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Author:  LeoTheLion [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

I remember seeing Drapion in Nintendo Power and thinking to myself "wtf scorpion Pokemon? ...Awesome! Scorpion Pokemon!" But then the games let me down.

Toxicroak I still like for some reason. Sure, he has double Psychic weakness and is a made-for-villain-team Pokemon but he's still kind of awesome, right? Poison Jab? Right? T_T

Author:  DarkTrainer13 [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Well, probably the one that i don't quite agree was just about **** Sharpedo. If Nintendo shows the back side of Sharpedo in the sprite, then it would get higher rank. But other than that i'm quite agree with your ranking.

P.S. Your rating about Gardevoir is right. The only thing that's annoying about it was the fantards and the gender confusion.

Author:  goldenquagsire [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Quaggy ranked 52nd, so I'm happy at least. Also, out of your top ten, Ampharos is one of my favouritest Pokemon ever, and I rate Dewgong pretty highly as well. So yeah; I might be a total fantard for the dragons (especially Flygon just because) but it's nice to see some differing opinions.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

OMG.You have over 14000 views. And also, I heart {torchic} .

Author:  Dark_Swampert [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

So far no real complaints. Would've liked to see seel ranked higher but seel isnt my fave. the PWN masta of all water/ice types dewgong is. plus

Author:  B-Mac [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

D'AWWWWW, That's too cute.

Author:  The Amber Mine [ Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

For dissagreeing with Frost:
WHY THE **** IS"NT HO-OH IN THE TOP TEN!?!?!?!?!?!

Author:  DragonPhoenix [ Tue Sep 21, 2010 3:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

good thread, i enjoyed reading this.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

The Amber Mine wrote:
For dissagreeing with Frost:
WHY THE **** IS"NT HO-OH IN THE TOP TEN!?!?!?!?!?!

For disagreeing with Frost:
WHY THE **** ISN'T GENGAR IN THE TOP TEN!?!?!?!?!?! [meh, at least he's #92]

Author:  rocky6 [ Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Too many "cutesy" pokemon in the top 20 for my liking, but after reading all of frost's reasonings im not overly surprised. I definitely was not fond of a lot of "girly" pokemon until i read this and I have softened to a few i suppose.

Author:  WirelessBrain [ Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Ooo Dragonite is still in! Top 10 is good enough for my liking.

Author:  Frost [ Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: upcoming rankings

This is the longest update EVER but it's the last one so that's okay. The title will not be revealed until the end of the post.

10. Ampharos (Generation: II; National Dex: 181)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
After catching Mareep in my very first file, Ampharos became the star of my team upon evolving. In fact, I trained it at the expense of everything else that I caught, and ended up with a Level 70 Ampharos Thunderpunching everything to death before deciding that I was playing the game stupidly, resetting and starting my first completed file. I'm not really sure what Ampharos' design is meant to be, since it doesn't really resemble a sheep anymore, plus it's bipedal, but it's cool and cute. I was always convinced as a kid that it was meant to be a dragon of some sort because its Japanese name is "Denryuu," which contains the Japanese word for "dragon," but I'm so over that idea at this point because Ampharos is completely at odds with the other Dragons in this series. Regardless, I loved Ampharos' strange, cool in-game cry, and it's a rare case where I like a Johto Pokemon's older sprites more. In GSC, Ampharos was more pudgy and cuddly, and in later games it's slimmer and not as cute, which is probably why it didn't go higher on the list honestly. It's still awesome and everything, I just have a slight preference for old Ampharos.

When I used Ampharos again on a regular team, I named it "Dune Star" and I'm pretty sure that it was the only member of my "Pokemon with crazy dual types" team who didn't have one. I liked that it broke the stereotype of Electric Pokemon by being slower and more bulkier, especially because it sucked FAR less than Magneton who filled that role in RBY, but I was always so mad that Ampharos couldn't learn Thunderbolt nor Body Slam without breeding, thanks to GSC's ultra-hideous TM selection. I grew even more frustrated when Crystal added a Thunderbolt move tutor but Ampharos' family was not in the game. AHAHAHAfuck you, GameFreak. So my Ampharos was always stuck with a counterproductive Rain Dance, Thunder, Fire Punch, Thunder Wave moveset, and yet it still did pretty well in Stadium despite not having the moves I wanted. I also loved the relationship between Jasmine and Amphy throughout GSC's storyline, and I'm glad it's been shown in the games, anime and even the TCG. And you know that scene where Ampharos starts powering the Lighthouse again in HGSS is ~epic~, don't lie.

Ampharos also stands out because, in my very first Neo Genesis booster pack that I received in Christmas 2000, Ampharos was my rare card, meaning that I have a holo 1st edition Ampharos. <3 Ampharos became even more important a couple of years later when the current Elite Four relaunched the site. Naturally, Amphy's favorite Pokemon is Ampharos, and all of the Elite Four's favorite Pokemon mean a lot to me because Psypoke is such an important part of my life and all three of these people are amazing. Since GSC, I've used Ampharos in every Generation, thanks in part to its association with Amphy. Although, I think I only used Ampharos in Colosseum because you needed the e-Reader to get Mareep in FRLG or something, but it still counts. And I used all of the Elite Four Pokemon together after I beat Diamond; my Ampharos had Thunderbolt AT LAST, Substitute, Focus Punch and Signal Beam, so he was a pretty decent battler unlike the rest of that team. Sadly, it's the only Elite Four Pokemon for whom I don't own every TCG card, but it still has a lot of cool and cute, adorable artwork, and I need to give a special mention to Lance's Ampharos because DatVu bought me that card for my birthday this year. :3

Overall, Ampharos is my favorite Electric Pokemon. I don't have many negative things to say about the Electric-type, and Ampharos isn't even particularly representative of the type because it's slow and bulky. It's as cool a choice to be my favorite Electric as any. It's also my favorite Johto Pokemon, mostly due to the nostalgia of using it so many times in GSC and its connection to Psypoke and Amphy. Overall I think Johto gave us about 90 great Pokemon with a couple of duds like Togepi and Sneasel thrown in, and I can't believe it took a REMAKE of GSC for people to realize this. The Johto boner since HGSS's release is a little nauseating though, since a month beforehand people were crying about Johto's Pokemon were so unoriginal and boring and weak in battle and blah blah blah. GSC are still my sentimental favorites of the series for being RBY EXTREME, and Ampharos is definitely deserving to be my favorite Pokemon from that Generation. Also, Ampharos needs to learn Tail Glow. I don't care if the Japanese name IS Firefly Light, Manaphy already wrecked that logic.

"Palu! Palulu!" - in-game Amphy

9. Wigglytuff (Generation: I; National Dex: 40)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Looking at Wigglytuff's sprites above just makes me laugh. They're mostly really cute and adorable, and then you get to that jacked up Green sprite where it's making a O_o face. That sprite is actually one of my favorites for sheer entertainment value, as it has provided endless lulz since I first saw it and noticed those eyes however many years ago. My favorites in terms of actual cuteness are Emerald's for depicting a bunny hop dance <3 and HGSS's because it's just a precious facial expression. Also, yes, I do consider Wigglytuff a bunny. Some people may not agree but, whatever, it has bunny ears and I'd rather pretend that it's a bunny than a balloon, which it resembles even less, so there you go. Plus, it's led to some really funny discussions with TK about how Furret, being based on a ferret, would try to eat Wigglytuff, based on a rabbit, but Wigglytuff would probably kick its ass instead. Honestly, though, Wigglytuff was a really awful battling Pokemon in Generation I, as its only good stat was HP and that couldn't compensate for the frail Defenses, so I pretty much ignored it at the time.

