Gaining the SID (DPP)
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Author:  InstantBacon [ Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Gaining the SID (DPP)

Hi, I recently decided to try my hand at RNG abusing to get competitively viable IVs, shinies and the like. However, to do this I need to know my Secret ID, and in order to find this, I need to have caught a non-chained shiny in my game. Unfortunately,I don't have one of those. I would really appreciate someone with an AR who is willing to find my SID from a pokemon traded from my game. In return, I would be willing to part with...

a Master Ball
UT Mesprit (x/x/x/24/24/x)
or UT Zapdos (x/x/26/26/31/x)
or UT Moltres (Timid or Mild)

I am open to bargaining, so if there's something specific you want, feel free to ask.

My time zone is GMT. DP Friend Code is 3138 2882 2143

Author:  InstantBacon [ Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Crown Raikou

Mod edit: One thread per person. Merged March 5, 2011.

Hi there,

For various reasons, including a funeral in Switzerland, I couldn't get any of the Crown Legendaries over the WiFi (I live in the UK) over the last few weeks. Furthermore, I will be moving house and consequently won't be able to get Wifi to trade for one for another few weeks. If someone would be kind enough to keep a Crown Raikou or Entei for a few weeks until I am able to trade, I would be really grateful. The main pokemon I have to trade in return are:
a Legit Shiny Rayquaza
a fully EVd Tyranitar, with near-flawless IVs that I got over the GTS.
I also have a few Lvl 100 pokemon, but not EV trained.

If you're interested, please post below. I would be so grateful.

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