A Random Dream
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Author:  UberPorpoise [ Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:19 pm ]
Post subject:  A Random Dream

Hello, everyone. I write a lot and I have an avid interest in dreaming, so when I do have an interesting dream, I write/type it out. This is one of the more interesting dreams I had a year ago. I wouldn't call it a nightmare, but it's not the most lighthearted read.

I slipped into my animation class and sat next to Andrew in the front row. The professor, who perfectly resembled Denis Leary aside from the reality that his hair was dyed a much lighter blonde, glared at me as though I had kept him waiting far too long. He then pulled his hands behind his back and walked to a point in the room which seemed to make him believe made his presence ever more dominating.
“There is a residing issue in animation today. It’s not done from the heart. Companies merely wish to make money so they pump out high quality yet simultaneously soulless cartoons that should garner no respect,” he declared. I cannot recall the innards of the speech, but it ended with,
“This is my story.” The air in the room began to waver as though the humidity drastically increased. A seemingly unrelated scene unfolded.
“Go through the forest,” he told me. “Walk straight until you reach the cave.” I took one step forward and halted. The view slowly changed to third person and encircled me. I was a young girl. My hair was long, black, and frizzy with a bow atop as a crown; my bangs were curled toward the bow. My attire was a blue dress with white stripes that ran from my shoulders to the billowing white skirting. Shiny black shoes adorned my feet and frilly socks. A dirt path was receiving my pressure. Thick grass bordered it. I peered upward toward the canopy which was so thick that I felt as though there was nothing beyond it, yet light poured through by some magnificent force. The tree trunks to my left and right were not tightly packed, but the darkness between them was denser than the cellulose fibers could ever aspire to be. The path continued straight for thirty yards but was then bent forty five degrees from which darkness poured into the light which so enveloped me. I slowly shifted my feet toward the black. Nearly there, I passed a small mound of moss that seemed too large to be only moss. A light gray peaked from its center.
As I approached the veil, nothing became more visible. What was before me was no mere lack of light. My hands pierced this substance first. My nerves screamed and birds swooned. I was in. The light which had comforted me so was now the substance that I feared to interact with; the fear was as translucent as past light. It felt bad. I ran forward hoping to leave. Ahead was another sharp bend that I soon stopped before. I could not fathom what was beyond this white mass that so desperately wanted to illuminate me. I turned on my heels and ran for safety: the gray peak-- the in-between. I turned on my heels and darted back. I tripped and my body landed in the light. I looked up while still on my belly and saw a wolf harassing a bear. They had not yet noticed me. I crawled to the mound on my hands and knees and climbed to the peak. It was hollowed out as though it was a volcano. I rolled into it and was pleased to be caught tenderly by a thick nest of loose grass and leaves. I lifted my head to barely peer over the rim. The bear growled as the wolf nipped at it. An owl suddenly landed in front of me which caused me to curl into a ball. I thought of the bear and wolf bringing their disagreement in my nest. I thought of their claws and teeth accidentally impacting my flesh. I thought of my blood ruining the tranquility of my bed.
The owl hooted. I shushed it but it began repeating itself. I lifted my head again to shoo it away but was shocked to see that the feuding animals were no longer in sight. A single man stood on the path in a brown suit and bowler hat. He had a groomed brown mustache, a kind smile, and quiet eyes.
“There you are,” he exclaimed as he walked to my nest. “I see you met my owl. He helps me help people, you see. So many get lost here.” He extended his arm and motioned for my hand which I then lent him. He pulled me out and guided me back onto the trail where he then turned to face me from a kneeling position.
“You need to go back through what you feared. It’s ok there. Make it back into the light this time; that’s where the cave is. We’re going to run there together, okay?” My eyes followed his as he stood erect. Behind him was an eyeless man with a long, messy black beard wearing a black and white suit sitting on a black eyeless horse. The man on the horse pulled out a handgun and shot the gentle man three times in the back without muttering a single sound. I witnessed the bullets tear through and rip blood from his heart yet his smile remained intact.
“You need to run now, dear. Please run.” His tone never faltered from its compassionate state nor did his eyes ever lose their solemnness. I ran toward him, destined to not disappoint. His body crumpled to the dirt as I passed him; the man on the horse was gone. I sped into the fear and out into the light again like he told me to do. I was in a cave. The room was square, flat, and bare. Ahead of me was a wall which broke the mold. Carved into the wall were deeply-cut symbols that I could not comprehend. I walked to the wall and rubbed my fingers across the wounds. They then glowed for me. I began climbing the wall, using the etchings as handholds. After climbing ten yards, a floor separate from the one I was once on was visible to my left. I jumped to it. Now, I could see a door across the room. Excitement clawed from within my chest so I moved for it. My hand reached to caress the large brass handle, but my heart exploded. Bits of it and blue plastered themselves to the handle and hungry wood of the door.
I was staring at a ceiling in first person. I looked at the bloody crater in my chest and to the left and then the right. Little creatures were around me. Their skin was finely wrinkled and dry like that of a reptile but their faces were those of babies whose eyes had just awakened. Crocodilian tails hung from them and dragged the ground. Their hands were human and larger and mine, but they stood no higher than my clavicle if I myself could. One smiled at me. Sewing needles were neatly arranged and tightly packed within its mouth. Its mouth opened to reveal no tongue, only the muck which I had journeyed through to arrive here. The gentle man slowly stepped into the scene. Blood was actively squirting from his chest. I heard it spraying the wall and splashing onto the floor to my left. He collapsed yet again. His blood continued to eject from his chest and now his eyes as though his frame was a finely engineered fountain. It sprayed the ceiling and splattered into my eyes. I was blind until a searing hand dispelled the blood which had drowned my vision. When it returned, the filth billowed from his heart and gaze and dispersed against the ceiling, filling the room. It was all I could see.
Then I woke up.

Author:  azul [ Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Random Dream

ya i have dreams like that a lot..... but then i jump into lucid dreaming mode and make it an average dream. like i get my arm chopped off and then its back or i'm falling and falling and then i'm walking.

Author:  SanguinaryScientist [ Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Random Dream

How much weed will you give me for 20 bucks?

But really, thats a weird dream bro

Author:  UberPorpoise [ Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Random Dream

I'll give you whatever my mother hasn't smoked, but I'll need an extra $10 to pay for the gas for me to get to and back from her house.

I'm somewhat a lucid dreamer, so I tend to influence my dreams to be wildly extravagant.

Author:  CuteKirlia [ Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Random Dream

I'll say, that is a rather extravegant dream. I myself am a semi-lucid dreamer, but I tend rather to realize I'm dreaming right in the middle and change it so it's less strange and more appealing. Due to this, my dreams don't usually go that out of control. There's still the occational creepy one. Honestly though, if I had that dream I would wake up mildly disturbed. At the least. What other kind of weird dreams have you had?

Author:  UberPorpoise [ Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Random Dream

If you give me a few days or so, I'll type out some of the others I have written down.

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