I first started to like Wigglytuff after seeing the Kanto episode "Lights, Camera, Quacktion!" It was basically a comedy episode in which the characters' Pokemon competed for a spot in a movie opposite the main lead, Wigglytuff. And Wigglytuff was a hilarious sour bitch who slapped people silly if they spoke badly about her. And her co-star turned out to be Misty's Psyduck, which provided epic lulz that were only compounded when all of the Pokemon were captured toward the end of the episode and Wigglytuff cried out for help repeatedly, only for Psyduck to stare vacantly at her. Sadly, Jigglypuff was in the episode and the anime writers lacked the smarts to feature a Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff showdown, which was such a wasted opportunity. ;_; Anyway, after that episode, I was then traumatized in TCG GB because Jungle Wigglytuff's Do the Wave attack was absolutely evil, and you cannot convince me otherwise, so I went back to being kind of ambivalent about Wigglytuff again.

I became a full Wigglytuff fan during Gen II because it got an SA buff and Jigglypuff was found pretty early on. It was fun using Wigglytuff's Special moves throughout the game, and Counter Wigglytuff is a perennial favorite to this day. More vitally, Wigglytuff became an important Pokemon and one of my favorites because, like Ampharos, it is the mascot of a Psypoke Elite Four member, in this case TonberryKing. TK is probably my best friend in the world, so naturally I have give mad respect to his favorite, even if he later defected to Starmie WTFH! :( He also loves bunnies, so Wigglytuff being his favorite back then was not a surprise; I like bunnies too, so I didn't have to try very hard to like Wigglytuff, especially after GS. Our most common lament was that Wigglytuff's family was not given Huge Power in RSE. It seemed pretty stupid to us, since Azumarill got it and the Pokedex talks up how it expands when it attacks. Also, as a BW spoiler, I have to say
Wigglytuff's "Dream" ability being FRISK is a total crock of shit.GameFreak really needs to punched in the face if they honestly thought that ability would help Wigglytuff AT ALL.

For better or worse, I've used Wigglytuff in every Generation. Using Wigglytuff in DP was really painful because, even though it got Hyper Voice and Wish and a few other handy little toys, I was so mad that it never got Huge Power or even an ability comparable to Clefable's Magic Guard. The level of usefulness between Blissey to Clefable to Wigglytuff is just criminal and I blame Wigglytuff's stats and especially that damn Cute Charm. While the ability is flavor-appropriate, as Wigglytuff has fur so soft that two Wigglytuff will not want to stop the embrace after they hug each other <3, it's a useless ability in serious battles and Wigglytuff deserves better. It's such a cute Pokemon and I've collected all of its TCG cards, including Wigglytuff ex even though the idiot I bought it from claimed it was mint condition even though it was NOT, and I really wish it could kick ass in the games so I could have another rare favorite who doesn't suck. ;_;

"That Wigglytuff is more tough than wiggly!" - Brock

8. Mew (Generation: I; National Dex: 151)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
I actually came into the franchise just as Nintendo Power was making a huge deal about newly-revealed Mew, the super special "151st Pokemon." It was cute enough, but I had little to no connection to it for months because you couldn't catch one and I never tried any of those dozens of rumored ways to catch Mew, not even the St. Anne trick. This is why I was super excited to see the first movie, as it offered a glimpse of this elusive Pokemon, and Mew was adorable even though it looked like a joke against Mewtwo and the movie in general sucked. A bit later, I saw the Wizards Promo Mew at a card kiosk in the mall; as an eleven year old who was super excited to see a card that had Mew and thinking it was MY ONLY CHANCE IN LIFE TO GET A MEW CARD OMG, I dropped $10 to buy one. This is probably why I really hated that ugly Ancient Mew card that I got at the second movie... and now that I have like ten of those cards, I STILL really hate it, BTW. I was also super excited when I saw that I could rent Mew in Round 2 of Stadium because that was the first time I ever got to use it in a battle.

With each little glimpse of Mew that I received, I grew to like it more and more. Because it's cute, pink and the games portray it as "giving birth" to Mewtwo, I always figured Mew was a female Pokemon. Now I think of Mew as a male because I associate it with TheCyberMew, but that's neither here nor there. Mew to me is a cat because... hello, its name is Mew and it has cat-like features, but people sometimes think it looks like an embryo or some sort of mouse... eh. It's a cat to me. And the best thing about Mew is that it was intentionally designed to be cute, yet it's a Pokemon that will kick your ass nonetheless. It has all base 100 stats, it learns every TM and HM in every game, including Attract even though it's a genderless Pokemon lol, and it was the first cute Uber Legendary. Its Legendary status is the only reason I can't see Mew as a viable mascot candidate; it appeals equally to boys and girls, but at the same time you'd want your mascot to actually be obtainable in the game. Mew wouldn't be, unless they changed fundamental things that define Mew, like its stat alignment or TM compatibility, so again I can see why they went with Pikachu.

I also like Mew because it's one of the few Pokemon with a defined backstory. The journal entries in Cinnabar Mansion were an effective way to set up Mew's story and its relationship to Mewtwo, and the anime pushed these aspects further with the first movie and a CD drama that documented how Jessie's mother apparently died in the Andes Mountains while searching for Mew. The fandom also provides the crack theory that a Ditto is a Mew who lost its structure, since they both learn Transform and have the same height, weight and color. People also debate whether Arceus or Mew was "the first" Pokemon. Personally I think Arceus sucks, so it doesn't even matter to me, and Mew not being the first wouldn't make it any less awesome anyway. I do find the contradictions funny, though, because HGSS says it's the ancestor of all Pokemon because it "learns all kinds of moves," yet it only learns about 250 out of 550 in Gen V. Plus, there's no in-unvierse way that Mew could be #151 when Pokemon #150 was cloned from Mew's DNA, so let's not put too much stock in anything that the Pokedex says, mkay?

Anyway, years after I got into the series, my jaw dropped when I found about the Mew Glitch, tried it and IT WORKED: I caught a Level 7 Mew in Pokemon Yellow without technically "cheating." ZOMG! I celebrated by... never using Mew in-game. Oops. A couple years ago I did hack Mew into my Crystal version and used it though. It's fun to have a cute Pokemon who can kick ass, and even more-so when it's a Legendary who is adorable. Mew's also had lovable sprites in every game (except Green, obvi) until DP; DP Mew just has a weird pose and the sprite does Mew no justice, so it's disappointing that they used it again as the BW's base sprite after HGSS's was really cute. And Southern Islands Mew is one of my favorite TCG cards even though how I came to own one is a stupid story. I ended up paying $16 for it on eBay because I was a dumbass and placed a revenge bid out of spite. Needless to say, I haven't done that again, and I'm reminded of that incident whenever I look at the Mew card in my book. At least it's a cute one? >_> As proven in the anime, and Pokemon Snap in which Mew was the "final boss," Mew has an adorable voice and a lovable personality as well.

