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 Psypoke Jeopardy: wrapped-up 
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Participation seems to be a key thing here for Jeopardy. Even though I had four ready to go when it was supposed to start, some more popped in, and unfortunately out, thoroughout the game. A total of eleven made it, but only eight stayed for a while and scored.

The Jeopardy that was supposed to be on Saturday that was originally moved back for a lack of participation was postponed again. This time, a last minute thing came up, and I couldn't make it, but it looked like only five people showed up anyway. I will make up this Jeopardy some time in the future when I can get a Saturday afternoon off, which might end up being in August. However, since I can do it this coming Saturday, I put a poll up for fun just to see the response. Feel free to post also.

Anyway, the first one's wrap-up:

Final scores:

Gardevoir~ 13599
FireStarter 4800
Krisp 200
DragonPhoenix 1
Serpentsounds 0
Sneaky_Sneasel 0
Medichamrulez -7000 (non-staff winner)
Sparrow -17000

Best typo:

GSC 200 * The Battle Tower in Crystal is outside of this city.
<+Krisp> where is ovleon

Worst answers:


Worst grammar:


Biggest wager:

Sparrow took a big chance to take a big lead but blew it. His 5000 point wager on a Daily Triple pushed his score back from 5000 to -10000. It was on this clue: "Daily Triple Dex * These are Corsola's two abilities."



RBY 200 * This is the fastest Pokemon.
What is Electrode?

RBY 400 * The Daycare Center is north of this city.
What/where is Saffron City?

RBY 600 * Ekans and Arbok are exclusive to this game.
What is Red?

Daily Double RBY * This HM is obtained on the S.S. Anne.
What is HM01/Cut?

RBY 1000 * TM30 contains this move.
What is Teleport?

GSC 200 * The Battle Tower in Crystal is outside of this city.
What/where is Olivine City?

GSC 400 * This is the special sibling that appears on Fridays.
Who is Frieda?

GSC 600 * The Extremespeed Dratini in Crystal is given at this level.
What is 15?

GSC 800 * This is the cheapest Pokemon at the Goldenrod Game Corner.
What is Abra?

GSC 1000 * This is the cheapest Pokemon at the Celadon Game Corner.
What is Mr. Mime?

RSE/FRLG 200 * Green PokeBlocks raise this contest characteristic.
What is smartness?

RSE/FRLG 400 * In RSE, Feebas can be found on this route.
What/where is Route 119?

RSE/FRLG 600 * Moo Moo Milk can be bought on this one of the Sevii Islands.
What/where is Two Island?

RSE/FRLG 800 * Oak's Parcel is received in this city.
What/where is Viridian City?

RSE/FRLG 1000 * In Emerald, this legendary is accessed by walking around a room clockwise.
What is Regice?

DP 200 * The third game in the fourth generation has been announced to be this version.
What is Platinum?

DP 400 * This area replaced the Safari Zone of previous games.
What is the Great Marsh?

DP 600 * The sixth gym is housed in this city.
What/where is Canalave City?

DP 800 * Cresselia is first seen on this island.
What/where is Fullmoon Island?

Daily Triple DP * This many new Pokemon were added to the Pokedex in DP.
What is 107?

Name 200 * Raspberry (berry).
What is Razz Berry?

Name 400 * Chestnut (berry).
What is Chesto Berry?

Name 600 * A dyslexic snake (Pokemon).
What is Ekans/Arbok?

Name 800 * Mulberry (berry).
What is Lum Berry?

Name 1000 * A pale grayish green (city).
What/where is Celadon City?

Misc 200 * In Sinnoh, the Daycare Center is in this town.
What/where is Solaceon Town?

Misc 400 * Steel is supereffective against this many types.
What is 2?

Misc 600 * This was the first DS Pokemon game.
What is Pokemon Dash?

Misc 800 * This Anime character's Japanese name is Takeshi.
Who is Brock?

