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Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Thu Nov 03, 2005 6:22 am ]
Post subject:  Fan Fiction Rules

Now I've noticed that no specific rules have been written for Fan Fiction. I'll write some basic ones; Mr Minish you can edit my post or add on a new post if you need to elaborate further.

We have a very interesting topic called What Makes a Fic a Good Fic. Please take a look at it. It will certainly help out.

<center>General Fan Fiction Rules</center>

<center>When and How to Post a Fanfiction</center>

Have, at least, 3 chapters already written and saved on your computer before opening a topic to post your fanfiction. In other words, do not post a fanfiction in this forum until it's, at least, 30% ready. =P

We insist that you give a very brief description of your fanfic in the very beggining of the story, containing its rating, its cathegory (Action, Drama, Adventure, Humour, Sci-Fi) and the base plot.

<center>Fiction Ratings</center>

~Once again, we emphasize that this is a family forum, meaning children could be reading your fan fiction. This implies that you not only have to watch your language, but you also have to minimise or totally avoid any violence or excessive romance.

~~ Okay, so now you have the thumbs up to post your fanfiction. But before doing so, the Moderators kindly ask you to post in the very first chapter of your story, before the fiction itself begins, what is its rating: in other words, what kind of public is suitable for reading yout story. The ratings we use are above.

E Rating: This means the content of the fiction is suitable for everyone, from very young children to the eldest member. These fanfics have absolutely no violence, bad language or romance.

[color=yellow]K Rating: This means the content of the fiction is suitable for most ages. We encourage you to also post a recommended minimum age. This is the cathegory where most fictions from a family-oriented forum (such as this one, heh) go. Fanfictions from this cathegory have very slight violence (like, a traditional Pok

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