Overall, Mew is an amazing Pokemon. Sure, it's a cheap-ass Legendary and people are going to hate on it for that, but if there have to be cheap Legendaries, I definitely perfect the small cute ones that have more lighthearted personalities. Plus, Mew is one of Psypoke's mascots and a way more deserving Psypoke Idol winner than Lugia. :P

(Mew's reaction to people who hate it for being a Legendary.)

7. Dragonite (Generation: I; National Dex: 149)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Originally I was pretty neutral about Dragonite. It was alright and I didn't mind it being the only Dragon-type final evolution in Gen I, but it had issues. It suffered from Gyarados/Flareon syndrome because it had a huge Attack stat wasted on a mostly Special movepool, and Lance was a huge cheater with his RBY Barrier Dragonite and his L50 ones in GSC. I also just never had the patience to train weak-ass Dragonair all the way up to Level 55. There were only about five RBY Pokemon that I never caught between my Red/Blue ROMs and Yellow cartridge, and Dragonite was the only one of those who didn't require trading. I tried to get one in both Yellow and GSC, but gave up every time, and didn't even bother attempting in Gen III. I did like Dragonite's cameo as a mail carrier in the first movie, which makes me joke that Dragonite should have gotten Unburden in DP, and I did really want Dragonite's card at the first movie because I had no Dragonite cards back then. Instead, I got Mewtwo, which was really disappointing because I already had one. Speaking of the anime, who was that Giant Pokemon in "Mystery at the Lighthouse"? I REALLY DON'T KNOW, GUYS!!!

In Gen III, however, I gained new appreciation for Dragonite. Salamence was introduced and his stans immediately dropped Dragonite like a bad habit because Salamence had a better stat spread, a more useful ability and a much "cooler" design. It really pisses me off that GameFreak keeps punking out Dragonite to make Salamence better. For example, in Gen IV, Dragonite became OU for the first time ever due to Outrage getting a power boost and becoming a Physical attack. So what did they do next? Whore the move out to every Dragon in Platinum, particularly Salamence who had better Attack and thus cast Dragonite back into the shadows. Then I checked the BW move "Dragon Tail" and saw six Pokemon learn it naturally. Besides a new Dragon, three were Dragonite's family. Cool. Another was Flygon. Nice. The last was Salamence. Fuck off, Gamefreak. I'm also so over people bitching about Dragonite being too "cute" or whatever. Yes, it's cute, but that doesn't mean Dragonite can't look like a badass. Look at its R/B sprite. Look at its TCG artwork. Just because it doesn't look like it wants to eat my face like Salamence, that doesn't mean Dragonite isn't "cool."

Naturally, I prefer Dragonite to be cute. That's why DP's sprite is my favorite Dragonite EVER; he just looks like he wants a hug. It's also why Crystal's foot waggle and squeeeing Dragonite sprite is a favorite while RB's "GRR I'M A GENERIC ANGRY DRAGON" sprite is my least favorite. In Generation IV, I FINALLY went all the way and got my first Dragonite. And I KNEW I must have loved Dragonite at that point because I trained DRATINI to Level 51 just so I could have a Dragonite with Dragon Dance for the Battle Tower and Wi-Fi. Dragon Dance, Outrage, Fire Punch and Earthquake/Roost was an amazing set that finally let Dragonite break out from the confines of "it's BL because that Attack stat is wasted" and that's why I was SO. ANGRY. that Salamence had to get Outrage too and ruin it. Getting back into the TCG also really solidified Dragon as a personal favorite because its design is so versatile, as I said before. Nobody should hate Dragonite because it's totally capable of pulling off both the role of your adorable doe-eyed best buddy and the angry, badass killing machine.

Overall, Dragonite is my favorite Dragon-type. The type in general is my least favorite after Dark because it's the type most guilty of GameFreak pandering shamelessly to what little boys find cool, but I'm still definitely glad that they've given us a few Dragons who break that mold like Latias, Altaria and Dragonite as well. Dragonite is such an awesome Pokemon to me that it probably single-handedly saved Dragon's average from being below Dark's, and it's definitely the first and still the best Dragon-type AND Pseudo Legendary to me. <3

No really guys, what iz dis pokeyman? ~it is a mystery~ to me.

6. Butterfree (Generation: I; National Dex: 12)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
When I see people say that they hate Butterfree, it's like a knife to my face. Just about every old-school Pokemon fan loved Butterfree at some point, and you're a liar if you claim otherwise. Since Caterpie was the main attraction of my very first episode, I definitely tuned in the next day to see what would happen next. Thankfully, I got to see it evolve again, into Butterfree, and I was so happy for it because he had accomplished his dream. <3 After "Challenge of the Samurai," Butterfree pretty much stopped having a personality and rarely appeared, although Ash did risk his life to have the Gentleman trade Butterfree back to him while the St. Anne was sinking. A few episodes later, children all over the world (myself included) were outraged and cried as Butterfree flew off into the sunset with his pink girlfriend in "Bye Bye Butterfree." This was the first time that a Pokemon had left the show, and people were understandably pissed off about it, but in hindsight, this was probably the best exit Ash's Butterfree could have received. It definitely went out better than Pidgeot or being unceremoniously dumped off with Oak.

Watching the goodbye scene still makes me tear up a bit, at least once I stop rolling my eyes at Cunty lying through her teeth to say "Your babies are gonna be beautiful!" Bitch, please, you couldn't even LOOK at Caterpie without throwing a shitfit. The part that really makes me sad is after the flashback, when Ash starts saying goodbye, and Butterfree looks back with a really sad "freeeeh?" and starts crying as it flies away dramatically and the episode ends with it calling its name in the background. Yeah, it's all really cheesy in the grand scheme of things, but it still gets to me, and Butterfree's voice acting is really effective. Of course, the Internet went rampant with some stupid rumor about Butterfree dying after it mates and that 4Kids deleted all of this from the dub to spare children from the "truth" of one of their favorite Pokemon dying. That's completely false and people need to stop perpetuating the rumor. Although, it does make me question why Butterfree has never returned for an episode or two. Especially because they keep teasing us with Butterfree cameos and flashbacks.

Butterfree was also a ~superstar~ in the early portion of the video games. If you started with Charmander, you know you caught Caterpie in Viridian Forest, evolved it and used Confusion to kick Brock's ass. After that, Butterfree pretty much became worthless, but it was still adorable, so I always kept it around on my Gen I teams. And no, I didn't release Butterfree in Yellow just because Ash did. I also used it in GSC, naming it "Sugar," and always used it in FRLG as well, even though Brock has actual Rock attacks in that game. In Gen III, Butterfree's sprites were horrific, but it did get Compound Eyes to give it 97.5% accurate status moves. In Gen IV, Butterfree got its cutest sprite ever as well as Special STAB, so I bred one with good IVs and named after Ash. I still remember sending it out against TK on Wi-Fi: "What's his Hidden Power?" "Steel." "Oh nooo, I'm sooo screwed!" And I was always so ~proud~ if Butterfree actually accomplished anything in a battle.

