062. Pichu - Electric
063. Pikachu - Electric
064. Raichu - Electric
065. Wailmer - Water
066. Wailord - Water
067. Phantump - Ghost/Grass
068. Trevenant - Ghost/Grass
069. Sewaddle - Bug/Grass
070. Swadloon - Bug/Grass
071. Leavanny - Bug/Grass
072. Joltik - Bug/Electric
073. Galvantula - Bug/Electric
074. Dediduous - Grass/Dark - One of three fossil Pokémon, this one based on a Metasequoia tree, the Official State Fossil of Oregon
075. Pyrus - Fire - One of three fossil Pokémon, this one based on a pear (I know), the Official State Fruit of Oregon
076. Aquihonia - Water/Bug - One of three fossil Pokémon, this one based a grape leaf, the Official State Flower of Oregon
077. Vanillite - Ice
078. Vanillish - Ice
079. Vanilluxe - Ice
080. Spheal - Ice/Water
081. Sealeo - Ice/Water
082. Walrein - Ice/Water
083. Gulpin - Poison
084. Swalot - Poison
085. Poochyena - Dark
086. Mightyena - Dark
087. Geodude - Rock/Ground
088. Graveler - Rock/Ground
089. Golem - Rock/Ground
090. Cherubi - Grass - The Official Mascot of the Marion League
091. Cherrim - Grass
092. Dratini - Dragon
093. Dragonair - Dragon
094. Dragonite - Dragon/Flying
095. Hauntyke - Fighting/Ghost - The ghost of a fighter
096. Phanxer - Fighting/Ghost - The ghost of a boxer, evolved form of Hauntyke
097. Alithe - Fighting/Ghost - The ghost of a boxer, evolved form of Phanxer
098. Sentret - Normal
099. Furret - Normal
100. Hoothoot - Normal/Flying
101. Noctowl - Normal/Flying
102. Chinchou - Water/Electric
103. Lanturn - Water/Electric
104. Girafarig - Normal/Psychic
105. Snover - Grass/Ice
106. Abomasnow - Grass/Ice
107. Shinx - Electric
108. Luxio - Electric
109. Luxray - Electric
110. Stunky - Poison/Dark
111. Skuntank - Poison/Dark
112. Gible - Dragon/Ground
113. Gabite - Dragon/Ground
114. Garchomp - Dragon/Ground
115. Makuhita - Fighting
116. Hariyama - Fighting
117. Bunnelby - Normal
118. Diggersby - Normal
119. Skiddo - Grass
120. Gogoat - Grass
121. Pancham - Fighting
122. Pangoro - Fighting/Dark
123. Amaura - Rock/Ice
124. Aurorus - Rock/Ice
125. Darumaka - Fire
126. Darmanitan - Fire
127. Yamask - Ghost
128. Cofagrigus - Ghost
129. Cottonee - Grass
130. Whimsicott - Grass
131. Petilil - Grass
132. Lilligant - Grass
133. Mienfoo - Fighting
134. Mienshao - Fighting
135. Kecleon - Normal
136. Tropius - Grass/Flying
137. Lotad - Water/Grass
138. Lombre - Water/Grass
139. Ludicolo - Water/Grass
140. Seedot - Grass
141. Nuzleaf - Grass/Dark
142. Shiftry - Grass/Dark
143. Skitty - Normal
144. Delcatty - Normal
145. Travadin - Grass - Part of the Legendary Trio, this one is said to be the spirit of the forest. Like the other two, it is based on a deer.
146. Vodva - Water - Part of the Legendary Trio, this one is said to be the spirit of the rivers, streams, and oceans. Like the other two, it is based on a deer.
147. Utri - Rock - Part of the Legendary Trio, this one is said to be the spirit of the mountains. Like the other two, it is based on a deer.
148. Dagrutu - Fire/Flying - The mascot of Pokémon Sun (one of the 'games'), it's a huge eagle that, in ancient times, was thought to be the sun
149. Notsin - Dark/Flying - The mascot of Pokémon Moon (the other 'game', obviously), it, too, is a large bird, this time a heron, that, in ancient times, was thought to be the moon
150. Sulisia - Grass/Fire - The über legendary, like Mew and Celebi, this one being the spirit of life and guardian of the sun. Like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Victini, it's small and adorable.

Pokémon Sun/Pokémon Moon comes complete with its own Professor (the name's Fir, Douglas Fir) and criminal organization (Team Blitz, named after the mascot of Willamette University, whose mission is to control the power of the sun [if you're in Pokémon Sun] or the moon [if you're in Pokémon Moon] for reasons that are, as of yet, unspecified). I've made several gyms (eight, I believe), more cities, and the badges needed to challenge the Elite 4. Why not show you with words?!

You start your journey in the heart of the Marion Region, in a city called Cherry Orchard. There, you meet Professor Fir and pick your starter, then head southeast to Royal Town, where you fight Ken, master of Rock Pokémon, for the Solid Badge. You keep heading southeast to Bridge Town, where you fight John, master of Ice Pokémon, for the Cold Badge. You keep going southeast, passing through Quiet Town where you will interrupt some plan of Team Blitz's, until finally you hit Pioneer City, where you fight Cindy, master of Ghost Pokémon, for the Haunted Badge. You then return to Cherry Orchard, get some useful equipment from Professor Fir, and go northeast, up to Mount Saxon, where you fight David, master of Psychic Pokémon, for the Spirit Badge. After descending down the other side of Mount Saxon, you keep heading east until you hit Silver City, where you fight Curtiss, master of Normal Pokémon, for the Regular Badge. Back in Cherry Orchard, after getting more useful equipment from Professor Fir, you head north to Eagle City, where you fight Ed, master of Flying Pokémon, and get the Wing Badge. Further north you progress, until you reach Sunset Town, where you catch a glimpse of your mascot. Just a little more north is Sunrise City, where you battle Patrick, master of Grass Pokémon, for the Floral Badge. On your way back through Sunset Town, you find Team Blitz, and its leader Stefan, trying to capture your mascot. Instead, you capture the mascot, and defeat Team Blitz... for now. You then return to Cherry Orchard, then head west to Valley Town. In valley town, you again find Team Blitz, however this time you are too late, and they capture the other mascot. You continue west to Coastside City, where you fight Lara, master of Water Pokémon, for the Spring Badge, and return to Cherry Orchard to challenge the Elite 4. First up is Kristen, who utilizes Dragon Pokémon. Then you face Wayne, who prefers Fighting Pokémon. Next up is Cheryl, who uses Dark Pokémon. And, finally, you face Robert, who uses Rock Pokémon. After defeating Robert, you face the Champion, none other than Stefan, leader of Team Blitz, who uses his legendary in the battle. Will you defeat him? No, because this isn't a game, it's just an idea.

I have the Pokémon that they all use, but I don't feel like putting it down (unless someone wants me to, for some reason). Anyway, I forgot why I was posting this. As I said, I haven't slept in... over two days now. I'm going to bed.

If you were offended by my post, just know that I was probably kidding. Probably...


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So the writers put things in the show just so they can read our screwed-up fanfics? That explains everything

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