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 Good Movesets 
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Can some one please give me a good moveset for these guys. I would also like if someone could tell me a good item for them to hold.

Nature- Jolly

Nature- Lax

Nature- Calm

Nature- Modest

Nature- Jolly

Nature- Gentle


Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:31 am
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I hate to break this to you, but... all these natures except for Typhlosion's are completely wrong your Pokemon. Ampharos is a slow Pokemon that has great Special Attack, so it having the Jolly nature (+Speed, -Special Attack) makes no sense. Pupitar should be evolved into Tyranitar, who is mostly uses Physical attacks, so having a nature that drops Tyranitar's Attack is as bad as it can get. Ursaring is incredibly slow, so it having a +Speed nature does almost nothing to help it, and Lax and Gentle should never be used on anything ever.

Ampharos specializes in having some bulk and great Special Attack; it also one of the few Electric Pokemon who can learn Focus Punch, so it should to use that attack if possible.. A good moveset would have Thunderbolt or Discharge, Signal Beam, Focus Punch and Substitute. Tyranitar can use a lot of different good attacks, but it should have a Dark move, a Rock move and another move to handle any Pokemon who resist both of those moves, such as Thunderbolt or Focus Punch. Ursaring can run a Sleep Talk set if has the Guts ability, in which it would have Normal move like Return, a move that provides coverage like Shadow Claw, Crunch or Earthquake, and Rest and Sleep Talk. It could also run a Bulk Up set with three attacking moves.

Slowking can use Calm Mind or Nasty Plot, Surf, Psychic and a status move like Thunder Wave or another attacking move like Shadow Ball. Snorlax's best set has Leftovers as its hold item and the moves Curse, Return or Body Slam, Crunch or Earthquake, and Rest. Typhlosion's most useful tactic is to hold a Choice Scarf and use Eruption to deal massive damage. It can be supplemented with Focus Blast, Sunny Day and Solarbeam. Typhlosion can learn many Physical attacks, but you have a -Attack nature, so stick to Special ones.


Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:57 am
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Look on Smogon for movesets.

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Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:21 pm
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