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Author:  Frost [ Fri Oct 04, 2013 4:00 am ]
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I should note that at this point in the list, we're already past the point of hatred/dislike. We might even be past the point of apathy, even if it's in a "well, I like this in the slightest way possible even though it's not that memorable or some things about it kind of suck" type of way. Which is probably the most painful section of the list in terms of writing.

Author:  Frost [ Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:31 pm ]
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Hi. I sorta took a break from this due to XY coming out and getting promoted at work, and then I took a break from Pokemon entirely in favor of rabid Power Rangers fandom, plus the dwindling activity on the forums made me hesitate to continue writing dissertations regarding my Pokemon opinions, but I'm also bored and the lack of this list being completed is making my OCPD twitch, so there's that.

Unova Update #6: "Qwhooo?"
Image 527. Origin Giratina -- Generation IV, #487: +12/-108

Image Image
526/120. Gothorita and 524/119. Duosion: Generation V, #575 and #578
In the three-plus years since BW was released in Japan, I've kept a text file of any little thoughts of anecdotes regarding the Unova Pokemon that would make good write-up fodder and for both of these middle evolution Psychic-type counterparts, I have a resounding blinking cursor under their names. Gothorita is the embodiment of the middle evolution awkwardness akin to puberty, and also "the Virgin" in the Unova zodiac, bridging the gap between baby Gothita and adult Gothitelle, so you'd think I'd give it more of a break than the non-descript bigger puddle of goo named Duosion, but nah. In general I don't like the ridiculous gothic bow motif, and Gothorita has those dead eyes while Duosion, although dull, is still vaguely cute, pleasant, something I used in the games, and it has a more unique basis in cells and mitosis than being yet another humanoid Pokemon. In general the Goth line gets worse with each stage of the family while the Goo line improves, and interestingly the middle evolutions kind of intersect here. Also, I didn't know this until I just researched Gothorita, but her Pokedex entry in Y is creepy as fuck.

Image 525. Wash Rotom -- Generation IV, #479: -32/-151: Doing this list from scratch let the more boring forms of Rotom slip into the cracks they should have gone originally. Apparently Wash Rotom is a metagame whore after his type change, but I only really care because he's encroaching on Lanturn's turf.

Image 523. Qwilfish -- Generation II, #211: -6/-124: Who? Hi EvilPenguin!
Image 522. Voltorb -- Generation I, #100: -6/-124: I is master artist.

521/118. Woobat: Generation V, #527
Woobat is one of the more disappointing Unova Pokemon to me. I remember way back when his low-quality anime concept art was revealed, I thought he was some sort of flying Christmas wreath, which would have been hilarious, amazing and unique for this series. Unfortunately, he's just another bat-based Pokemon, although definitely a cuter and different take on the species than whatever Zubat is supposed to be, and mixes in being a ink stamp to look kind of funny and lovable. He's also less annoying because rather than being spammed anywhere and everywhere, he's so downplayed in the wild that you almost need to go looking for him. But with the good comes the bad: Woobat's line is far less useful than Zubat's in battle, that snaggletooth has got to go, the BW zombie version of Jessie caught one in the anime and it stagnated and did jack-all before being dumped off with Giovanni, and the stamp aspect of Woobat's design takes center stage on his face in the same way that Hippowdon's gaping mouth overshadows everything else about it, although the lack of visible eyes is never a good thing, either. Overall I sort of like Woobat and definitely prefer him to Zubat, but that's about it.

Image 520. Bonsly -- Generation IV, #438: +6/-111: I actually wish he were available in the wild in XY now that baby Pokemon are perfect IV farms...
Image 519. Finneon -- Generation IV, #456: -9/-126
Image 518. Sneasel -- Generation II, #215: +93/-24: Oh, Sneaslol, you have come a long way since my days of hating you irrationally just because somebody on the internet got on my nerves for a few years, but Sneasel was never my flavor of Pokemon anyway and so while he has one of the ten biggest leaps relative to his old spot on this list, it still isn't even enough to break the top 500. Too bad, so sad, goodbye.

517/117. Crustle: Generation V, #558
Crustle is another Pokemon hindered from having to look at its hideous in-game sprite for hours while doing my rankings. In the TCG artwork and in the anime, Crustle is allowed to have things like facial expressions, a body and actual movement while in the games and its picture in my ranking page, it sits there, motionless, with its eyes sunken into its skull and a face that looks paradoxically vacant and judgmental. The video games also have Crustle's main body coloring as a shade of sandy brown, which is boring and blends in far too much with the giant chunk of painful-looking dirt sitting on his back, while the Dream World artwork above and various cards have Crustle's body as bright, vibrant shade of red and its eyes extend out from its body which looks a bit goofy and endearing. I'd probably like Crustle a whole lot more if he always looked like he did in his Dream World art, but as he stands now, he's mostly forgettable. I mean, I usually grant some points to Pokemon that I actually used in the games, but Crustle came and left my in-game White team and not a fuck was given by me. Probably the most notable and hilarious thing about him is that a fan thought he'd make a great foot rest for Giovanni.

