Unique moveset thread
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Author:  MasonTheChef [ Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:49 am ]
Post subject:  Unique moveset thread

So I'm somewhat reviving this old thread.

Post here movesets that are:

1. Interesting, odd or just unseen in the standard metagame but are capable to hold itself against major threats or counter a poke it's not usually known to fight. Basically if the set is posted here then don't post it here as well.

2. Standard moveset/strategy that is used on a poke which is usually outclassed by another, but can put an effective spin on the set (either statwise or moveset) that makes said pokemon a good choice for the strategy.

Keep the sets to a single poke (or 2 if it's a BP chain, doubles, etc.)


Calm @ Leftovers
252HP 204DEF 52S.DEF
-Will o Wisp
-Icy wind
-Thunderbolt/Psychic/Shadow ball

Pyrostaller set. Use Wow on attackers aiming at Mismagi's typically weak base 60 def to absorb hits with ease. Protect acts as healing/racking up burn's damage and scouting for status,trick and choice users. Icy wind is the unique move Mismagius brings to this set, which is usually out classed by spiritomb/dusknior. A single icy wind (best when used on a switch) brings any pokes under 369 speed down to below Mismagius's 246, allowing a follow-up hit with WoW or an attack, It can also allow other pokes to come in a counter with their potential speed advantage. Also despite icy wind's low power it can KO 4x weak dragons and Dugtrio by double hitting via the speed drop. The last move is typically T-bolt, as it allows this set great coverage as well as this set works great against DD gyara, burning and icing away DDs and having T-bolt rip 75% off typical sets. Psychic is great against Heracross, Machamp and Infernape who love taking WoW. Shadow ball gets mention for STAB power and S.def drops that can aid against walls. EVs are designed for optimal defenses, with enough defense to make LO adamant Metagross's meteor mash always 2hko. and enough S.def EV's to hold well against moderate s.attackers.

In all this set can be hard to get in play, aside from switching in on it's 3 immunities. But once in-play it can cause quite some trouble, dropping attack and speed stats while dealing moderate damage makes this set great for preparing to set up a sweeper.

Author:  Cactuar [ Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Here's a Blissey moveset that is odd in a way that it is both somewhat offensive and uses serene grace.

{blissey} @ Leftovers
Calm/Modest---Serene Grace
252HP, 128 SA, 128 SD
Ice Beam
Calm Mind

A downside is that because you don't have natural cure, you have to use refresh to take up a moveslot that could be used for flamethrower. I've seen a variation of this on shoddy;

{blissey} @ Leftovers
Calm/Bold---Natural Cure
252HP, 252D/SD, 6SA
Calm Mind
Psyche Up
Ice Beam

This one was at a stalemate with my Cresselia, until I got a critical hit on it. The only reason this killed it is because on shoddy, critical hits do not nullify stat changes. So on wi-fi, it is nearly invincible except from physical attackers getting criticals, as your CMs will stop any special attackers even after their own CMs, and your Charms stop physicals. The only problem is if this is your last pokemon, you are very prone to status since you lack a status recovery move.

Author:  Azurera†h [ Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

I've got a couple of movesets for 2 Pokemon here:

Nature: Adamant
Item: Salac Berry
IVs: Max Spd & Atk
EVs: 252 Spd, 200 Atk, 92 Hp
~Swords Dance
~Bullet Punch/Extreme speed

The strategy is simple, set up Swords dance and use Endure to indirectly Boost Lucario's speed. Of course, that would mean sending Lucario into battle at the right time. Don't send it in knowing it'll get KOed before it can use Swords Dance. Using Endure won't be a problem as you can select it right after you use Swords Dance.

If you can set this up, almost anything will get destroyed by Reversal. Known counters in competitive battling for this Lucario are: Ghost types, most likely {gengar} only and other Pokemon with attack priority moves whom you can't take out beforehand. {weavile} with Ice shard won't be a problem if you teach Bullet Punch. Fast Pokemon holding Scarfs could be a problem too.