Misc 1000 * This TCG set featured the Johto starters on the booster packs.
What is Neo Genesis?


Dex 400 * This is the only Ice/Ghost-typed Pokemon.
What is Froslass?

Dex 800 * "A rainbow is said to form behind it when it flies."
What is Ho-oh?

Dex 1200 * This Pokemon is "The Being of Knowledge."
What is Uxie?

Dex 1600 * "When the bulb on its back grows large, it appears to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs."
What is Ivysaur?

Daily Triple Dex * These are Corsola's two abilities.
What are Hustle and Natural Cure?

Tech 400 * Plus and Minus can boost Special Attack by this much.
What is 50%?

Daily Double Tech * In DP, how many different TMs can you "pick up" with Pick Up.
What is 3?

Tech 1200 * This is Crabhammer's base power.
What is 90?

Tech 1600 * This is the first Normal move alphabetically. (DP)
What is Acupressure?

Tech 2000 * A Normal/Ghost-typed Pokemon theoretically has this many type weaknesses.
What is 1?

Psypoke 400 * For April Fool's these two Pokemon showed up randomly on Psypoke.
What are Seaking and Psypoke?

Psypoke 800 * Everybody loves this Pokemon.
What is Bidoof?

Psypoke 1200 * This was the Pokemon of the Week for April Fools.
What is Farfetch'd?

Psypoke 1600 * This staff member recently cosplayed Phoenix Wright.
Who is Jigglypuff?

Psypoke 2000 * This Pokemon is now the newest addition to the site map.
What is Giratina?

Crossword 400 * Z Unown word. (4)
What is Zoom?

Crossword 800 * Psypoke's TCG data archive. (7)
What is DeckDex?

Crossword 1200 * National Dex number 153. (7)
What is Bayleef?

Crossword 1600 * The terminology for the shortest experience growth curve according to the Psydex. (6)
What is Simple?

Crossword 2000 * The Tanoby Ruins chamber that holds Unown !. (7)
What is Viapois?

Recycled 400 * This Arceus Plate boosts the power of Grass-type moves.
What is Meadow?

Recycled 800 * In GSC, These are the only two types absent from gyms.
What are Ground and Dark?

Daily Double Recycled * "It has a very fine fur. Take care not to make it angry, or it may inflate steadily and hit with a Body Slam."
What is Wigglytuff?

Recycled 1600 * There are this many total ribbons in the Diamond/Pearl game data.
What is 80?

Recycled 2000 * This is the only not fully-evolved Pokemon capable of learning Hammer Arm by level up.
What is Rhydon?

Daily Triple Misc * This is the tenth letter in the alphabet.
What is "J"?

Misc 800 * This is Batman's secret identity.
Who is Bruce Wayne?

Misc 1200 * The "F" of the F keys (F1, F2, F3, etc) on a keyboard stand for this.
What is function?

Misc 1600 * These two teams will play in the NBA Finals.
Who are the (Boston) Celtics and (Los Angeles) Lakers?

Misc 2000 * This is the area of a triangle with sides 6, 8 and 10.
What is 24?

Final Jeopardy
Final Clue * This is the slowest Electric Pokemon.
What is Mareep?

What would you call the plural form of Jeopardy? "Jeopardies" just looks weird, so I don't know whether I want to use it. Anyway, since I need a really good distraction and because there hasn't been a Jeopardy in about three months or something, I have two of them to make up for the lack of recent action. It gets better, too. One is European-friendly. :O

Hopefully I'll get more people in than I have had recently, so make you sure you not only plan to go to one, go to both. I expect a new record of attendants this time, okay? Oh, and don't show up "fashionably late" ten minutes after it starts because that's just dumb, and you could be having fun in the channel beforehand.


In the #psypokejeopardy chat channel on both Friday, June 6, at 8:00 PM EST and (the European-friendly) Saturday, June 7, at 1:00 PM EST. (click for other time zones)

For using the java applet to access the chats: go here, click on the Java Applet link, and type /join #psypokejeopardy when you're connected.