Image 516. Cherubi -- Generation IV, #420: -12/-128: That shriveled up twin is just SO creepy, man.
Image 515. Volbeat -- Generation III, #313: +5/-111: lol. This increase is a joke compared to what his girlfriend Illumise ended up getting.

514/116. Zekrom: Generation V, #644
Way back in May 2010 when Zekrom and Reshiram were first revealed, I noticed two things: 1) that the Unova Legendaries looked a hell of a lot cooler to me than the Dialga, Palkia and Giratina ever did; and 2) that as a duo representing yin and yang, Zekrom seemed to be the "male" of the two sides, which is an interesting subversion because typically yin represents black while yang represents masculinity. Perhaps then it's no surprise that Reshiram is far more popular in Japan, while Zekrom is the more popular one in western countries, considering "tough, powerful bipedal dragon" is much more favored archetype here, as is the color black for being "cool." And honestly I do think Zekrom is not a bad design overall, but the main problem I have with it? He blends all together because there's no contrast anywhere on him. It's fine for Reshiram to be all one color because it's easier for the eye to discern lighter colors, but Zekrom looks like a giant smudge in a lot of his artwork, making it hard to see his facial features, the details on his body, etc, or else the artists have to make him an off shade of gray to show any of this (above). The way his funny conch tail lights up blue in his BW animation, for example, looks awesome, stands out far more to the eye, and so I wish the light in his tail were always present. Also, Zekrom is the lesser of the duo for me because he's the Physical-oriented counterpart, the mascot of the version that wasn't my primary Gen V game (although didn't we all think he would have been Black's mascot, at first?), and Dragon/Electric is a less interesting and natural type IMO. But as far as the list of "other" mascot Legendaries go, I do like him.

Image 513. Dialga -- Generation IV, #483: +10/-105: Dialga is so weird. It looks so cool in its Platinum sprite, and then so awful in every other sprite ever. At least it has TCG art to save it...
Image 512. Deoxys -- Generation III, #386: +20/-95: Deoxys is definitely a Pokemon that has grown on me over the years. I'm not a fan per se but he definitely does bring something unique to the series.
Image 511. Graveler -- Generation I, #75: -31/-146: And the trend of Kanto roadblocks tumbling down the list continues.

510/115. Garbodor: Generation V, #569
More than anything I associate Garbodor with the ridiculous arguments that anti-Genwunners use to defend newer Pokemon. Here's a typical conversation involving Garbodor in "Least Favorite Pokemon" threads: "I don't like Garbodor, having a garbage Pokemon is a weird idea." Slightly exaggerated anti-Genwunner: "WELL, KANTO HAS AWFUL POKEMON TOO, PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUK IS ALSO AN UNORIGINAL AND SHIT DESIGN! STOP FAPPING TO KANTO." Me: "Where'd the first person say anything about Muk? Maybe he hates Muk AND Garbodor, damn." And, look, I'll be that person who readily admits that I prefer Muk, because Garbodor's design is way too busy, and details like the red and blue pieces of debris (what ARE those??), the jack-o-lantern teeth and the Mickey Mouse dirt ears make it look all the more ridiculous, but I don't dislike the idea of a garbage Pokemon or think it's an idea that's too out there for a series that has monsters based around Easter Island statues or the freaking alphabet. I guess his design does have a bit of humor to appreciate, and shiny garbage is definitely one of the funniest card choices yet, but it also frustrates me that, much like the Poison-type in general during BW, Garbodor was stranded with a horrible type, stats, movepool, abilities, etc. Hopefully in the future he can Mega Evolve into Oscar the Grouch, the series's first Poison/Steel-type, and then maybe I'd like him a lot more than my current indifference.

509/114. Samurott: Generation V, #503
When I started doing the new list, I didn't think any Starter would ever dethrone Blaziken as my least favorite, but here we are. I know Pokemon plays fast and loose with species, but I never really cared for an otter turning into a sea lion for its final evolution, yet still retaining "-ott" in its name, and for a supposedly samurai-influenced Pokemon design, why couldn't they at least make him into Water/Fighting-type? I also don't like Samurott's hissing face, nor the giant shell on its head somehow passing as a "horn" to the extent that it can learn Megahorn when something like Pinsir can't -- at least Pinsir's pincers look sturdy and like they won't fall off his head if he stabs something with them! I also remember back when the Unova Starter final evolutions were revealed, somebody actually ripped apart Samurott's design aspects to prove how it couldn't be real and, while ridiculous in hindsight, I do agree with his points about how the spikes on Samurott's shell and the whiskers on his face are uneven and give a sloppy look to most of Samurott's artwork. The whisker thing in particular grinds my gears because the perspective makes absolutely no sense; we usually only ever see Samurott's face from one side, but they always draw him like the "beard" on the other side of his face isn't even there!