Anything else is utterly eradicated by Reversal. This includes Pokemon like {bronzong} and {dragonite} .

Nature: Careful
Item: Light clay
IVs: Max HP, Def & Sp. Def
EVs: 252 Def, 120 Sp. Def, 132 Hp
Ability: Heatproof. (I'm quite positive people won't take chances by using Earthquake etc.)
~Light Screen
~Stealth Rock/Trick Room/Rain dance etc. (Any other support move suiting your Team)

A super supporter. Works well with the {lucario} above. Wait, it works well with anyone. :wink:

Author:  shinashu taji [ Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Here is an Alakazam that I have be known to whip out in some battles

Nature: Timid/Modest
Item: Wide Lens/Wise Glasses
Iv's Max Speed and Special Attack
Ev's 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 4 HP
Charge Beam
Focus Blast
Energy Ball/Shadow Ball/Signal Beam/Hidden Power [Ice]

It is pretty much like any other special attack using Alakazam with one exception the use of Charge Beam. The goal is to use it on pokemon that are going to run from Alakazam fearing the worst of a Trick Specs and use Charge Beams 70% chance to boost its special attack one stage (which is kinda like having the life orb boost only without the cost of HP on every hit) Then proceed to kick as much arse as you possibly can before he dies. Psychic will be the armain attack benefiting from the ever useful STAB. Focus Blast is there for T-Tar and other Dark types that want to hit Kazam also of note Kazam can OHKO Blissey after getting two stat boosts as long as the hit is a cirt. Charge Beam is the Charm there for getting the stat boost and hurting Gyrados, Vaporeon, and other water types for a decent chunk of damage. The last move is a pick your poison kinda of thing. Energy Ball is there for Swampert. Shadow Ball and Signal Beam are there to hurt fellow Psychics and Ghosts and Hidden Power [Ice] is there for dragons and Gliscor. Lastly the item is a make or break. Wide Lens makes Charge Beam 100% accurate and making Focus Blast more accurate. While Wide Lens boosts special attacks without any form of drawback.

Note Dedicated special walls will eat it alive if it doesn't have a good chunk of stat boosts or if you are incredibly unlucky. Note the big one is Blissey, while Latias can eat it up if it isn't packing shadow ball or HP [Ice]

Author:  MasonTheChef [ Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

@Cactuar, I once battled a charm bliss using a set similar to the last one, except it had T-wave instead of psych up. It got me quite good due to the switching charm can induce.

@Azurera†h, Lucario is one of if not the most common user of endure/sub+Reversal in the metagame, not really unique.

Author:  Azurera†h [ Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

MasterChef wrote:

@Azurera†h, Lucario is one of if not the most common user of endure/sub+Reversal in the metagame, not really unique.

My set's unique cos I've specially customized it to be able to be able to set up more efficiently and still remain as effective. (Damage calculations included) 104 in Hp isn't something you'll see in many other Endure/Sub Reversal Lucarios' EV spread. Neither is Bullet Punch or Extreme Speed, for common movesets (Check out Smogon) fail to take into consideration of super common Attack Priority users that totally ruin Reversal {lucario}, especially Ice Shard using {weavile} and Mach Punch using {infernape}. :wink:

Author:  MasonTheChef [ Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Alright, but how does that 104HP EVs help or diffrenciate it from the standard reversal set? If anything it does more harm since it's HP has a lesser chance of getting to 1hp to maximize reversal's power. (and after the first endure the set will be known and easily rendered useless) and after salac caps him at 396, well below the most of CS users that aim to top CSheracross's 403. Although a priority move isn't listed on smogon's set list it's one of the most feared/expected moves that lucario uses.

Author:  Azurera†h [ Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

You'll be surprised at how many Pokemon are capable of 1HKoing Lucario without dealing a super effective strike. 23 more Hp makes it safer to set up with Swords Dance. You'll be safe from being KOed by a whole lot of Pokemon. (Pokemon with Spec. Atk above 300 and holding power boosting items like Life Orb have a high chance of KOing a Lucario with average defenses and Hp in one clean hit, and that often happens cos your {lucario} is unlucky to get hit by near Max damage. ) It's the 23 Hp that acts as a buffer for hits that would otherwise KO Lucario just because of an extra 20 damage. This may sound weird, but you can check out the damage calculator if you don't believe me.