Butterfree is and always will be my favorite Bug-type. For one thing, butterflies are the cutest bugs in real life, and Butterfree is extremely cute itself. This is especially apparent in its adorable TCG artwork, and that's why I've collected all of Butterfree's cards. I'd post my collection but I don't have a compilation pic handy, so here's links to a few of my favorite Butterfree cards. Jungle Butterfree was very useful in TCGGB, by the way. Anyway, Butterfree is also very meaningful ~in my heart~ due to Ash's Butterfree in the anime and all the times that I've used Butterfree in the games. Bug in general is a screwed over type, but it's nice to see Gamefreak took some steps to buff it up in BW, including the new Butterfly Dance move that Butterfree gets. I can't wait to try out Butterfree with that move even though it will still suck horribly. <3

"Freeeh? ;_;" (P.S. lol at Pink Butterfree smiling in the background while her boyfriend is shedding manly tears.)

5. Chansey (Generation: I; National Dex: 113)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Chansey always has been one of the hardest Pokemon to capture. She started out being known as the rarest Pokemon in the Safari Zone (as seen below), but it wasn't too bad because you could do the Seafoam Islands trick or catch one in the Unknown Dungeon. Since I couldn't do that trick and I wanted a low level Chansey, I still have horrible memories of scavenging through the Safari Zone in Yellow to get myself a Level 7 Chansey. It also took forever to find Chansey in GSC, where she had only a 1% encounter rate. And I would literally sit there and COUNT to 100 with each wild encounter, waiting to find Chansey. It usually took around 80 wild battles to find her, so I always did the sane thing: dump that bitch in the Daycare and hatch two Chansey, one for myself and one to trade to that lazy chick with the Aerodactyl. And, no, I never found a Lucky Egg in GSC. Ever. After wasting so much time trying to get Chansey in GSC, no other Pokemon in any later game seemed as bad. Especially Chansey herself, as Cynthia HANDS you a Happiny egg in DP, lawl.

The amazing thing is that Chansey was worth that big hassle to me. In RBY alone, Chansey has perhaps the most unbalanced stats of the game, with the worst Attack and Defense but the best HP, and as a result she could mop up any Special attacks and fire them off herself. She was likely the most commonly used Pokemon in the competitive RBY metagame, and it was awesome to have girly, underrated pink Pokemon function as such a powerhouse. And then GameFreak got really stupid and gave an evolution to a Pokemon with 308 Special and 708 HP, so Chansey faded into oblivion because Blissey had higher stats. But Blissey vs. RBY Chansey is still a blowout for Chansey, so Blissey can suck it. Either way, Chansey/Blissey is technically the last of the Pokemon to be OU in every game, and like I've said for the others, I respect that. I just wish they didn't nerf Chansey's Special Attack so much because it sucks for one of my favorites to be completely worthless in-game.

While being a cute Pokemon who kicks butt is nice, it's Chansey's personality that really puts her over the top. She's adorable, constantly happy and, as Nurse Joy's trademark Pokemon, she cares for others. Like I've said already, I enjoy cute, happy things and Chansey is one of the most lovable instances of this in the Pokemon franchise. It's also cool that she's an all-female Pokemon, though it makes me cringe when people still refer to her with male pronouns. There's really nothing to hate about her except the rarity and how she's kind of annoying in battle, but neither of those thing play a factor in my Pokemon opinions so whatevs. In the chats we made our own little Chansey ASCII representation, "=/,^.^,=," and I really enjoyed her because she was darkmind's favorite Pokemon. Like with Wigglytuff and Ampharos, the Elite Four's Pokemon are very special to me, but Chansey is the favorite of more cool people than simply darkmind, like DatVu and sn0wball. She's also one of TK's favorites, but I know that Krisp hates her. ;_;

I remember that, as a kid, Chansey was one of the few Kanto Pokemon I never got in the TCG and that sucked because she always had been one of my favorites. It's funny now because I now own every single Chansey card ever made, even Chansey ex and two Japanese-exclusive cards, one of which was unfortunately a Tomokazu Failmiya card. I remember giving DatVu some of my extra Chansey cards when we met but, more importantly, I'll never forget that Krisp gave me the Base Set Chansey card for my 21st birthday despite it being her only copy of the card. 11-year-old me squealed with so much joy when I got that letter in the mail. <3 Some other cute Chansey ~moments~ include Eevee playing with Chansey and using the Pokeflute to make her dance in Pokemon Snap; her recurring appearances that provide cute moments in the anime; and her appearances in the Smash series even though idiot AI characters always smack her off the screen. ;_; It's also cool that Brock's Happiny evolved just before he left the show, as Chansey is a wonderful parting gift, and Chansey's DP sprite is SO FREAKING CUTE that I caught a second Chansey after mine evolved JUST so I could look at her ultra-happy animation. :3

Overall, Chansey is an amazing Pokemon with a lot of nostalgia and, as an Elite Four mascot, meaning to me. She's also adorably happy and (at least in RBY) was able to kick ass despite her seemingly innocent appearance. ~CHANSEYOWNAGE~!

We've ~all~ been there.

4. Piplup (Generation: IV; National Dex: 393)
Image Image Image Image Image
Back in 2006, I had no excitement about DP. I felt burnt out after RS, was about to start college and I figured my days as a huge Pokemon fan were over. Then, one day, DP's Starters were revealed and I took a look. "Grass turtle? Eh, okay. Fire monkey? Cool, I guess. Water... PENGUIN? WHAT?!1?!" As soon as I saw Piplup, I knew that I NEEDED this game. Penguins had been my favorite animal for years and, while Delibird did exist, it was a novelty Pokemon based on a species of penguin that isn't that cute. PIPLUP, meanwhile, was based on the emperor penguin, which is VERY cute, particularly emperor chicks. It took a year and a half after Munchlax's reveal, but Piplup finally got me pumped for the games. Naturally, I picked it as my Starter when I got Diamond in April 2007. Mine happened to be a female with a Bold nature and a decent SA IV, so I used her throughout the game; with Surf, Ice Beam, Grass Knot and Drill Peck (filler), she was definitely useful. After the game, I bred for one with better IVs, but hacked its capture info to mirror the original.

Meanwhile, Piplup became infamous due to the DP anime. Dawn's Piplup became the first Pokemon to really rival Pikachu in popularity, and it even replaced Tajiri's favorite Poliwhirl in the official Pokemon Center logos. Naturally, Piplup has a lot of haters on the basis of its popularity, but whatever; I liked Piplup long before it became a screentime whore in the anime, so I don't hold that against it. It also helps that I've seen probably five episodes of DP ever. Dawn's Piplup is kind of a jerk but it has a cute voice and funny facial expressions so I like it enough. I remember thinking the name Piplup was weird after months of knowing it as Pochama, but Piplup definitely has ingrained itself into my mind now. When I got back into the TCG, my BFF Krisp sent me my first Piplup card <3, and I've gone on to collect them all and they're mostly adorable. I'm also glad that Piplup appeared in Brawl, which led to this wonderful crossover. *fans self at the overload of amazingness in one picture*

In closing, Piplup is "the" Sinnoh starter to me. But it's surpassed ALL of the previous starters to become my favorite. It's also favorite unevolved Pokemon, and it was the first and still is one of the two biggest reasons why I prefer Sinnoh's Pokemon as a whole over Hoenn's. Since Generation IV was the Generation that solidified me as a lifelong Pokemon fan, and Piplup was my main Starter of that Generation, I have to give it mad respect. It's just a shame that Wotter was a huge combo breaker as far as me liking each Water Starter more than the last. (Piplup > Mudkip > Totodile > Squirtle > Mijumaru, sry2say).