How it works:

Jeopardy can be viewed as a twist on the occasional trivia. It uses many more scripts than trivia does due to its complex structure, but it is not difficult for participants at all.

This Jeopardy works very similarly to normal Jeopardy. A clue is given, and after three seconds, people can buzz in. In order to do this, all you have to do is say "buzz" after the mode -m is set and hope that you entered it first. The buzzing process will be explained again at the beginning of Jeopardy.

After you buzz in, you will have eight seconds to answer. In order to answer, you must give the question to the clue (like normal Jeopardy). For example, one clue would be "this Pokemon is the first alphabetically," and its correct question (what you submit) would be "what is Abomasnow?". If you get the question wrong however, you do lose Psybucks (in the game, not the forums). If you need help, simply watch other people play along.

Jeopardy also consists of the ability to choose the next question from multiple categories and Psybuck values. This only happens for the person who gets a question correct though. There are two rounds of six categories and five values, which adds up to 60 total questions. Sometimes however, a round will end a little before all of the questions are chosen if it takes too long. Regardless, this has happened very few times.

It even consists of its own bonuses. One Daily Double in the first round and two in the second round can (as they suggest) double your Psybucks in the game. Only the chooser will be able to answer the question, and ten seconds are allowed to answer. Daily Triples made a debut last time, and those can really rack up the points. Other special bonuses come and go.

Final Jeopardy concludes the event. Here, one usually tough clue will be given. Like Daily Doubles, you can wager as many of your Psybucks as you want. For this question, an amount of twenty or thirty (depending on the type of question) seconds is allowed for you to think over your answer while you imagine the special Jeopardy music. After this, the final scores are tallied, and the winners are announced.

All script commands will be explained during the event for those that need help.


1. No /me. There are actual reasons why this is a rule, so don't do it anyway.
2. Do not argue if you thought that you buzzed in before someone else. The entire process is scripted, and it is based on what appears on my screen only.
3. Do not PM any ops, especially me. If you have a complaint/question/whatever, wait until a break. (during the event)
4. Do not use any reference materials (such as the site).
5. Answers MUST be given in a question format such as "What is Pikachu?". This will be taken loosely, but drastic mixups between "where" and "who" will be called incorrect. (Pokemon are considered as "what"s)
6. You must use your forum name to receive any prizes. Various exceptions are allowed, but ask first. Also, do not change nicks during the event.


Psybucks are currently extinct, so there's not much in the form of fake money that I can give winners. Instead, they have to be satisfied with something like gratitude that they won. Well, umm, a pat on the back or something.

Winner: top three trainer card ribbon, temporary +v (voice) in #psypoke (passes down if staff)
Second and third: top three trainer card ribbon
Other people with positive scores: congratulations on not getting negative or zero
Other people with scores > -5000: "experience"
Yet other people: sympathy
For all people that come: the participation trainer card ribbon


How much different is this from a normal trivia?
The biggest difference is in the questions themselves. It is possible to lose points, and you have to buzz-in before you answer. The question format for answers is slightly different, too. Similarities are basically in the knowledge bit, and it has the same trivia-like "atmosphere" to it. Benefits of Jeopardy comparatively include the amazingly high Psybucks amounts, an ability for everyone to score more easily or get back into contention for the lead, and the addition of small strategies (picking higher questions and the like). See above for all the little details.

Why should I go?
Because it's something really fun and worthwhile, and because I said so. :P

Are the questions Pokemon-related?
Yes, although there is a special category for random knowledge.

What time is it in my time zone?
Click the link and find out.

Is there freezing?
No. There are no extra restrictions like this, but in the event that someone goofs off too much, I can put he/she on "buzzignore."

Does only "buzz" work for buzzing in?
Yes, so you better type it out first and wait for -m to press enter. Even missing a "z" or using colors would cause the script to skip over you.