Thanks for mentioning {heracross} though, I've made some adjustments to my EV spread to take it into account. In fact, I've adjusted it to deal with another super common scarf user, +speed nature {heatran}.

Priority moves are well known on non-reversal Lucarios, not reversal Lucarios. Most people teach Crunch instead of Extreme Speed/Bullet Punch to Reversal Lucarios. :)

Author:  MasonTheChef [ Mon Aug 31, 2009 8:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

So I've been working on a blissey that abuses Choice specs for a bit more "instant" power with her special walling. As usually Blissey is quite heavily known to focus mostly on healing, CMing or status on it's first turn, making her counters aim mostly at taking one of those threats.

Modest @ Natural Cure or Serene Grace
252def 244s.atk 12spd
-Ice beam
-Psychic/Water Pluse
-Healing wish

It still has the initial walling and status absorbing potential of Blissey, but acting off 405 base S.atk it can chew up many counters that expect a normal bliss as well as harming Choice trickers hoping to shut down the typical Bliss. The Italic moves focus on using thunder and water pulse to cause status in addition to damage instead of taking status moves. Also the latter set receives a major boost from rain dance teams.
One downside to this is that like any other choice set, it becomes limited once the opponent figures out the set and keeps a counter tucked away to always wall it's switch-ins, for these occasions or if bliss comes in near KO'd she can use healing wish. Which can not only scout their specs counter, but allow a poke who is heavily weakened to come back in fully restored.

Author:  EvilPenguin [ Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Giga Impact BandBliss is way better than that thing - you don't get walled as easily by other blissey and you still can still beat skarmory if you use thunder (though you are forced to use a -Spd nature which can hinder your sweeping ability, and hippowdon still causes problems).

Author:  Cactuar [ Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Meh, this topic's still got some usefulness, so I'll bring it back up.

Jirachi @ Leftovers
Jolly Serene Grace
252S 252A 6HP
Cosmic Power
Body Slam
Iron Head
Ice Punch

With Cosmic Power, you'll have at least 307 in your defenses, so even moves that outspeed your flinchy goodness wont do much to you. Ice Punch is sort of a filler, Although it's great for Salamence, and the 20% chance of freeze with Serene Grace.

Author:  MasonTheChef [ Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Cactuar wrote:
Jirachi @ Leftovers
Jolly Serene Grace
252S 252A 6HP
Cosmic Power
Body Slam
Iron Head
Ice Punch

So what exactly makes the moveset unique from the typical flinchax-jirachi, Cosmic power is a nice touch but moves like U-turn to escape from Magenzone or wish/screens that offer better team support would be more useful unless jirachi is standing alone.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

I have yet to see this on Smogon so I shall post it here.

{venusaur} @Leftovers/Black Sludge
Bold/Calm Overgrow
252 HP 252 Defense or Special Defense (depends on the nature you choose)
Leech Seed
Sleep Powder

Lead with this and Sleep Powder your opponents lead Pokemon. While they switch either use Leech Seed or Toxic. The combination of Leech Seed and Toxic will drain an opponents HP like there is no tomorrow. The fourth move is up to you, Substitute is great to prevent status effects on Venusaur (such as a burn and paralysis) Synthesis helps Venusaur in the walling department (though the max pp of 8 and that it only gets 25% in Sandstorm is a minus as well) Ingrain is also helpful to gain HP and prevents Venusaur from being Whirlwinded or Roared away.

A few notes on this. Steels will not be afraid to come into this set. You can decide to split the defense EVs into both defenses. Also I know that this is not a very good set, but it is something that I have used since the days of R/B/Y (though back then I had Razor Leaf's high critical hit ratio).