Piplup: the only thing that makes Dawn interesting.

3. Togekiss (Generation: IV; National Dex: 468)
Image Image Image Image
I've mentioned my first impressions while looking through the Sinnoh Dex for a few Pokemon like Tangrowth and Froslass already. But there was one Sinnoh Pokemon that I absolutely loved on first sight, even moreso than PIPLUP, and it immediately became my favorite DP Pokemon: Togekiss. Like I said in my last update, I always KNEW that Togetic could go further. And the second that I hit #468 in the Psydex, my reaction was "OMFG THEY FINALLY EVOLVED TOGETIC AND IT'S AMAZING GIVE ME FIFTY." Its name was lovely, the design was adorable and I NEEDED one on my team, but unfortunately they were dumb and Togekiss was one of many Pokemon unavailable in the main section of DP, so I had to wait. People say it that looks like an airplane, but screw that! It obviously resembles a bird, especially when you factor in its pre-evolutions, and its association with peace and happiness made me realize on my own that it was probably based on a dove. Which is awesome. Maybe people say it looks like an airplane because of its amazing, adorable "fweeeeOOooOmmm" squeaky in-game cry?

Regardless, with all-around amazing stats, Serene Grace, Air Slash flinchax and the epic never-missing Aura Sphere for awesome coverage, Togetic had become a superstar after years of neglect and I have so much love for an adorable Pokemon like Togekiss being a MONSTER in battle. I also love that it broke the Normal/Flying mold by being completely Special-based, and it set the precedent for all Shiny Stone evolutions being awesome. (It's three for three awesome Pokemon who evolve with the Shiny Stone after BW, by the way.) Needless to say, I caught Togepi as soon as I could in Diamond and went to work breeding for a competitive Togekiss. Since it was one of my three favorite final evolutions, I was relentlessly picky about my Togekiss: he had to be male, with Serene Grace and a Modest nature, and he needed good defensive and Special Attack IVs. Tri Attack would have been cool, too, but I wasn't about to buy a copy of rofl Pokemon XD, so I settled for Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Aura Sphere and Roost. He is amazing in battle and is usually my favorite team's MVP, which is SUCH a good feeling considering so many of my favorites suck.

When I got back into the TCG, I had a comically hard time getting my hands on a Togekiss card. I won one in a lot auction, but it turned out to be a counterfeit. So I got my dad to buy me a real one for my birthday and it got lost in the mail. Annoyed, I finally caved in and bought a third one myself. As I waited anxiously for it to arrive, I joked that meteors would strike my house the second I got a real Togekiss card... and then both the one I bought and the one my dad bought arrived. DERP. I gave the extra one to Krisp, but it was still funny. Now I have all three of Togekiss's cards and my favorite is Undaunted's, which was drawn by Atsuko Nishidagoddess. Also, I actually WATCHED TPCI's horrible dub a few weeks ago to see the debut of Dawn's Togekiss. Its voice was as amazing as I expected; it said "TOKISSU~," omitting the "ge" part of its name like Togetic did, and it kicked ass. It was hilariously huge though... practically as big as Dawn! And Dawn catching it meant that she owned my two favorite Sinnoh Pokemon, which is cool but a bit lame because Dawn is so freaking boring.

Overall, Togekiss is both my favorite Normal-type and my favorite Flying-type, which is saying a lot because those are two great types with very few Pokemon that I dislike. Togekiss is also my favorite Pokemon of Generation IV. As somebody who had little interest in the games or their Pokemon until he saw Piplup, I think that fans, especially ones on forums like these, are WAY too hard on the Sinnoh Pokemon for having so many evolutions and Legendaries. First of all, they mostly give evolutions to Pokemon who needed them, unlike GSC, which gave us a bunch of unnecessary branch evolutions and BLISSEY. And there were only like, three more Legendaries than RS. So DP renewed my faith in the series and a happy, adorable, powerful Pokemon and necessary evolution like Togekiss is a shining example why.

HUEG... but adorable. <3

2. Jynx (Generation: I; National Dex: 124)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Let me ignore the elephant in the room for a second.

Jynx was one of my early favorites as, ever since I was a kid, I've used female characters in every video game and she was the obvious female Pokemon even back when Pokemon had no genders. I remember listing her as one of my favorite Pokemon in my fifth grade yearbook and that didn't go over well with my male classmates. Pair that with a hate club on Yahoo! Clubs back in 1999 named "JYNX STYNX" and she was an immediate likable underdog to me. I remember trading my Poliwhirl and loving that there was an Ice Pokemon who wasn't weak against Electric. Lovely Kiss was an amazing trademark move, even though I used to think it had 90% accuracy and unfortunately that isn't the case. She also had a stat alignment that went against just about every other female Pokemon: fast, high Special Attack and pitiful Defense. I was so MAD when Jynx wasn't in Yellow, along with her friends Electabuzz and Magmar; incidentally, these three were rumored to be RBY's original Legendary Trio before the Birds were created. And P.S.: alol @ R/B Jynx looking like she got punched in the eye.

True love never dies: Jynx and Brock.

Over the years, I really started to like Jynx. She was funny in "Holiday Hi-Jynx," starting the minor running gag of Jynx and Brock's ~true love~. I also love how Stadium and Puzzle Challenge portrayed her as a void held together with psychic powers, and it was pretty funny how her hair fell off when she fainted. Since the pre-made Zap! deck was also my first TCG purchase, Base Set Jynx was an early favorite card and I liked that Meditate always got stronger. She then became a mainstay on my Gen II teams; in-game, I hated that Smoochum kept me from breeding a new Jynx that had Lovely Kiss without needing Stadium 2, and on the GSbots, Jynx was my lead and her eternal enemy was Starmie, who resisted her STAB moves (booo TK!). And she won a grudge match against a friend's Lapras, although I resorted to Lovely Kiss. I also remember being insulted when a former member "found a male Jynx" in his ROM and named it James (after my then-username JamesTR) because it seemed like a homophobic move. Also, I never even noticed until recently that Jynx had been recolored in GS...

So about that whole racist controversy. After "Holiday Hi-Jynx" aired, Carole Boston Weatherford wrote an article about Jynx's appearance. While I disagree with how she brings up the character's ENGLISH name in an article about offensive Japanese exports (her Japanese name is the non-offensive, and much cuter, "Rougela"), the article was very informative to a white guy who had no idea about blackface or Jynx's resemblance to it. People today STILL ask about Jynx being racist, what she's based on, if her fans are racist and if the design was intentional. First of all, it's undeniable: old Jynx resembled racist stereotypes. People who say she's a homage to ganguro are very wrong. She could be a reference to Zwarte Piet, but that seems like a random choice, and the most reasonable explanation, that she's a Nordic ice princess, also has very little documentation. But it's ridiculous to say Gamefreak were intentionally trying to offend people; it was an ignorant coincidence, and Nintendo took Mrs. Weatherford's complaints seriously and made CHANGES. They didn't act Jynx had stopped existing, like TCG Kadabra or anime Porygon, and that's why I like Jynx even more: her redesign is NOT offensive, and she's CUTER with purple skin, smaller lips and better hair. I still had laffoz for centuries when I saw r-cubed (a white kid) bitching at Pelli (a black guy) for liking the redesigned Jynx, though.

