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 Team Analysis: Drought Team 
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Ok, if you don't know a Drought Team consists of the following:

- Groudon
- Pokemon who abuse Sunny Day
- Pokemon Neutral to both Sunny Day and pokemon that Abuse it.

You will find these pokemon on most, if not all, Drought Teams.

- Groudon
This pokemon is the anchor. Without this there is no team. It is a basic Physical Sweeper pokemon and can take Rock Attacks.

- Exeggutor
With Drought, it will have double the speed it normally does. Sleep Powder, Solar Beam, HP Fire, Psychic, Explosion, Substitute, Leech Seed can usually be found on this pokemon

- Houndoom
This pokemon absorbs the fire attacks that would otherwise cause serious damage to your own pokemon. Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Crunch, and Pursuit can be expected to be on this pokemon at the least.

- Moltres
EQ immune. Rest + Sleep Talk + Fire Blast + HP Grass is the usually set that proceeds to slaughter. It absorbs sleep or it can just Rest off damage while they switch.

- Flygon
Reduces the Physical Weakness of the team while serving as a somewhat mixed sweeper. Fire Blast + Solar Beam is a common Drought Combo that this pokemon can abuse along with Rock Slide and Earthquake.

- Shiftry
Great Celebi counter. Explosion, Solar Beam, Nature Power(on Sand), Hidden Power Bug, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, and Brick Break could be on in any order on Shiftry and they tend to carry Choice Band.

Other useful Drought Team pokemon
These pokemon deserve some recognition of being rather useful for your Drought team.

- Skarmory
First thing to notice is the Fire weakness. When coupled with Houndoom, Rapidash, or Flareon, that Fire-Weakness becomes bait for a Fire power-up.

- Lapras
Absorbs Ice Attacks which are unaffected, damage-wise, by Drought. 4x Resistance is nice. BoltBeam will cover enough types so Surf isn't needed and wouldn't be practical due to the Drought.

- Salamence
4x Resist to Grass, 2x Resist to Fire. The most used combo on a Drought Team has met its match. This pokemon also gets a nice boost in the Flamethrower/Fire Blast it uses.

- Blissey
Grass and Fire are Special Attacks.

- Vileplume
Drought doubles its speed. It can Aroma and Sleep. STAB'd Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb. Pretty nice pokemon to use if you can predict correctly.

- Zapdos
Thunderbolt isn't affected by Sunny Day nor will the HP:Grass/Ice. Light Screen can slow down the wrath of Ice Beam and the opponents Fire Attacks.

Countering a Drought Team

To counter the team you will want an Ice, Fire, or Grass attack to handle Groudon. Next you'll want to remove the Sunny Day. Once that is done, you'll have a relatively easy time handling the slower powerhouses.

Some pokemon that can counter/defend against a Drought Team are:

Rain Dance Kingdra
Heat Wave Arcanine

Basically, you'll want pokemon that can use the Sunny Day bonus or pokemon that simply aren't affected by the sun.


The main thing about this type of team is the tendancy to sacrific defense for that raw power that the Drought Team can dish out. One must remember that defense is important on every team. This theme can hold its own even in random Double Battles or Uber Battles.

My favorite aspect of this team is the sheer seemingly broken Eggy. Eggy has a meh speed stat...but meh x 2 = WHOA. 198 Speed -> 396 Speed. 383 Max Special Atk + a 120 BP Attack + STAB means hurt. Eggy can handle most pokemon with relative ease AND has the potential for Explosion.

Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:13 am
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Oh, nice Idea on the Team Analysis thing.
*steals the idea for his forum
I'll have to work on a TSS analysis.



^Bluefox owns for these.

Thu Dec 29, 2005 11:01 am
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