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 Art Club Rules 
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I'm sure almost everyone noticed, it was deleted accidentally, but it will be re-opened with Art Commentators and new rules, the Elite Members and CAs will not lose their Club ranks, so don't worry.

The Art Club will be split into 2 topics,

Topic 1: The Art Club Display and Discussion,
This is the place to display your art, this is not a competition, just a place to talk about and display art.

Topic 2: The Art Club Competition,
This is were the competition will be held, new rules are below,

1: Rating

The Art Commentators will be the ONLY people to give rates in here, they will decide how many points each person will get.

(Note: Also the E4 are allowed to give away points and rates, this is merely out of respect for them.)

2: You may only post 5 artworks, meaning Avatars, Banners, etc.

You are only allowed to post five, so post your best, and absolutely no using Art from other members and sites, that is considered stealing and you will be banned from the competition if caught using stolen art.

3: When to post

The first week is when the competitors will post their art, after this deadline, no editing pictures or changing art.
The second week is when the 6 Art Commentators will give their rates and give out points, each Art Commentators is allowed to give out 50 points total.

4: Tie

In the event of a Tie, both members will become Club Admins, or the Art Commentators will choose a challenge, and whichever member does the best in the challenge, gets a Club Admin title.
Challenges will usally be simple ones, like make a Red, Blue and White FRLG Zapdos Avatar. Creativity is also a bonus in this competition.

5: Competitors

If an Art Commentators competes, he or she will not be able to give rates and points, but will temporarily replaced by another member, or the points will be split up between the other Art Commentators.

6: Ranks

The members will be given Ranks on how many points they have,

Rank 1: Art Club Member: Get 20 points total
Rank 2: Art Club Elite Member: Get 40 points total
Rank 3: Art Club Great Artist: Get 100+ points in one round
Rank 4: Art Club Club Administrator: Win a round

Also, the members will get ribbons added to their Trainer Cards for each rank, the 1st ribbon is for the 1st Rank, the 2nd Ribbon is for the 2nd Rank and so on.




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