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 Crazy Z's used car I mean trading thread -_-; 
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right. as the title said this is my one and only trading thread

I would like to acquire:

Any legit Deoxys.(preferably A Gamestop event Deoxys.)

what I'm offering (gonna be a bit more specific here :P)

Deoxys I'm willing to offer
a trained Shiny Tentacool(female lvl 19 gentle nature,somewhat stubborn,likes bitter food,knows constrict,acid, bubble beam,toxic spikes...really only needs a small amount of berries to EV wipe...didn't have it all that long before I boxed it.)

an UT Summer 2010 EVENT Jirachi(lvl 5, sassy, nature strong willed, likes bitter food knows: draco metoer, wish,rest,confusion)

and a Shiny Staravia(female trained lvl 29 impish, nature likes sour food, alert to sounds , know aerial ace,defog,endeavor,fly)

( *says in a car salesman voice* yes that's right I said AND you get all three...cause I'm CRAAAAAAAZY Z)

I will also throw in a Sacred Ash, Rare Candy or Masterball

all the pokemon and items offered are 100% legitimate and generation 4(caught or obtained in soul silver or platinum) so I expect the same back(except for the whole...generation 4 thing). Feel Free to try and bargain with me.PM me if you wish to do so or want more details on the pokemon I offer.

(edited this a bit with more details edited again now with spell check :D)
(edited because I went and bought ruby again (2 bucks at a garage sale costs like 12 at the local used game dealer XD) and got the zangoose myself XD.)


Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:57 am
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