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 pokemaster201's [s]event pokemon open trade[/s] thread 
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I didn't want to outright delete this thread, but due to forum rule changes this open trade thread is no longer allowed. My personal offers/requests still stand for now, but further offers/requests for event pokemon by others are no longer allowed, sorry for any inconvienience this may bring.
I wanted to create a trade thread specificially for the exchange of event pokemon (pokemon only available outside the course of normal game play) This is distinctly different from "legendaries" (which I will define as pokemon obtainable in game, but which are unique and unbreedable)

[specifically, event pokemon include mew, celebi, jirachi, deoxys, darkrai, shaymin, arceus, manaphy, and any pokemon obtained through an official nintendo event]

I hope for anyone interested in offering/requesting any event pokemon to post their comments here [in order to better organize the forum]. As a better clarification of intentions: Any requests should be specifically for event pokemon, however the corresponding offers (in exchange for said pokemon) can involve non-event pokemon/items. Likewise, any offers should also be specifically for event pokemon, however the corresponding requests (in exchange for said pokemon) can involve non-event pokemon/items.

[ex: offer: Jirachi in exchange for a masterball or request: manaphy in exchange for any starter pokemon]
With regards to hacked/game backup/"legit"/other pokemon: This is up to the discretion of the participants in the trade, however, be sure to specificy these and any other associated conditions in any posts.

Now, on to my personal requests:
I would be interested in any event pokemon someone is willing to offer me, but for now I am especialy interested in obtaining a shaymin (though I'd be attentive to mew and celebi as well)

As for an offer, I possess HG version but am not very far in the game at this point (I tend to play incredibly slowly). For this reason, I would be operating primarily on the charity of others.
I can breed a chikorita, cyndaquil, and togepi (but no special breeding outside of possibly gender) if anyone would like
I also offer other types of pokemon i've encountered so far, but I don't think many would be hotly desireable (just pm if you are interested regardless)
I can also trade reaper cloths, sun stones, moon stones, water stones, or a few ball types in conjunction with the desired pokemon [not really much else]

My conditions: I am not very picky about IV's or EV's but I'd prefer a pokemon that hasn't had much training. Also, I am pretty adamant about "no-hacked pokemon" (I just don't want my game to be affected/glitched/corrupted/etc.). I am, however, willing (and for the most part expecting) to get a pokemon from a backed-up gamesave file as long as the pokemon offered was originally acquired through the use of legitimate methods (I really don't expect anyone to give up their only event pokemon). Just specify that it is from a backup when you offer it.
If you would like to kindly offer me a pokemon, please pm (private message) me so that we may exchange friend codes and discuss further contitions

Thank you for your considerations and time

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Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:28 pm
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... so, you're not OFFERING any Event Pokemon? It might help ya to have some, since they're worth more than starters.
HOWEVER, I don't wish to berate, just a bit of advice.

As for me, I'm looking for:
-13th Movie Shiny Suicune (And Entei & Raikou, if available at same time).
(This is the ONLY Pokemon I am looking for, as I have all the others that I could want. Have every non-Event Legend, every non-Event-non-legend that I like, and all items.

As for Event Pokemon I have (And can trade any):
-Japan Movie Regigigas
-Japan Movie Shaymin
-Japan Movie Arceus (Has it's Event attacks: Roar of time, Spatial Rend, and Shadow Force)
-Japan Movie Shiny Pichu
-Japan GBA Event Celebi Lv. 10 (Japan-only)
-Japan Wi-Fi Event Mew Lv. 5
-Japan Wi-Fi Event Jirachi Lv. 5 (Has it's Event attack: Draco Meteor)
-America GameStop Event Deoxys
-America Event Darkrai (Has it's Event attacks: Roar of Time and Spatial Rend)
-Pokemon Ranger's Egg Manaphy Lv. 1 (Just hatched)

-At least one form of each Pokemon that is available only via Event.

I have some others as well, but those are the big ones as I understand it.

Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:32 pm
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I have a few Legit Mews and jirachi's..

OT Trainer # lvl
(japanese) 01000 100
Mystry 06930 10
Aura 20078 52

WISHMKR 20043 5
GAMESTP 02270 7
SMR2010 06260 5

and for them i want

or any shiny

Legit Only Please


Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:12 pm
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Want: (Legit Only)

UT Arceus
UT Darkrai
UT Shaymin

Draco Plate

Offer: (All Legit)

UT Jirachi SMR2010 (has Draco Meteor)

Life Orb
a few of the Arceus Plate's
and etc.

Pm for what you want.

Diamond FC: 1591 8709 6873
Platinum FC: 3481 7010 2625
HeartGold FC: 1806 6998 7173

Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:58 am
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i'm after a celebi with calm nature

i have a darkrai and a shaymin and 2 jirachi w/ draco meteor

pm me for a battle my fc is 4297 5662 5505

Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:09 am
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