In the fallout of the controversy, Jynx got recolored in GSC and a few older cards outside of Japan, but she retained her old design in the anime for a few more years, causing an episode based around GSC's Ice Path to be cut because she was too present in the episode to remove. Thankfully, they got around to fixing her in the anime. And while she's had a few appearances in the anime and a bunch of cards in the TCG since, Nintendo do seem to be downplaying Jynx more. She didn't evolve in DP (although after seeing what Electabuzz and Magmar became, I'm definitely glad), and she had an obscure method of acquisition too. Pair that with people who still hold a grudge against Jynx because she used to look offensive, or the people who slam her because she's "ugly" or whatever, and I'm still an eternal defender of the underdog Jynx. While her stats didn't hold up in competitive DP, I still caught and used her after it took Smoochum 18 million days to swarm in my file, and I hope that, should Jynx ever actually evolve, she'll resemble Pryncice instead of being a shebeast counterpart to Electivire and Magmortar.

Jynx combines so many of my favorite Pokemon characteristics. She's a female Pokemon and I love those. She's streamlined for beat downs, or at least she was before RSE-BW's ridiculous power creep set in, and she doesn't waste time being defensive, despite there being SO MANY OTHER DEFENSIVE FEMALE POKEMON. I think she's actually a pretty cute design with a lot of humor. Over the years, there have been so many moments where Jynx ~brought it~, including: the aforementioned Brock/Jynx love affair and Jynx's hair waving the white flag in Puzzle Challenge; her Emerald animation being the most epic sprite ever and giving a better performance of "Aria di Mezzo Carattere" than Celes Chere (view that page in IE, plz); DP Jynx not knowing how to shot web; Jynx firing her lazur; HGSS Jynx's face being all, "o rly?!"; Sabrina's Jynx being the most EPIC CARD EVER (and I know because I own all of her cards); Jynx's "speech" in Dungeon being hilarious (?XO@#*~?, !!O@#*~!, ?XO@#*~???), and MORE. She pulls off all of this while still being usable in battle and even recovered from a ~scandal~ while Kadabra and Porygon did not. So she will always be my favorite Psychic-type and would have been my #1 if another Pokemon didn't steal my heart even more. Haters are gonna hate, but whatevs. Just remember that Jynxealously is a ~terrible disease~!

I drew this when I was 13... it was a marked improvement over previous attempts.
P.S.: sry4racist coloring, this was before the Jynx controversy came to light.

1. Psypoke (Generation: -12; National Dex: 666)
Well DUH, of course my favorite Pokemon is Psypoke's eponymous mascot! So ~real~, so ~fierce~!
Yeah, just kidding.

1. Dewgong (Generation: I; National Dex: 87)
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

As I said in the last update, Seel became my favorite Pokemon as soon as I caught. As Seel in RBY were around Level 28 and they evolve at Level 34, it didn't take very long for Seel to evolve and, while Dewgong didn't take its crown immediately after evolving, it was definitely my favorite Pokemon within a couple of months. Like Seel, Dewgong is based on an animal that I've always loved (the sea lion). Although it's not actually a dugong, Dewgong's name is pretty and features a type-appropriate corruption and, considering its beta name was "Manaty," which gives me convulsions, it could have been SO. MUCH. WORSE. Anyway, I kept Dewgong around on my team for the rest of the game and, among Articuno, Zapdos and Charizard, it stuck out like a sore thumb, but was still in my first Hall of Fame team ever as foreshadowing for my future Pokemon preferences. I liked that Lorelei used Dewgong on her team - while I didn't know it at the time, she would become and remain my favorite Elite Four character to this day, probably because she uses my favorite Pokemon (and she's a young hot chick, unlike Pryce).

Like with Jynx, the supplementary materials solidified my Dewgong love. What confirmed Dewgong as my favorite Pokemon was my now-favorite episode ever, "The Misty Mermaid," in which the Cerulean Gym's Seel, whom Misty's sisters brushed off as weak, evolved and defeated Jessie's Arbok after a tankful of Pokemon, including ASH'S SQUIRTLE, had failed. Granted, I was SO MAD when I first heard its "DEWWWW GONGONGONG" voice, but over time it's grown on me and now it's one of the funniest things that defines Dewgong. When I got into the card game, Base Set Dewgong was definitely my favorite card at the time - it was a Stage 1 uncommon with 80 HP and could do 50 damage or 30 damage with paralysis. That was REALLY good for those days and the card is still a staple in any TCGGB Rain Dance deck I made to this day. It made me happy that Dewgong way better than the other four Ice Pokemon in the card game since it was the least useful one in the video games. I also love love LOVED Dewgong in Stadium, who entered the field with flip and a cute seal-like roar and shot moves like Ice Beam from his horn. I still envision Dewgong doing that today...

Cue Generation II. By then, I was more attuned to things like stats, and I was NOT happy to find out that the Special Split killed Dewgong's Special Attack. It seemed so unfair to me because Dewgong was already inferior to RBY's Ice-types and nerfing its offense only made it WORSE. It got nothing to make up for it, either, unless you count an Ice-type getting Peck as an egg move as fair compensation for -50 max SA. Nonetheless, Dewgong was still on my first Silver team, since that was a Water team and Dewgong gets all of his key moves naturally, and he helped me defeated Red. Then, Dewgong became the sixth and final member of my aforementioned "Dream Team" because it was underused and screwed from the Special Split. It was refreshing to trade it back to Yellow, where it could actually damage things again. Concurrently I fought with Kirbster because he liked Cloyster and I liked Dewgong. We had a one-on-one grudge match between our favorites and I won. Dewgong winning really didn't mean anything, but it made me really happy as a twelve-year-old.