Author:  koipen [ Fri Oct 16, 2009 7:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Shinashu Taji: When your opponent has absorbed the sleep, Any Poison/Grass type can easily set-up on this. And basicly any pokemon with Substitute too. If you let that in field, your opponent, if he has atleast some brains, will take his Houndoom / Feraligatr / anything and set-up on it. Other than that, Taunt shuts it down completely. It needs something to aid on its stall, but I would choose SD Venusaur any day.

Cactuar: That Jirachi looks OK, but is extremely vulnereable to Magnezone. I think Magnezone can easily 3HKO Jirachi, excpecially with no recovery moves. Steel types in general are problem for that.

GigaImpactBliss: LOL. Seriously, the worst thing that has ever came to anybodys mind (Apart from GigaImpactChansey). Even with Choice Band, it has measly 205 Max Attack. You basicly give your opponents T-Tar / Metagross / Anything free set-up. Clefable does Band sweeping so much more better. Or, anything does (Shuckle has atleast some useful STABs) Oh, do not worry about BLisseys sweeping capabilities. She has already lost them.

ChoiceSpecsBLiss: Hmm, this is interesting but it really couldn't work I think. 408 Special Attack with Modest and Specs isn't really great taking account you have Specs, but I guess Blissey has good enough movepool to utilize these moves. Gimmick, but I guess it could take surprise kill.

Shinashu Taji Zam: I see that as CMZam with CB in place of CM. Otherwise, it could work. However, I would use Life ORb as item, since it has 22 Percent more boost. Blissey will always wall it, since It's special attacks do enough to kill Zam with no SpDef boosts.

Azurerath: One of the standard sets on Smogon. With Salac sweepers, ALWWAYS, use speed boosting nature. At that speed that you have, All base 80 with Speed bossting nature and Scarf, and all with 91 or over with neutral will outspeed you. Including popular Scarfers such as Latias, Gengar and Flygon. In the lategame, I guess it could sweep.

Azu2 (Zong): Standard too. It's working.

It may sound harsh, but I try to think, would they really work. EvilPinguin, would you reallu use BandBLiss in your team?

Author:  MasonTheChef [ Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

koipen wrote:

ChoiceSpecsBLiss: Hmm, this is interesting but it really couldn't work I think. 408 Special Attack with Modest and Specs isn't really great taking account you have Specs, but I guess Blissey has good enough movepool to utilize these moves. Gimmick, but I guess it could take surprise kill.

Yeah, The one I bred ended up with serene grace+focus blast/Thunder/Water pulse and is occasionally put on my rain dance team, it can net typically one ko+cripple or heal per game.

Author:  EvilPenguin [ Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Koipen apparently does not understand the concept of a joke. Also, learn to spell.


Author:  KOL40 [ Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Being a bored loser whose girlfriend is at work i was trying to come up with new ideas for teams. I like to come up with a lot of creative (read: gimmick) movesets because:

A) I have no life
B) It's really really AWESOME when they work out.

So here is something crazy i thought of:

{scizor} @lefties/wide lens
(+Spe - Spatk) 129 HP / 252 Spe / 129 Atk

bullet punch
brick break

Yes, fury cutter.

Fury cutter's base power is 10, which doubles on each consecutive hit topping of at a large 160. It is also stabbed. It is also boosted by technician. Here is how it will work:

base(10)*STAB(1.5) = 15, + tech = 23 base power 1st turn

Base(20)* STAB(1.5) = 30 +tech = 45

Base(40) *stab(1.5) = 60 + tech = 90

Base(80) *STAB (1.5) = 120 (no tech anymore :()

base (160) *STAB(1.5) = 240

SO, after five turns we have a 240 base power bug atk coming off of 394 atk stat. Pretty strong huh? (vast understatement it's ENORMOUSLY strong)

Problems? ... tons of course!