With all that said, even though he's my least favorite Starter, Samurott is still one of them and I do grudgingly admit that every Starter has a certain je ne sais qoui that makes them appealing to me. While the samurai armor is clunky, I do like that they made a very Japanese-styled design to go with Emboar's Chinese and Serperior's European designs, and his war fan tail and shogun armor do give him a sort of regal appearance in line with the other two. And while the shell horn IS ridiculous, I do also like how Samurott can sheath and use the blades attached to his front legs. There are also times where Samurott can look really cool and badass, like here, but that's kind of the problem... when looking through the supplementary materials for Samurott, it's all one mode. Angry, tough, or at best stoic. There's never "sad Samurott" or "happy Samurott" or "confused Samurott," just "I'MMA RIP YOUR FACE OFF Samurott." Even his in-game Pokedex Species is trying to sell him as a badass. He's too one dimensional.

Image 508. Kyogre -- Generation III, #382: +11/-102: lol I didn't even notice that the running theme of this update is mascot Legendary slaughter. Kyogre is another that I've grown fonder of over time, but he'll never be a top favorite because of his robotic facial structure.

507/113. Darumaka: Generation V, #554
Darumaka is the rare Pokemon where its evolution was revealed and got all of the attention first, and so whatever Darmanitan evolved from would always be sort of incidental to me anyway because I liked Darmanitan the least of the pre-release Pokemon they picked. I mean, sure, he can be cute because of his herp-derp smile and vacant eyes, and mischievous sometimes because of his running gag of loving fruit, so thankfully he isn't stuck in one facial expression like his evolution. But the design itself, even though it represents the daruma doll as discussed previously for culture flavor, is not the most interesting. Hooray, a red blob with little stubby arms and legs! Which mostly makes me just wonder how he just retracts his limbs into a ball in his BW animation, but whatever. He's fine, just not too exciting to me.

506/112. Sigilyph: Generation V, #561
I guess Sigilyph was meant to be the "new Xatu" in that both Pokemon are Psychic/Flying-type birds that represent Native American culture. And, well, shocker: I prefer Xatu because it mixes being a bird and a totem pole more convincingly than Sigilyph blends being... some sort of floating mystical artifact that doesn't even resemble a bird other than its ability to fly and because GameFreak says its a bird in some flavor text. That being said I do like the nice mix of colors on Sigilyph's crest and it does bring a nice twist of native diversity to the region that's supposed to be based on "America," although that Unown-like eye on Sigi's head is still pretty creepy. Also I never knew the correct way to pronounce "Sigilyph" until recently, but that's more because I didn't know "sigil" was pronounced the way it is. I guess overall Sigilyph hasn't done too badly for itself, being one of the best Unova Pokemon for the in-game tiers, being way more useful in competitive battles than Xatu ever was, and gaining a little bit of notoriety in the TCG for being a hard counter to Mewtwo-EX and later being a giant toolbox. So although I appreciate what Sigi brings to the series, it's still an awkward, vaguely creepy design with too many little frills and spikes for me to embrace fully.

Image 505. Lumineon -- Generation IV, #457: -21/-132: Well, it's still better than Basculin and Alomomola...
Image 504. Kingdra -- Generation II, #230: +3/-108: I think I might like Dragalge more? I'm not sure yet.
Image 503. Swinub -- Generation II, #220: -97/-208: Congratulations, Swinub, for having the biggest relative drop in position among the returning Pokemon. There's no good reason for it, either, since I've had no sweeping realizations about Swinub as a Pokemon to inspire this fall. Maybe he was placed a little too highly last time because I was treating most Ice-types with kid gloves? Maybe "Well, you're cute the 2% of the time you're allowed to have more than one facial expression" just couldn't cut it anymore?

502/111. Venipede: Generation V, #543
Fun fact: out of every early-game Bug-type duo where one is part Poison and one isn't, I've preferred the one that isn't part Poison. Bug/Poison is one of the most tired type combinations in the game and so when I found that Venipede was just the start of another in the long line of losers like Beedrill, Ariados, Dustox, etc., I wondered why GameFreak hated Bug and Poison both enough to never diversify things. Of course this is silly now that Venipede's line has Speed Boost and actual battle use, but still, early-Generation V feelings need to be documented here. Venipede is at least a new insect that the series hasn't done before, and it's not Weedle or Wurmple-level useless in battle, although it's far less cute and therefore less important to me because its eyes are always stuck in that Mr. Burns-esque creeper stare (except here and in the anime where it looks kind of tired and unimpressed, and actually sort of cute). Overall, it's okay I guess....

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Oh nice!

About that block of dirt... when I first saw this pokemon's first stage, I was quite excited. "Omg a hermit crab! :D" But well, I was also excited to see its evo, and **** was I disappoint. While the body is not bad, that block of dirt... nope. They could have put something better, like a nice mineral, maybe an amethyst, dunno. But they decided to put an awful piece of land on his back, a SQUARE. It's these kind of details I hate in the nw Pokemon, pretty ugly.