When I made peace with Kirb and Cloyster, my hatred transferred to Lapras because it was way better than Dewgong too. And, being a naive kid, I always had hope that Gamefreak would create a hold item named "Ice Shard" (no relation to the Gen IV attack) that would double Dewgong's Special Attack like Marowak's Thick Club. Dewgong's SA wasn't its only stat that annoyed me - the Pokedex claims that Goldeen swims at five knots and Dewgong at eight, so being stupid I was always like, "Why is Dewgong NOT TWICE AS FAST as Goldeen WTF!!!" In addition to always drawing Dewgong's face all over my notes in seventh grade, in my "technology" i.e. shop class in eighth grade, we had to design a racecar and create it from a block of wood. Naturally, I made a sea lion that was basically Dewgong, but I wouldn't admit that to anybody because you were totally gay if you liked Pokemon in eighth grade at my school. Looking back, the Dewgong car had awesome silver paint but the design was really blocky and clunky. Still, I got a C- on it even though my teacher said the lowest possible grade was a C+. I was really pissed at that. Oh, and I ended up throwing the car away a few years later when I showed the Internet and people said it looked like a giant penis. :(

By Gen III, I was pretty much resigned to the fact that Dewgong always would be a crappy Pokemon in battle and therefore unpopular to the masses. Of course, it didn't help that Cloyster and Lapras were still much better and that Dewgong itself was replaced in RSE with Walrein, who was yet ANOTHER Water/Ice-type with superior stats and movepool to Dewgong. I decided to just accept the fact that Dewgong was terrible in battle and stopped hating Lapras as well as embracing Walrein by using that in RS. Hey, at least I got to brag about how Thick Fat gave Dewgong an 8x resistance, even though it was a really lame ability for Dewgong. However, the start of Gen III was when the Elite Four relaunched Psypoke, and Psypoke is really the reason why Dewgong will never lose its #1 status. Each of the admins were represented with their favorite Pokemon: Ampharos (Amphy), Wigglytuff (TonberryKing), Chansey (darkmind) and Dewgong (me). The fact that Dewgong represented me on the website and forums, and that old-timers still associate me with Dewgong and name their Dewgong in the games after me to this day, meant that it would always be my favorite Pokemon after that.

During Gen III, my favorite type shifted from Water to Ice because Hoenn introduced a LOT of subpar Water-types and I realized that Ice had consistently awesome Pokemon. Thankfully, I was Glacia in PPC2, so I was able to keep Dewgong around on my team, just like the old days when I used it on my Misty team in PPC1. Naturally, I caught Dewgong when I replayed FRLG, which provided awesome new Dewgong Sugimori art, and I really liked that game's Dewgong sprite compared to RSE's. I think the fact that Dewgong's mouth is actually colored properly, unlike how it's gray in the Emerald sprite, played a role in that. And although Emerald's animation was pretty lame, I still thought it was cute. It was also during Gen III that I caught up on the Johto anime in reruns. When I saw Ash's Gym Battle with Pryce, I thought it was HILARIOUS that Dewgong still had a :3 smile on its face after it got knocked out. <3 I realized afterward that Dewgong ALWAYS smiled and, considering my preference for cute/happy Pokemon, I guess it's not a surprise that it's my favorite?

So happy... even in defeat. <3

Finally, Generation IV came. I wasn't sure which version I was going to get until I found out that Dewgong was a version-exclusive in one of them, and my mind was mind up after that: I was getting Diamond and not Pearl. When I saw Dewgong's DP sprite, I was absolutely in love and it is easily the best Dewgong sprite to this DAY, not that he's even had a bad one or anything (not even in Green!). When I found out that Dewgong had a new ability that healed status effects in the rain, I was thrilled. FINALLY, it had something that Cloyster, Lapras and Walrein DID NOT! It really didn't help Dewgong much at all, but I still excited to try it out. I waited until the end of the game to get my Seel, and then I started the pain-staking task of breeding for IVs that I found acceptable on my favorite Pokemon. I was excessively picky about my Dewgong - it needed to be male, it needed to have a Modest nature, it definitely needed Hydration and not Thick Fat, and it basically needed 31 IVs in HP, Defenses and Special Attack. I bred for weeks, practically losing my mind, until I got my Dewgong and.... realized that breeding was a damn waste of time and bought myself an Action Replay.

Still, I was always proud during the rare moments when Dewgong could pull out a victory. I remember one time, in a battle with BabyBlueDragon, it came down to my Dewgong versus his Umbreon, and Dewgong won me the match. It's such a ~thrill~ to win with your favorite when you know your favorite is terrible in battle, you have no idea. :( Generation IV will always be remembered to me for two things: me starting the "comparer," which was the method that I used to create this list, and which Dewgong won; and me getting back into the trading card game after a 7-8 year absence. I quickly collected all nine of Dewgong's cards, including my original holy grail: the Vending set Dewgong, which was HANDS-DOWN my favorite artwork as a kid. Amazingly, TWO new Dewgong cards even surpass that one in awesome artwork, but Dewgong is one of those rare Pokemon who has NO bad artwork. And if Tomokazu ever draws Dewgong, I will weep deeply. Thankfully he has not yet.

Looking forward... Dewgong will always be #1 on my list. Point blank. You can call me a Genwunner or newgenophobe or whatever, but Dewgong has been my favorite for ten years and I've built up a massive amount of loyalty toward it. Ask anybody in the chats today and they'll tell you that "Dewgong" and "Frost" are synonymous. I'm just happy that people associate me with such an awesome Pokemon. <3

Update Title: "gGggOoooOOoNNnnNNnnGgGgGgg!", naturally referring to my eternal favorite Pokemon.


Author:  Jaypokes [ Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

yester day i found the same dewgong card in my basement

Author:  Dark_Swampert [ Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

I've always loved dewgong it was on my RBY team and every team after that. But sounds like you don't have very good luck with it because when I use my dewgong I always win, and usually it's an A$$ whoopin. But over all you have two of my favorite pokemon in this ((unfortunately final)) update. Ampharos and Dewgong the beasters on my "Yes I used them" team. This post gets the Dewgong {seel} of approval.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

I am sad to see this ranking thread go but it is. I really liked reading the write ups, and I have a special memory associated with the base Dewgong card. It was the Pokemon Card that laid waste to my brother in the only TCG game that I won, so I love my Dewgong card for that and it is in my binder of rare cards. Also Frost if you are still looking for that promo Dragonite I could give you mine, or trade, depending on your preference.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Sat Sep 25, 2010 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

Holy $h!t,your hands must be sore. I could never type so much in a single post. D:

Author:  Galar [ Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

Aww, is it over already? I enjoyed this thread a lot, and I hope to see something similar in the future!

I'm very happy to see Ampharos, Mew and Dragonite on your top favorites, because they're definetly some of my favorite Pokemon too! I remember the first time I ever played a Pokemon game was a rom of Pokemon Silver, and I had an Ampharos with the AMAZING moveset Thundershock, Thunderpunch, Thunder and Thunderwave. I remember I managed to train it all the way up to level 100, along with Lugia, Typhlosion, Espeon and Pidgeot, with equally ROFL movesets... Nonetheless, I thought I was invincible.

Ah, that lighthouse-Dragonite episode made me remember why I enjoyed the anime so much... Pokemon were such mysterious creatures back then! I felt sorry for Bill! He only got a quick glimpse of giant Dragonite! And he worked so hard trying to communicate with him! Too bad Team Rocket had to show up and ruin the moment! :(

{mew} Mew makes me feel the same way, especially after I watched "Birth of Mewtwo". I like how there're everyday, common Pokemon, and I do understand that it isn't easy to come up with amazing information for every single one of them, but I do love it when whoever's in charge of the franchise invests on a Pokemon's background. I know there isn't supposed to be so much thought put into the cartoon, but I do enjoy this supernatural, mysterious facet, often reinforced by the fandom. I love how Mew is considered to me a mirage, and how so many people invested to much time and money and struggled to find it. It gives this feeling of something out of this world, that there is "something else out there". I love this vibe.