1) These hits have to be consecutive. Meaning they can't just be 5 fury cutters while scizor is still active (without switching). SO, not only do you have to get it in five times, they have to be one after another. Which is tough to do because fury cutter has 95% accuracy...which is why wide lens is suggested. HOWEVER, using wide lens COMPLETELY drops recovery off the set, Which is point 2:

2) Lack of recovery on the set. I was TOTALLY going to have roost on here instead of swords dance. TOTALLY. I was like "YEAH! this'll be AWESOME! Get up to a 240 bp atk, roost off all my damage and SWEEP!!!!" Then i remembered roosting will reset FC's BP back to 20. Sadsie face :( SO, you have to go with lefties to get ANY kind of recovery onto the set. Which is cool...Still doable...Maybe...If:

3) Sandstorm. Sandstorm will put the hurt (albeit a small hurt) on enemies EVERY turn. Making it easier to get the kill. UNFORTUNATELY, sandstorm also drops accuracy of moves (remember the 95% acc?)...

4) It's a bug type attack. Who does that hit in OU? Well:

Bug is 2X effective against Dark, Grass, and psychic. Meaning i can hit (and OHKO at full power) Ttar, Azelf, Weavile, Honchkrow, Latias, Starmie, alakazam, claydol, espeon, slowbro, Cresselia (not sure on OHKO here) and Celibi (who gets hit for 4X).

Roserade, Breloom, Metagros, gyarados and Bronzong all take neutral hits.

Other scizor, steelix, Skarmory, magnezone and blissey resist.

Infernape, Gengar and Heatran are 4x resist.

WOW thats really bad news. REALLY bad. Anything up there that packs a specially oriented fire attack (scizor is 4x weak) and outspeeds is pretty much guaranteed to OHKO. Meaning (unless they switch into a strong FC) Azelf, starmie, alakazam, espeon, cress, celebi, magnezone, blissey, heatran and infernape all will destroy you. Without mercy. Now some of those depend on EV's/Natures/etc but some are guaranteed (infernape, heatran, azelf).

What needs to happen in order for this to work

Firstly you need to SCOUT. Any general scout will be helpful...gengar (or another) with protect for example. You need to find out if any of these pokes that destroy scizor are on the opposing team and if so, make them dead.

Second most important is support. Stealth rocks and spikes are a must. Toxic spikes are welcome obviously. The more layers of spikes the better. If you decided to switch in Scizor on one of it's many resistances it is very nice to pass a wish if possible. Heatran is a good SR poke, and can absorb fire attacks for scizor. Downside is revealing heatran to set up SR BEFORE scizor comes out tips off the combo. A phaser is good to have to net more residual damage as well as for hazing purposes. Skarm both sets up spikes and whirlwinds but sadly shares fire weakness. Tenatacruel can be a toxi spiker, as well as take fire for scizor from the special side. Heal bell/aromatherapy can be good to have on either blissey or vaporeon if scizor gets paralized or burned. Both can pass wishes, and poreon can potentially pass you acid armors. Seems like there is another important support that i can't remember at 1:30AM.

Thirdly, you need to be VERY lucky. Seriously, if this works make sure you buy a lotto ticket ASAP.


For a gimmick set i came up with at 1AM it's pretty good. However, gimmicks at 1AM don't accomplish much lol. BUT, for a late game sweep with support and his counters checked this scizor has potential.

PS - If anyone would like to see my latest gimmick based team shoot me a PM

Author:  EvilPenguin [ Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

KOL40 wrote:
blissey resist.


Author:  KOL40 [ Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

EvilPenguin wrote:
KOL40 wrote:
blissey resist.


I caught that right before i submitted...

But at least i know someone read now ;)

Author:  Cactuar [ Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

The problem with this set is that they can switch a counter in and take hardly any damage from a base 23 power move.

Author:  KOL40 [ Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Cactuar wrote:
The problem with this set is that they can switch a counter in and take hardly any damage from a base 23 power move.

So, its safe to say that you didn't read eh?

Author:  Cactuar [ Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Sorry, I missed that.just don't criticize my mistakes right after saying blissey resists bug type moves...