/Goth line is worst pokemon.

So much hate for garbodor lol, and I truly understand; his design is garbage. While the concept it totally horrible, they even totally missed the design. Double-fail.
While Muk's concept is not really great either, his design is totally wonderful, and that's the actual difference, so these random arguments are just random rlly. o_O

Sigilyph reminds me of Claydol, I quite like it somhow.

And continue these ratings, they are intertaining with all these references. ;) (I'm reading everything.)

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Qwilfish is the bestest pokemon ever and you should learn to appreciate it more >:(

Author:  ChillBill [ Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:45 am ]
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I approve of the list. And it's good to know you're still making these. Keep it up!
And the points about Zekrom's sprites are so true... Zekrom really had way more potential.

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Unova Update #7: "Blobtacular"

Image 501. Kabuto -- Generation I, #140: +1/-109
Image 500. Shroomish -- Generation III, #285: -22/-132: He really is basic. He'd probably be even lower if he didn't evolve into the amazingness that is Breloom.
Image 499. Chinchou -- Generation II, #170: -81/-191: Like Swinub, this is another baffling plunge that has no tangible reason for happening. I do suppose I'm not a fan of Chinchou's perpetual dead expression and, like Swinub, how it only looks cute about 2% of the time, i.e. when it's making a different face.

498/110. Amoonguss: Generation V, #591
Every region seems to need its token mushroom-based Pokemon, and the Amoonguss line pulls double duty by being Voltorb's Unova parallel as the Pokemon who can be oh-so-hilariously confused for a Pokeball, only to viciously attack the player for trying to pick him up and stuff him in his backpack. I'm not a huge fan of any of the Unova Poison-type final stages because they're all woefully pathetic in battle worth as well as creativity in their typings, and I REALLY can't stand the "Foongus Amoonguss" naming scheme because A) the fact they named a Pokemon line after the phrase "fungus among us" is just so facepalm worthy by itself, but made even worse by B) their attempt to be cute by changing the pronunciations slightly just makes me wonder what Amoonguss has to do with moons. As for Amoonguss's design, I... actually think it does the Pokeball thing better than Voltorb and Electrode, honestly, because its mushroom heads actually LOOK like Pokeballs, unlike Voltorb and Electrode, and presumably it would really hurt when the player tries to grab them. Amoonguss is so ridiculous that it actually circles into being goofy and endearing, but I had to dock points for the lack of and/or vaguely angry expression in its sprite's face, which is only slightly improved in the other artwork, where it looks kind of confused instead.

Image 497. Shieldon -- Generation IV, #410: +13/-96: Shieldon actually does have a bit of cuteness that its standard sprites don't indicate, so thank the TCG for this random small bump.

496/109. Vanillish: Generation V, #583
Right up there with the "I can't believe they made garbage Pokemon!" complaints were the "I can't believe they made ice cream Pokemon!" complaints pointed at Vanillish and his line. Like with the garbage thing, I don't think an ice cream Pokemon is an idea that's too out there for a series that has mice shooting electricity or 30 foot whales being stored in a two inch ball for safe keeping. I'll probably talk more about this with Vanillite and Vanillish because I actually like those Pokemon a lot, so why is Vanillish this low? Well, it's mostly because his face is really goofy and stupid most of the time, although TCG helps in that regard, and the shape of its design is just... really awkward. I also find Vanillish a little redundant because I don't think the ice cream idea, much like Klink's line, necessarily needed to be stretched out for three stages. He's definitely another one of the Pokemon from Unova that seems a little tossed in just to make the numbers, but I don't dislike him like I do most of the others; in this case, he's more akin to a typical middle evolution where he's an awkward transitional stage, but not outright offensive.

Image 495. Blaziken -- Generation III, #257: +63/-45: As indicated in my Combusken and Samurott write-ups, Blaziken is no longer my least favorite Starter and all of the outrage surrounding Fire/Fighting-type Starters kind of makes me appreciate all of them more, even though Blaziken is NEVER the target of this hatred. He does have a bit of coolness that I can see now that I've let some of my anger go regarding some of his dumber fans. Also, I actually like Mega Blaziken even more. :O O:

Image 494. Kecleon -- Generation III, #352: +17/-91: I've always liked him a little and this bump doesn't even reflect the excitement I have for him receiving Protean (even though everyone is way more interested in Greninja having it lol).

Image 493. Scyther -- Generation I, #123: +2/-106: Unlike Scizor, Scyther was pretty much placed appropriately on the last list. Oh well.

Image 492. Masquerain -- Generation III, #284: +6/-102: Seriously, why can't they just make him Water/Bug? Nobody will care about the inconsistency. Really.

Image 491. Munchlax -- Generation IV, #446: +6/-102: See Bonsly. Now that Baby Pokemon actually have some value in existing, they should have spammed all of them into the wild. Like Bonsly, Munchlax evolves into the only Pokemon of its egg group that comes from a Baby, and they didn't even bother putting Munch in the wild to capitalize. -__-

Image 490. Zangoose -- Generation III, #335: -36/-144: Seviper forever, etc. His BW sprite is kind of ugly and like Samurott, he's always stuck in one mode.