Mew's and Mewtwo's stories, in my personal opinion, are one of the darkests, and most interesting in the series, and that's why I love the first movie (and its prequel) so much, along with their in-game references/stories. Maybe there isn't supposed to be anything too complex in the movies, but there are many srs bsns subjects that can be deduced from both Mewtwo Strikes Back and Birth of Mewtwo; genetic engineering, the purpose of life, accepting death, playing God, ancient civilizations... I don't quite understand why so many people dislike the first movie; it's my favorite, by far.

I'm just sad there isn't much to see on Miyamoto's history. Bulbapedia mentions her anime debut was in Birth of Mewtwo, but I read the synopsis (and watched the special) and I couldn't see her. I really wish I could watch (or read) more about her, and how she was sent on a mission to find Mew. All she's been through, and how she was the first person to ever find any evidence on Mew's existance, it's very thrilling.

I guess Mew plays a more important role in my appreciation for "secondary/exciting" Pokemon facts than, let's say, Rotom (which also gets a hell lot of backstory in DPPt thanks to Charon and his discoveries), because of the nostalgia factor. I guess whe you're young and naive you can be surprised at and excited with even the silliest things, and Mew was the responsible for me looking at Pokemon with different eyes back then; he's guilty for making me think up serious stuff in a children's cartoon, but I'm not complaining. :)

I love how Mew seems to be oblivious of his status as "legendary" Pokemon. All he wants is to play, and be happy, and enjoy life, which always seemed to me quite lonely because you never really see him with other Pokemon (at least, not in the first movie). He lives isolated from eveyone, flying around in the mountains, or swimming underwater, all by himself all the time. He's just, like, roaming the world, with no purpose other than existing. I guess it makes sense considering he's a rarity, though.

Mew's second main appearance, in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, was a tad little disappointing to me. Mew's always been a very friendly, playful Pokemon, but this more childish aspect of his nature was a lot more present in this movie, when in Mewtwo Strikes Back he behaves a little more mysteriously and has a bit more of an oblivious personality, which I prefer. That's why I consider the two Mew to be two completely different individuals, if that's even possible. I love how 8th movie Mew is connected to the Tree of Beginning (and all the references to the immune system), and how it's consequently implied he's linked to nature, but I prefer 1st movie Mew, who is more connected to ancient myths and behaves more like a rarity, or a mirage.

Wow, tl;dr on Mew. He deserves it. :D

But, before I go:

Duuu-gon-gon-gong! <-- also happens to be one of my favorite anime Pokemon cries
hmmmmgoooOOoooonnn... ;___;

Author:  Frost [ Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

Thanks for all of your replies to the thread Galar. They've always been some of the more interesting ones and the type of replies that I was hoping to get.

In hindsight, the Dragonite episode doesn't make any sense to me at all. Bill acknowledges that there are 150 Pokemon and even has pictures of them all on the door of his lighthouse, including a Pokemon that only Team Rocket should even know about at that point, and he STILL CAN'T TELL that giant Pokemon is a Dragonite?!

Miyamoto and Jessie have some of the more intriguing human backstories of the series, I think. The most interesting thing about Miyamoto, to me, is that she was a member of Team Rocket but still cared about Jessie above all else. It's a shame that they've never brought her up in the actual anime, but I guess they don't want to get heavy-handed in a show for kids. That still doesn't excuse the dubs acting like her foster mothers were her real mothers, though.

Mew and Mewtwo do have more interesting backstories than most Pokemon (i.e. they actually have a backstory at all), but I still found the first movie pretty clunky. All you need to know about Mewtwo is shown in the first fifteen minutes, and the dub (which is what I judge, since that's what I watch) apparently watered it down heavily. After that, the rest of the movie is clones battling and cheesy tears inexplicably reviving Ash after he got turned into stone. You're right in that they bring up some interesting ideas, but they brush a lot of them off pretty fast and the dub removes any references to Fuji's regret for "playing God" after Mewtwo destroys the lab. For the series' first film, it has some interesting ideas, but flat execution that was only made WORSE by 4Kids.

Oh, and I cracked up the Dewgong crying video!

I may do another list for the Generation V Pokemon at some point, but that probably would be at least a year away because I have to focus on the BW walkthrough (twice, no less) and give the new Pokemon a chance to make impressions.

Author:  Mektar [ Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

Galar wrote:
Aww, is it over already? I enjoyed this thread a lot, and I hope to see something similar in the future!

You could come check out my new list. I'm naming all the Isshu Pokemon! You could even post suggestions, and I might add them to the list if they're good enough.

Author:  B-Mac [ Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

Mektar wrote:
Galar wrote:
Aww, is it over already? I enjoyed this thread a lot, and I hope to see something similar in the future!

You could come check out my new list. I'm naming all the Isshu Pokemon! You could even post suggestions, and I might add them to the list if they're good enough.

Another Epic thread? I'm beginning to really like this place...

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

[quote="B-MacAnother Epic thread? I'm beginning to really like this place...[/quote]

You said it,B-Mac. I also suggest LeoTheLion's thread,'Gotta rate em' all:bosses' where he rates all of the bosses in the pokemon games,disregarding Isshu (I think). The only thing is, he's a bit slower to post than Frost. Good thread nonetheless,though. :D

Author:  rocky6 [ Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

Awesome thread frost! I am currently coming off a many year hiatus from actively playing the pokemon games and im quickly realizing how little I know about competitive battling. I have learned a bunch of things from you so far and Im sad to see that the thread is done. I dont know what im gonna read on my work breaks here by myself on the midnight shift now. I would have liked to see dragonite higher and piplups voice in the anime is really irritating to me. Im not a big fan of wigglytuff at all because it was always really boring to me. I mean its just a ball with ears that really has never made much of an impression at any point in time to me. I am very excited for black and white and cant wait till you start the next ranking thread even though im sure that is a couple years away. Do you have any early design favorites now that all of the new pokemon images have been released?

Author:  Frost [ Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

Yes, the Isshu Pokemon are really good overall. There are so many that it's actually hard to pick favorites for each type! As of right now these are the ones though:

Bug: Galvantula Image | Dark: Purrloin Image | Dragon: Axew Image | Electric: Emolga Image (Galvantula)
Fighting: Keldeo Image | Fire: Victini Image | Flying: Swanna Image (Emolga) | Ghost: Jellicent (F) Image
Grass: Lilligant Image | Ground: Excadrill Image | Ice: Cubchoo Image | Normal: Cinccino Image
Poison: Foongus Image | Psychic: Meloetta Image | Rock: Archeops Image | Steel: Bisharp Image
Water: Simipour Image (Keldeo)

For types with repeat Pokemon, I listed my second favorites.

Author:  rocky6 [ Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

I must say I agree with a good portion of those. I was really disappointed that kibago evolves into that horrific puke colored beast called Ononokusu. I really like the zebra electic type although i think they could have been more creative and made it look less like the ponyta/rapidash evolution chain. Another beef i have is how chobomaki does not evolve into Shubarugo. I mean come on look at them! Also not sure whats wrong with the zeus like legendaries, but something is wrong with them.

Author:  B-Mac [ Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Has Ranked Every Pre-Gen V Pokemon

I would have to disagree with flying 100%. I like wooguru a lot more than swanna, partially because it's a goddamn badass on every meaning of the definition. I just wish that it would evolve earlier than lv. 54 because you'd probably be challenging the elite four with lv. 50-55 pokes.

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