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 A New Journey! Role Play Using OCs 
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Here's my role play idea.

The Johto Pokemon league is looking for a new champion! But few kids these days have what it takes to beat all four of the elite. Strange natural disasters are happening all over the region. New trainers are coming to the Johto. Six trainers have started their quest in Olivine City. (I suck at plot summaries. xD)

Name: Matteo Fluch (A.K.A. Benjamin Flurry)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Attitude: Seemingly apathetic, but extremely passionate underneath the surface. Hard to deal with.

Physical Characteristics: Shaggy brunet hair, deep blue eyes, and lanky body.

Weapon: Short blade and sword.

Motto: “You have two options, leave me alone or die. Which would you prefer?”

Weaknesses: Guilt, allergic to cherry blossoms, is over competitive, and lets his feelings get in the way of his actions.

Pokemon: Teddiursa

Background history: When he was seven, both of his parents were taken away by Glyfian knights to be hung because of their faith. The Meer family, his neighbors, took him in. Three years later, he and his best friend, Lyle Meer -the Meer family's first and only born son- were forced into the Glyfian army to fight on the front lines. His hatred of the Glyfian Empire and his need to live conflict daily as he fights. He tried to escape with Lyle to the other Kingdom one night while the hallway patrols were switching . Their attempts failed, resulting in Matteo losing his right ring finger and Lyle's death. Matteo has been branded with fear and even more hate towards the Empire of Glyf. He has been sent to share a room with Dem Frei, a fellow Private Second class, and Len Neimand, an easily manipulated Private, in the center of the army facilities to make sure he does not flee again, but all three of them had plans of escape and with the help of an “enemy” spy they escaped to the Kingdom of Vedro and have changed their names so that they can start new lives. Matteo split ways with the two others after changing his name to Ben Flurry, saying he is better off on his own. After parting ways, a tsunami crashed into the village he was staying in and he was washed away to Cianwood City where he starts a whole new journey, but his memory is wiped only being able to remember his childhood years. Confused and scared he takes a boat to Olivine City where he meets a young Teddiursa that becomes his partner and friend.

Extras: Has a large scar across his shoulder blades.

Speech Style: Has a New Jersey accent.

Here's a picture I made of him. ... -169740088

Please Apply if you want to! 5 other people are needed!!!

Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:19 pm
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*Peeks in cautiously*

Are applications still open? This is my first time joining a Pokemon-related RP, so pleace be nice... :)

Name: Cassandra "Cassie"/"Cat" Taylor

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Attitude: Quiet bordering on shy, good-natured, observant and honorable. Regarded as an idealist but can be surprisingly cynical at times. Caring and protective of her Pokemon and friends and always up for an adventure, although warms up to people slowly. Often sarcastic, and does not easily forget a wrong.

Physical Characteristics: Shoulder-length black hair, dark brown eyes, slender, reasonably short (163 cm or 5 feet 3 inches), tanned skin.

Weapon (question, what are we allowed?): Throwing and regular knives, a rapier and a longer dagger, as well as multiple hidden "surprises" like flash-and-smoke balls (used as diversions)

Motto: "You can think and you can fight, but the world's always movin', and if you wanna stay ahead, you gotta dance."

Weaknesses: OVERprotectiveness, fear of the Victreebel line due to a bad childhood encounter, hates seeing her Pokemon hurt by another human and will react violently in response, and hates being vulnerable. Can also be a bit naive particularly towards members of the opposite sex.

Pokemon: an "odd-colored" male Charmander named Anomander, male Mudkip named Skip (short for Skipper), Riolu, Snorunt-F, Rotom (egg), female Gible.

Background history: The daughter of two well-known breeders with numerous connections to Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, Cassie grew up surrounded by eggs and Pokemon from all regions. She would have spent her life learning to be a breeder and following in her parents' footsteps, if not for an event which changed her outlook on humans. A year prior to the start of this story, her parents adopted an abused Absol and an abandoned Arcanine missing a forepaw. Upset, Cassie "borrowed" some of her parents' adult Pokemon and left home to hunt down the two Pokemon's Trainers, claiming she wanted revenge but more out of being unable to understand how anyone could do that. After nearly a year of trekking around, she found the Trainers, and the encounter-- where the trainers just laughed and said the two Pokemon were worthless and caring about your Pokemon had no part in being a Trainer-- left a lasting impression on her. Thankfully, no violence broke out and she returned home safely, but with a different ambition-- not to continue the family business, but to be a trainer and raise a powerful team of Pokemon, to prove that caring about your Pokemon was essential to being a good trainer. When the Johto League sent out their call, she jumped at the chance to leave home, and after selecting a few young Pokemon, she left home for Olivine City.

Extras: Has a Victreebel-leaf-induced scar across her left forearm from childhood. Also shows a preference for animal-like Pokemon, Fire types in particular, but will happily train just about any Pokemon barring the Victreebel line. A decent cook who enjoys making her Pokemon various treats. A firm but loving trainer who believes in disciplining herself as much as, if not more than, her young Pokemon. Also dislikes spending excessive amounts of money unnecessarily.

Speech Style: A "generic American accent", which changes to a more British one when snarky and a broader Scottish one when irritated.