Image 489. Wailmer -- Generation III, #320: +4/-104

Image 488. Skiploom -- Generation II, #188: +12/-96: I appreciate him more now but his puke green color is still quite unflattering.

Image 487. Seedot -- Generation III, #273: +15/-93: Kind of cute?

486/108. Larvesta: Generation V, #636
Larva-based Pokemon in the past are usually lifeless blobs with no battle worth, but Larvesta at least gets things right by having a visible face (even if he looks kind of like the head of an Absol or Arceus detached itself, grew legs and walked away), a unique typing and okay stats and movepool. He also evolves into a Pokemon that, quite simply, is anything I could have hoped for the Bug-typing to get out of Generation V, so Larvesta definitely gets points for being related to Volcarona. But the design itself is too much on the "boring blob (featuring random spikes that bring forth Solrock's likeness)" side, and he evolves way too late, which is a problem that runs rampant across the Unova Pokemon. He's another one of those Unova Pokemon that probably could have been cut out or modified, since Volcarona could have worked as a solo Legendary, or the idea could have been tweaked to make them into a pseudo-Legendary line, rather than the weird "not Pseudo, not Legendary, but still kind of special" case they are now, but I still blandly like him in the same way that I like most of the bores in this update.

Image 485. Lombre -- Generation III, #271: -9/-116: I think I switched him ahead of Nuzleaf at the last second on the previous ranking. Clearly, I shouldn't have changed my mind.

Image 484. Togepi -- Generation II, #175: +116/+9: Okay, wow, I had no idea that freaking Togepi of all things was the first Pokemon on the list to place a positive relative ranking, but there you go. Like Sneasel, the reasons why I always hated Togepi i.e. Misty and her Togepi in the anime are a distant haze because I haven't watched the anime in general in years. And Togepi is kind of cute when it's silent, has cute TCG artwork, evolves into epicness, and I'm also glad they weren't afraid to change his type in pure Fairy in Generation VI. However, this massive leap is tentative and can be quickly removed if I ever get a random urge to start watching old episodes again because Misty's Togepi really is an annoying twat and I'll never fully embrace Togepi as a species because of it. lol at this write-up being way more mean-spirited than this massive increase deserves <3

Image 483. Azurill -- Generation III, #298: +2/-105: I think Azurill might go up even more in 2018's list. XY gave me some Azurillove because it doesn't look all stupid and pouty in his XY render, and on the contrary is cute and bouncy. :3

Image 482. Magby -- Generation II, #240: -9/-116: See below.
Image 481. Elekid -- Generation II, #239: +7/-100: I had no idea there was such a big gap between Magby or Elekid on the last list, nor that I had Magby over Elekid. This feels way more natural.

Image 480. Goldeen -- Generation I, #118: +11/-96: See two spots below.

Image 479. Drowzee -- Generation I, #96: -9/-116: MUNNOWNED?!

Image 478. Magikarp -- Generation I, #129: -16/-123: Like Magby and Azurill, Magikarp and Goldeen feel like they just ~belong~ together in my mind. Granted I still like Magikarp more, but he was a little too high and Goldeen a little too low last time. This feels better.

Image 477. Pidgey -- Generation I, #16: -8/-115: Aww. Even though he fell, I just find something about Pidgey to be really pure and lovable even compared to later early-game birds that are easily more interesting.

476/107. Trubbish: Generation V, #568
I feel like I covered most of what there is to say about Trubbish with my Garbodor write-up. Again, the garbage theme for a Pokemon is fine for me, but Trubbish perhaps is a little too... literal with it. It's seriously just a garbage bag that grew legs and walked away, and looks quite similar to Makuhita's head in that it looks like one of those stereotypical knapsacks hanging off a pole that you see in cartoons when a character runs away from home. So I guess it's a bit strange how Garbodor is the more interesting design but I still like it less; I guess it's because Trubbish, despite being sentient trash, has those big eyes full of wonder at everything around him, and he still tries to be cuteand happy anyway? Special shoutout to this card in which Trubbish is seen shaking his fist dramatically at humanity for actually bringing him to the garbage dump, which is funny in ways that this artwork wishes it could be (oh, Tomokazu, never change...). P.S. If it seems like I spammed TCG artwork in this entry to cover up for the lack of anything I had to say about Trubbish, that's only because I did. ^_^

Image 475. Grimer -- Generation I, #88: -31/-137: I don't even remember if Grimer going out right after Trubbish were supposed to be intentional. Either way, WTF, he was kinda high last time.