What are the special commands that will be included?
!chart: Shows the chart to the person choosing the next question.
!stop: Stops the countdown when a person is answering a question.
!q (category) (amount): Selects the next question.
!wager (amount): Allows an easier process for wagering in daily doubles, daily triples and final jeopardy.

Only the third and fourth commands there will be mandatory. All will be brought up during the event.

Why can't I talk when I get in there?
This would be supposing that you're late and +m is set. This usually means that it is between questions. +m is a special mode to be set on chat channels that mutes people without special privileges (voice or op). These are only given to staff members and people choosing questions.

How will typos be dealt with?
If they are understandable, they will be acceptable. Eight seconds are allowed for one to answer, so this should not come up too much.

What happens to rule-breakers?
Loss of 10000 Psybucks in the game, loss of all Psybucks on the offender's forum account, and permanent bans from #psypoke, #psypokejeopardy, the forums, the main site, and the internet forever. In other words, don't do it. :O

Did you just copy/paste the last Jeopardy topic without changing anything?
No, I changed some areas again. :O


Tue May 20, 2008 6:41 pm
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Both times fit well with my schedule, so I may just be experiencing double jeopardy (omg lol)!

Hopefully this time I won't forget and not live up to my RSVP like last time. ;o


Tue May 20, 2008 9:34 pm
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I won't be able to attend the Friday one, since I'll be working then, but I will be there for Saturday.


Wed May 21, 2008 6:24 am
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This may be European friendly..but it's not "I work a bítchload" friendly at all :(

FML wrote:
Today, in the midst of foreplay, this girl tells me I am so hot, I respond "Ditto." She heatedly responds "I love ditto," to which I suavely reply "I didn't know you were into Pokemon. That may make you even sexier." She knows nothing about Pokemon, but I sure know how to kill the mood. FML


Wed May 21, 2008 1:22 pm
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I don't think I'll be able to make either, but I can try. I have a Memorial Weekend Baseball Tournament.

EDIT: Confirmed. I have baseball games at these exact times. Oh well.

Image Image

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Wed May 21, 2008 2:14 pm
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You know what's terrible? The euro friendly is right in the middle of the darkrai giveaway. :(

Wed May 21, 2008 6:34 pm
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Small announcement:

Both times are now subject to change. Thanks to my own baseball and other things, I won't be sure if either time will be definite for a while. Unless I post something again, it can be assumed that everything is going on schedule. If one is delayed, it will probably take place at the same time of the next week, but that time could also potentially be in danger. Anyway, I doubt that this will happen, but I might as well give a notice.


Fri May 23, 2008 5:30 pm
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nfield wrote:
This may be European friendly..but it's not "I work a bítchload" friendly at all :(

I hear this. There is no way I could ever make a Saturday Jeopardy unless it was late at night, but I could make a Friday trivia since I have that day off....usually.


Fri May 23, 2008 10:50 pm
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Well, I think I can attend this...probably...Ihave nothing planned for those days...LEt's see....

Signature for rent.

No there's not a phone number.

HEY! get outta mah house e.e

No but really: PM me if you want some kind of advertising in my sig. PM also for the rules of it =]

Sat May 24, 2008 5:43 am
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Looks like it would be pretty fun, I'll try to come to both.

There isn't much problem with time for me. When ever you hold them should be fine.


I consider Giratina the 'opposite side' of the mystical Dialga and Palkia, being born when the world was first created. Basically the anti-existence to all the other pokemon.

Sat May 24, 2008 6:00 am
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Glad the times were changed. :D Though I have baseball playoffs starting next week so I don't know if I'll make it anyway. :P

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Sat May 24, 2008 3:45 pm
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So if you wondered and didn't figure it out, the next Jeopardy will be August 2. Maybe I'll make the announcement soon so people can plan ahead. As for the person that actually voted on being unsure about Jeopardy, maybe I'll post a log of an old one in the next announcement.


Sat Jun 14, 2008 5:42 pm
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