... Was that too much? ^^;;;


Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:05 am
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Name: Henry
Attitude:A cool guy but doesn't like to socialise with others.(execpt his friends when he was 9)
Physical characteristics:Has a bruise on his left cheek.
Weapons:A plasma gun and a kantana(he does not use them weapons often.)He uses his allosaurus most of the time.
Motto:Does not matter who is stonger. I will feed you to the allosaurus when we are done!
Weakness: Pie!(mostly chicken pie)
Pokemon:Nidoking and Nidoqueen

Background: Whe he was 7, he got punched by bullies. Henry surrended but the bullies told him to eat pie.(he got the bruise not because of the punches but the pie!)When he was 15, he was interested in carnivourous dinousaurs. He invented a machine that could make dinosaurs alive. But the thing he didn't expect to happen was he got the brain of a dinosaur breeder and throwing people into his pet allosaurus. His pokemon also eat humans.Henry also became a man-eater. His parents wonder how he became a savage.(Is this mad enough for you?)

Howdy, pardners!

Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:06 am
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Name: Jack "Jester" Cade
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Physical Characteristics: 6'4, 200 pounds.Long, Brown Dreadlocks. tanned, Weather-beaten face and skin.

How he sees himself: Funny, Sarcastic, but Responsible
Best Qualities: Sense of Humor, Sarcasm, Wit, Caring
Worst Qualities: Vengeful to those who tease him about his upbringing, greedy. Sometimes doesn't know when to stop teasing.
Attitude: Jokes about everything, loves to make sarcastic comments, loves to tease.

Parents: Alyss Cade and Robert Cade. Alyss is an Archeologist of no success, and Robert is a miner.
Siblings: None

Hometown: Lavaridge town

Childhood History: Jack was born to a poor family of little status in Hoenn. His mother was a archeologist of little success, and his father was a miner. The two of them were constantly arguing and Jack was caught in the middle, often abused. Despite his poor upbringing, Jack's sense of humor never diminished. He would often travel with his father or his mother to work until he was old enough to stay home. It was at his mothers dig site he found a fossil of a Kabuto, which he kept at home until he could someone how bring it back. The Sableye he found when he wandered away from his father while he was at work. He got lost and had almost given up all hope of seeing his father or one of his friends again when a Sableye found him and helped him get back to his father. After that incident, Jack named the Sableye "Sable" and would always visit him when he came to work with his father. When Jack ran away from home, Sable came out of the mine and became one of Jack's first Pokemon. With the help of the Sableye, He caught many Pokemon, including the Baltoy that would eventually evolve into a Claydol. He brought the fossil of the Kabuto with him as he traveled and had it brought back in gratitude for saving the life of a scientist's daughter. When the Johto League made its call, Jack and his three most faithful companions made the journey to Olivine City, vying for fortune and glory.
Plans for the future: To be a famous trainer.

Favorite Food: Beans, Coffee, Shrimp.
Favorite Pokemon: Sableye, But he also loves Pokemon that loves practical jokes and/or teasing others.
Favorite Place: Anywhere wild and free, with no signs of civilization except other trainers.
Pet Peeve: Teasing about his lowborn status.
Least favorite season: Autumn
Worst Memory: His parents arguing and abusing him at home.


Kassandra, more commonly called Kassie.
Item: Quick Claw
Gender: F
Appearance: 4'5'' in height, 93 lbs. normal colored.
Obtained: Found the fossil at moms dig site, and hid from her so she wouldn't take it away. Later a scientist revived it as thanks for rescuing his daughter from Team Magma.
Personality: A fierce fighter that mistrusts strangers and hates to be teased.
Attacks: (as of now) Slash, Sand attack, Aqua Jet, Ancient Power.

Gender: Male
Item Holding: Spooky Plate.
Appearance: 2'00, 26.3 lbs. Purple body, deep sapphire eyes.
Obtained: First met by Jack when he got lost in the mine his father was working in. Jacks first pokemon, and most loyal.
Personality: Much like Jacks. Loves to pull practical jokes on everyone around him, loves to tease other Pokemon(especially Kassie). Despite this, Sable is loyal and a resourceful fighter who doesn't give up until he faints or is called back to his pokeball (Which can be a problem, as Jack discovered early on.)
Moves: Shadow Claw, Detect, Astonish, Confuse Ray.

Gender: Neither
Item: Odd Incense
Appearance: 4'12'', 240 lbs.
Obtained: Caught as a Baltoy early on, kept it with him and it evolved during his early adventure.
Personality: Calm, and Quiet, but quite Loyal. Tends to settle any skirmishes between Sable and Kassie before they escalate.
Moves: Teleport, Psybeam, Confusion, Cosmic Power

Image Image Image

Thanks to Legendary Tamer for the Trainer card and Egg of Darkrai
Thanks to Rex09 for the sprite of Sable and Kassie.

Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:37 pm
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I just started playing pokemon, but here goes!

Name: Jorden Sirine


Physical Features: Short, pale, and greasy hair, ughh!

Weapons: Twin Sickles, Crossbow

Backround; He was born in Fiore, and came to Johto when he was 8. Sience then, he's lived a quiet life on Mt. Silver(!).

Attitude: He's a silent, almost shade-like person, and has a cruel sense of humor. And he's a pure, Ice-Type trainer(minus legendary).

Pokemon: Weavile(Lvl. 52), which he caught very recently; Glacion(Lvl. 84), as a starter, Frosslass(Lvl. 33), which saved him from a blizzerd, a Sealeo(Lvl. 43), which he got from his uncle, and finally, Moltres(Lvl. 59), which he awoke from it's slumber in it's chamber.

Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:28 pm
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I'm a bit slow considering I ventured back to mod just a short while ago, but this roleplay wasn't approved I have realised. See stickies.


Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:36 pm
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