Image 474. Machop -- Generation I, #66: -71/-177: Speaking of being way too high last time, Machop was definitely riding on the coattails of my avid Kanto fanaticism when, really, he's okay but not that exciting. His evolutions are way better. <3

Image 473. Nidorino -- Generation I, #33: -52/-158
Image 472. Nidorina -- Generation I, #30: -52/-158: Another Kanto duo had an inflated ranking on the last list. They really are kind of awkward compared to their pre-evolutions and final evolutions, but I do still like them.

471/106. Bouffalant: Generation V, #626
Gotta love how, in a series known for a previous controversial blackface stereotype, Gamefreak sees it fit to give us a Pokemon with a giant ass afro and gold bling on his horns in the first games of the series set in America. And of course the other thing that most people bring up when discussing Bouffalant is how it OBVIOUSLY should have been related to Tauros, but personally? Like Luvdisc -> Alomomola, I'm glad there isn't a relation because A of all, Miltank already did that and does it better; B of all, Tauros and Bouffalant are way too visually similar that Bouffalant would make a pretty lame evolution; and C of all, buffalo, while closely related, aren't exactly the same thing as bulls. Gamefreak actually did the smart thing and picked a bovine species native to North America to showcase how the Unova games are based on the Americas, and although a little stereotypical, they did put enough of a spin on Bouffalant to separate him from Tauros, so I can't begrudge Gamefreak for any other passing similarities. I admit that I do much prefer Bouffalant's Japanese name of "Buffafro" since that's the Pokemon's actual hairstyle, rather than bouffant, and I do prefer Tauros because Bouffalant's yellow eye is tres creepy and his face always looks a little too unpleasant for my tastes (except for when he's a noble hero who warms abandoned Natu <3), but overall? He's a'ight.

470/105. Pawniard: Generation V, #624
Isn't it crazy that it took them ten years following Gold and Silver to create a Pokemon that had both of the new types introduced in those games? And surprisingly, with the changes to the chart in XY, Pawniard actually has become a star in Little Cup partially because of his typing! Either way, Pawniard is sadly one of the rare cases where I think the pre-evolution is greatly eclipsed by the final evolution in appeal. The origins of the family in general are vague, what with their chess-inspired naming scheme in English and the various theories behind what Bisharp is based on, but Pawniard really doesn't have any of this going on in his design anyway. He's small, hunched back and awkward looking with a face that kind of blends in with his helmet and the giant blade on his head; he almost sort of looks like an metallic insect that learned how to walk on its hind legs, really. While he does bring a different flavor to the series, and particularly the thought that base forms have to be cute, he's just not all that interesting to me personally.

469/104. Unfezant F: Generation V, #521
It's kind of funny how Generation IV made a big deal about gender differences, and then BW gave us a whopping... three. To be fair, the gender differences in Gen V are more on-par with form differences of games past, and that's why I've ranked Frillish, Jellicent and Unfezant's genders separately. Unfezant F here is one of the rare cases where I prefer the male counterpart because he has the crazy pink pileated head feathers while the girl version is a boring basic bitch without pink feathers but with a boring brown breast coloring instead of green. Unfezant in general felts like a water-downed Staraptor in looks and battle worth, and then to have a female form who is a watered down version of the male form is just so... blah. At the very least, the TCG artists deemed her important enough to get her own card, which is more than the girl versions of Frillish and Jellicent can say. I do also tend to like bird-based Pokemon in general, and of course I love female Pokemon, so female Unfezant does get some points for both of those things too. She's alright, just bland.

468/103. Mandibuzz: Generation V, #630
When I think of vultures, I think of them as being fast, cunning, ruthless, aggressive... I do NOT think "slow defensive bitch who looks like she's ready to make her man a sammich." This is the paradox that is Mandibuzz: a Pokemon designed after an animal that would be seemingly offensive, and given a type that would also lend itself to offense, yet because she's a female Pokemon, all of this potential is thrown out for her to be "defensive," which is not only so stereotypical and so poor for her Stealth Rock-weak typing, but so overdone that her very existence brings mixed feelings. And it didn't have to be this way, because Mandi was designed by James Turner, AKA the one westerner of the creative team, so you'd think he'd try to be a little bit more progressive; instead, no, we get a defensive, pink female-only Pokemon who wears a bow-shaped bone on her head and a god damn apron to reinforce the fact that she's the less intimidating counterpart to Braviary.

This damage is mitigated NOW because Mandibuzz, shockingly, has hit OU in XY thanks to Foul Play and Dark in general being a far more potent type combo, but this list was finished long before any of that happened. And like I said before with Gothitelle, any feminine Pokemon will get a little bit of love from me just because they're outnumbered in the series, plus I always love when there are male and female counterparts like Mandibuzz and Braviary, Volbeat and Illumise, etc. And despite having some problems with Mandibuzz's design overall, I am glad that we both got a vulture-based Pokemon after all these years, particularly in the region based on America even though she's not encountered in the desert area of it, and one that looks pretty cool from some angles (see above or here; except, again, for that damn apron). She's also a great improvement over her little turd of a pre-evolution and her Japanese name being "Vulgina" is kind of funny for being so similar to the lady parts she possesses, so I do like her... but just not as much as I SHOULD.