Well, yet another Bliss set. Not all too different, but I haven't seen it anywhere else.
The idea is you switch in Blissey after a physical sweeper KOs one pf your pokes, absorb a hit and counter to KO them, then switch out.
Then, you switch in on a special based poke, rest on their switch in, and switch out. being completey healed with sleep+natural cure.

Blissey@Fighting Resist Berry
Bold Natural Cure
252D, 252HP, 6SD.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

Hate to burst your bubble Cactuar, but one small problem in your Bliss set is the fact that someone might not use a fighting type move against Blissey (though this may not always be the case as most physical attacker carry a fighting type move to use against said Blissey).

Here is a new set to get away from all this Blissey nonsense.

Calm Nature
Ability Static
Ev's 252HP/ 140 Defense/ 100 Special Defense/ 12 Special Attack
Charge Beam/Hidden Power [Grass]
Light Screen
Heal Bell (from Heart Gold and Soul Silver move tutors)
Thunder Wave

Ampharos is a NU Pokemon, and he can also make a decent bulky Pokemon there that has a huge potential as a Special Attacker and that is what this set tries to capitilize on. What most people see in Ampharos is a monstrous base 115 Special Attack and poor base 55 Speed. What they overlook a lot is his decent base 90 HP and Special Defense and base 75 Defense and in the NU tier that can make a decent bulky Pokemon. What this set tries to accomplish is shine Ampharos's defense as well as offense. Light Screen provides Ampharos with extra padding on his Special Defense to ward off some Special Attacks (sorry no such thing as Reflect I am afraid). Thunder Wave and Heal Bell are there to give Ampharos a sort of Cleric and team supporter down there in the NU tier. Charge Beam capitalizes on his monstrous Special Attack. Factoring in the accuracy of it when using Charge Beam you have I think like a 60% chance of increasing the Special Attack (with max Special Attack IVs and the little EV investment Ampharos Special Attack is already at 269). While Hidden Power [Grass] deals with Quaqsire and other Pokemon of the lot. Now for the item. If you plan to go with Hidden Power [Grass] I would recommend using Leftovers just as some HP recovery, but if you are running Charge Beam go with Metronome as since you are trying to make the move as powerful as you can and the Metronome item increases the power of the move you use consistently plus the huge chance of having your Special Attack raised you can pretty soon get a huge attacking move on your hands.

I did come up with this on the spot so I decided to actually post it here. Also this is meant to be used in the NU tier not the standard OU metagame.

Author:  KOL40 [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

shinashu taji wrote:
[color=#8040FF]Hate to burst your bubble Cactuar, but one small problem in your Bliss set is the fact that someone might not use a fighting type move against Blissey (though this may not always be the case as most physical attacker carry a fighting type move to use against said Blissey).

Aside from psychic thats actually a really good set.

The berry is not the greatest choice, but with rest you get full hp back and it frees up another item slot for lefties if your playing with items clause.

Psychic should definantly be flamethrower/thunderbolt and counter won't hit as hard as your thinking even WITH attack investment. Should be changed to a team support move like aromatherapy/thunder wave/wish.

Flamethrower hits steels (scizor, jerachi,metagross) and tbolt hits gyarados.

The last slot goes:

Aromatherapy - nullifies status for your team
thunder wave - dual status. toxic walls, paralyze sweepers. UNLESS THEY HAVE GUTS!!!!
wish - heal support for team

Biggest problem with this set is if blissey is the last poke alive. i would stick with softboiled/wish in this case.

Author:  MasonTheChef [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Unique moveset thread

KOL40 wrote:

Psychic should definantly be flamethrower/thunderbolt and counter won't hit as hard as your thinking even WITH attack investment. Should be changed to a team support move like aromatherapy/thunder wave/wish.

Counter needs an attack investment? Also chople prevents many CCs and superpowers from OHKOing bliss.

The set has good potential, personally I'd go with seismic toss in the 3rd slot, to beat up pokes trying to set up on bliss, and the last slot being either toxic,wish(if this is shoody) or heal bell.

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