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 Welcome To Lugi's Trade Palace!(black & white) 
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Hi and welcome to the lugi trade palace!I have pokemon organized by level if u woud like one please reply or pm me.WARNING SOME POKEMON HAVE ITEMS OR NICKNAMES!!!

Level 1-10:Blitzle level 8,Pansear level 1,Cherubi level 1,Ryhorn level 5,Magby level 5,Zorua level 1,Hoppip level 5,Lotad level 5,Surskit level 5,Corfish level 5,And eevee level 1.

Level 11-20:Sigilyph level 20,Pansear level 17,Petilil level 14,Vaporeon level 13,Meditite level 15,Pachirisu level 12,Simipour level 15,And sawk evel 20.

Level 21-30:Milotic level 27,Tranquil level 28,Woobat level 28,Stunfisk level 22,Drilbur level 24,Turtoga level 25,Ducklett level 22,Hoothoot level 24,And castform level 25.

Level 31-40:Stoutland level 33,Krokorok level 36 and 32,Druddigon level 33,Rufflet level 39,Deino level 39,Watchog level 35,Togepi level 36,Cinccino level 37,Onix level 33,Graveler level 33,Staryu level 35,Zebsrika level 40(please help give away zebstrika),Sawsbuck level 34,Zoroark,And pawniard level 40.I will edit when i trade or get new pokemon

Level 41-50:Virizion level 43,Terrakion level 42,Zangoose level 48,Cobalion level 48,Krookodile level 45,Absol level 48 and two 50,Gligar level 47,Swellow level 47,Victini level 50,Fearow level 50,Swanna level 50,Heatmor level 48,Machoke level 45,Goldeen level 50,Beyheeyem level 48,And mightyena level 48.

Level 51-60:Tropius level 51,Mienshao level 59,Dratini level 54,Luvdisc level 52,Riolu level 53,And zorua level 55.

Level 61-70:Metang level 63 and a level 61 dragonite.

71-100:Zekrom level 77,Kyurem level 78,and......Samurott level 83

This took forever!!!!!!!!!Please trade with me!!!!!!!

Tue Jan 03, 2012 7:12 pm
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Pokemon Trainer

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I'd like the lv 1 pansear what would you like out of this list

Lv 1 Riolu

Lv 10 Skorupi

Lv 10 Shinx

Lv 1 Ryhorn

Lv 1 Cyndaquil

Lv 10 Aron

Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:00 pm
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