Image 467. Dusknoir -- Generation IV, #477: +12/-90: Honestly, I thought Dusknoir got a bigger bump than this. He really is the new evolution from Generation IV that I've had the single biggest turn-around on over the years, mostly because A) Dusclops is boring as hell and B) it kind of needed an evolution anyway.

Image 466. Pineco -- Generation II, #204: +31/-71: WTF? I got nothing for this one. This random leap surprises even me right now.

465/102. Pansear: Generation V, #513
Ahh, the monkeys. Gamefreak tried to push these guys as psuedo-Starters in BW and the fanbase didn't react very well to them, probably because they have such similar designs, aren't metagame whores and appeared in the first two or three BW TCG sets (but then not much after that so the TCG fans really need to give over their "oh no, the monkeys are in ANOTHER set STOP USING THEM" thing :roll:). All of this is tangentially related to Pansear but I'm bringing it up here because Pansear is, by far, the least interesting of the six monkeys. Based on the wise monkey of "hear no evil," Pansear always has his hand up to his ear, which is fine, but I don't get why the rest of his demeanor, including his droopy eyes and slouching posture, is so sleepy and lackadaisical? I also never started with Oshawott, so I've never used Pansear and thus have no attachment to him, but he seems really useless and redundant anyway because A) Incinerate is a HORRIBLE early STAB move and B) Darumaka does everything Pansear can do in-game much, much better and C) even beyond Darumaka, we've had a fire-based monkey line before. Don't get me wrong, I probably like Pansear more than most because he's a perfectly fine monkey design and is even kind of cute when he's allowed to stop looking sleepy, but Pansage and Panpour are definitely the superior Unova monkeys, and Chimchar is the better fire monkey.

Image 464. Swalot -- Generation III, #317: -26/-127: I want to like Swalot more because he is kind of goofy and lovable, but he's also bland, forgettable and inferior to Muk.

Image 463. Lotad -- Generation III, #270: -59/-160: I think I can place this fall on being a bit of fan of Brock's Lotad in the anime back in 2008, and forgetting most of the episodes I've seen of the anime that weren't early Kanto in the proceeding five years.

Image 462. Natu -- Generation II, #177: +0/-101: So consistent!

Image 461. Exeggcute -- Generation I, #102: -18/-119: Unlike most of the blobs in this update, Exeggcute doesn't fall as much because it inspires so many intriguing questions. What happens if one gets lost from the bunch? Why do all of these psychic seeds resemble eggs? What's with the random rotten one in the background? etc.

460/101. Mienfoo: Generation V, #619
Like Pawniard, Mienfoo is one of those first evolutions whose designs are a little on the basic side, and who tries to compensate for not being cute by being a little badass. And, like Pawniard, it's worked to the extent that Mienfoo evolves ridiculously late for absolutely no reason and is one of the stars of the XY Little Cup at the moment, but also costs him several spots on my own ranking because meh, I prefer my first forms to be really cute and have them evolve into the powerhouses. Particularly I'm not a fan of his super-beady little eyes, a feeling that is increased tenfold in his base BW sprite, which is actually kind of creepy looking. That being said I do appreciate Mienfoo for his scrappiness and I like how his typical stance seems to be based in martial arts, which is surprisingly rare in this series' Fighting-types. If his Japanese and English names are to be trusted, his particular style is Kung fu and like I said in the original rankings, I do love when Fighting-types are based around specific styles; either way, the stance works really well with the frilly aspects of his design. But his face is too angry for my tastes (all of his artwork has the bitchface eyebrows, sadly) and his evolution does all of this better, so he goes out here.

~*~ UNOVA TOP 100 ~*~:
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Author:  GhostPony750 [ Wed Mar 19, 2014 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (110-101): Blobtacular

Nice! :)

Have you realized that Mienfoo is a bit... awkward? Look how he's placed: its legs face one direction, his face is looking at left. But its arms... looks like he twisted his whole body awkardly. And it's also a design I dislike, he look... not sharp enough somehow.

Author:  ChillBill [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (110-101): Blobtacular

I do hope you mean Meloetta is 1st and not Victini. Also, kudos for realizing Blaziken is actually awesome.

Author:  GhostPony750 [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (110-101): Blobtacular

@Chillbill It's actually a list of the Unova Pokemon, to see who is left. ;)

Author:  ChillBill [ Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (110-101): Blobtacular

What I said still applies.

Author:  AEP: Master Trainer [ Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (110-101): Blobtacular

As a rabid Power Rangers fan myself, I can appreciate and accept your journey away from Pokémon... But I still want these to get done too! I have lots of fun showing my Pokémon-playing friends (some of whom also pull the P.R. double) these, so keep them coming!

[As a side note, PLEASE rank the Rangers at some point!! That would likely be a popular enough topic to even see it on here. Please?]

