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 Unofficial Psypoke Gym League Rules 
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Unofficial Psypoke Gym League Rules
everyone must

General Rules
1. All participants, Leaders and Challengers, must comply with all Psypoke forum rules.
2. All participants, Leaders and Challengers, must show dignity and good sportsmanship at all times. No disconnecting just because you are losing badly. Certainly no flaming.
3. All participants, Leaders and Challengers, must use proper grammar at all times, or in the case that English is not the main language of a participant, Leader or Challenger, try to do your best at proper grammar.
4. Hacked Pokemon are allowed in the League. However keep the hacking fair and legal, so no illegal moves or stats. Leaders please do not demand proof that a Pokemon is legal, it is not fair to the challenger. However Leaders you may demand proof of legitimacy of stats and moves after the battle if and only if you have a strong suspicion that a Pokemon is illegal. This goes for the Challenger as well. A slight change has been made. It is up to the Gym Leader as if they want hacked Pokemon to be used in their Gym. There are more than eight Gyms so don't fret if you use hacked Pokemon and you want to fight a Gym Leader who doesn't allow hacked Pokemon.
5. Can't believe I missed this. No Ubers are allowed in the League. If you don't know the current Uber tier. Take a look at this.
put an Arcanine

Challenger Specific Rules
1. In accordance with rule one in the section above, Challengers must comply with any additional Gym rules a Leader sets up. This includes how battles will be conducted and any battle clauses a Leader employs in their Gym.
2. Challenge the leader in the specific style in which they state. This could be in the form of a PM (Private Message) or publicly in their thread.
3. Once a Challenger has challenged a Gym one of two things may happen. 1. The Challenger may win, in which case, the challenger will receive that Gym badge. 2. The Challenger may lose. In the case of the latter, the Challenger must wait a minimum of three days before challenging again. In the case of a second loss the Challenger must wait a week before challenging again. In the case of another loss, the Challenger must wait another three days and the cycle repeats itself.
4. A Challenger may not stack their team against a type specific leader. What this means if you are facing a Dark type leader you cannot load your team with Steels, Fightings, and Bug types. It is understandable that a standard team might have one of these on their team but their whole team should not be all three of those exclusively.
5. Challengers may not go around posting the moves of a Leader’s Pokemon or their strategy. This will be dealt with a harsh and swift punishment as listed below in the consequences.
6. Challengers have the right to gloat to a degree. Which means you can go “man I totally killed you, but still good game” and not “ha ha ha I kicked your butt you suck at this.” Essentially do not let your gloating turn into flaming.
7. Challengers do not let your challenge turn into spam. Which means do not send them fifteen messages challenging them.
8. Challengers may challenge the Leaders in any specific order they choose, there is no set order of Leaders like in the games.
9. Challengers must have a minimum of eight badges before challenging me the Champion or the Elite Four, the Elite Four is not set yet or it may not be existing at all. In which case if a Challenger makes it to the Champion and loses, they can become a member of the Elite Four and start it.
10. The Elite Four may be composed of Challengers that made it all the way and failed, the pecking order will be decided on how many you beat. So if there are two Elite Four members (not including the Champion) and a Challenger beats one but not the other the Challenger would become the second Elite Four member.
11. There will be no more dethroning of Elite Four members once there are four members.
in their post to prove

Leader Specific Rules
1. You have a duty to your Gym so keep up with it as best as you can, don’t let it become cluttered or full of spam.
2. Leaders have the obligation of responding to the challenge in a timely manner. Leaders if you do not respond to a challenge in five days it is an automatic forfeit on your part and the Challenger gets your badge. Leaders if there is an extenuating circumstance where you cannot respond to a challenger, just send a message to me (shinashu taji) or Emin Jofit explaining it, and the forfeit will be lifted. You have my trust until you prove otherwise that you don’t deserve it, both for Challengers and Leaders.
3. Leaders you may become Challengers yourselves and challenge other Leaders, in which case you decide to do it all Challenger rules apply to you.
4. Leaders may become Elite Four or the Champion, in this case your Gym will still be open and you may still run it if you should so choose.
to prove that

Elite Four/Champion Specific Rules
1. Rules three and four of the Leader’s rules do not apply. You cannot challenge Gyms seeing how you are at the top.
that they have read the rules

These rules are here to ensure a fun and fair way of playing and making it through the League. Sadly there will be times in which people, Leaders or Challengers, will break the rules. One rule break for anyone will result in a warning. Another broken rule will result in a weeklong ban from the League, if it is a Challenger they may not challenge Gyms if a challenge is pending it is null and void, if it is a Leader they may not do battles to defend their badge and any pending challenges are null and void. A third broken rule will result in a month ban with the same consequences. I do not mean just an infraction of a minor rule like improper grammar from time to time, or an infraction of a minor rule from the Gym League or Psypoke rules. I am talking about the bigger ones, like spamming, flaming, and illegal Pokemon. A fourth rule breaking results in an indefinite ban.
In accordance with rule five of the Challenger Specific Rules, the consequence is an immediate ban for an unknown period of time, the length of the ban is indefinite and may be permanent. The lifting of it will only happen through the executive decisions of me (shinashu taji) and Emin Jofit.

Final Notes
This is meant to be fun, so have fun. This is meant to encourage friendship and competitive battling in a nice and formal manner. You can take it seriously as if it were the VGCs, but do not get consumed with it. All rules are subject to change, if Emin Jofit sees fit into it. If you have any questions about the rules, just send me (shinashu taji) a PM. If such an event where there are not enough Gym Leaders who allow hack Pokemon, PM me if something happens. Also I am the Champion but I will still be running my Gym, Emin stated that we could keep our Gyms and still be Champion. Though please only use my Gym as a last resort, in case you cannot challenge a Gym due to not having hacked Pokemon allowed.

I suck at WiFi battling.

Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:13 pm
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Also, I'll make a thread for challenger registration. Leaders should PM me the Name, FC, and Pokemon of any challenger that wins at their Gym. Any badges or ribbons earned after that will be added to the regestry. Thanks for reading!

These past years have been great, and this community was a great one. Key word being was. Since my birthday last year, the site hasn't updated at all, and people have been slowly trickling away from the forums over the weeks. I've had this site as my internet homepage for ages, and I anxiously awaited the resurgence that I hoped would come. But it never came. So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce my permanent leave of Psypoke. As a moderator, I wished only the best for everyone here, and worked to maintain a jolly environment where everyone could discuss cartoon monsters in peace. Now, I wish all those who happen to be reading this message good luck in whatever endeavors you have chosen to pursue, and that your futures be bright.

Mektar out.

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