Again, the effort it takes to compile such a list must be recognized, so thanks for your hard work, Frost! While none of us are going to agree 100% with you, maybe we should get off our butts (well, figuratively) and make our own list before putting yours down too far. Keep up the rankings!

AEPMT :D 8-) :mrgreen:

Author:  Frost [ Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (110-101): Blobtacular

AEP: Master Trainer wrote:
[As a side note, PLEASE rank the Rangers at some point!! That would likely be a popular enough topic to even see it on here. Please?]

It REALLY wouldn't. These Pokemon rankings on a POKEMON forum barely even generate enough interest between updates, lol. But just so you don't go away empty-handed:

Bottom Tier: Tommy, Corcus, Tideus, Auric the Conqueror, Max, Sam, Nova, Nick, Vida, Dax, Will, Kevin, Mia, Troy

Lower Tier: Aurico, Trey, Justin, Blue Senturion, Carlos, Zhane, Damon, Cole, Danny, Merrick, Hunter, Conner, Ethan, Udonna, Leanbow, Mack, Rose, Ronnie, Tyzonn, Sentinel Knight, Casey, Jayden

Mid Tier: Zack, Cestro, Ashley, Phantom Ranger, Andros, Kai, Mike Corbett, Chad, Kelsey, Lucas, Alyssa, Blake, Kira, Trent, Jack, Sky, Syd, Chip, Daggeron, Lily, Theo, Dominic, Master Phant, Master Finn, Summer, Dillon, Emily, Antonio, Noah

Upper Tier: Jason, Trini, Rocky, Aisha, Ninjor, Delphine, Tanya, Leo, Maya, Kendrix, Magna Defender, Carter, Ryan, Dana, Trip, Katie, Taylor, Shane, Doggie, Z, Kat Manx, Madison, Clare, Master Swoop, Scott, Gem, Gemma, Samurai Mike, Lauren, Gia, Jake, Emma, Roboknight

Top Tier: Kimberly, Billy, Adam, Kat Hillard, TJ, Cassie, Karone, Joel, Jen, Wes, Eric, Dustin, Tori, Cam, Bridge, Xander, RJ, Flynn, Ziggy

LOL Tier: Any Sentai-only Rangers that have appeared in Super Megaforce so far...

Author:  Frost [ Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (110-101): Blobtacular

Don't call this a comeback. Probably because I'll wander off and not update again for another three months. But it's irritating me that this STILL isn't finished when we're going into game set TWO of Generation VI. >:(

BW Update #8: "Walk Like a Unovan"

Image 459. Uxie -- Generation IV, #480: -5/-105: This revision pre-dated XY but OMFG why did they NOT make the PIXIE TRIO part FAIRY? -.-
Image 458. Bellsprout -- Generation I, #69: -6/-106
Image 457. Attack Deoxys -- Generation III, #386: -45/-145: I overrated him a little on the last list, but he's still my favorite form of Deoxys, who as a Pokemon has grown on me over the years. I don't think he'll ever be a favorite but I do respect him.
Image 456. Ho-oh -- Generation II, #250: +20/-80: Ho-oh is another that has won me over throughout the years. He was one of my least favorites during Gen II, but he's gone up a little more with every new sprite, artwork, etc. He's a little awkward looking but the TCG and newer games do a good job at showing his majesty.

455/100. Rufflet: Generation V, #627
Rufflet is one of those Pokemon where everyone raved about how cute it is upon release whereas my feelings about it always have been much more tepid. It does have some moments where it's a bit cute, like above or a lot of its TCG artwork, but personallyme a baby bird should look like it's casting smug judgment upon me far less often than Rufflet does (omg I really hate its BW sprite for this). There's just something vaguely haughty and off-puting about Rufflet in its BW animation and Sugimori artwork and as such I like him less than I probably should. He has a really good evolution but sadly, thanks in part to evolving embarrassingly late while being pretty damn terrible in battle, I think Rufflet's the rare base form whose evolution greatly eclipses him. He's also better than Vullaby, of course, since Gamefreak made sure to put every single version exclusive I liked less into my preferred game (except Reshiram). Overall: he's just a'ight for me.

Image Image
454/99. Golurk and 453/98. Golett: Generation V, #623 and #622
Womp womp. Upon BW's release, TK and I were thrilled with the selection of new Ghost-types, most of them having unique new type combinations and all of them seemingly being really unique and interesting designs. But somewhere along the way, the luster of these two wore off on me compared to the rest. Perhaps it was because they were the only of the four Ghost-type lines that I never used in the games, although my boyfriend did <3, but more likely it's because their design courtesy of James Turner is just a little bit too robotic and rigid for my tastes, particularly the singular L-shaped computer bit right eyes. The Ghost/Ground typing always throws me a bit too because their eyes and bot-like designs in general evoke computers i.e. Electric-types while the emphasis placed on their fists, their Fighting typing in the TCG and the fact that they have Iron Fist makes them feel like they should really be Ghost/Fighting-types, but instead apropos of nothing they're part Ground even though they have built-in rocket boosters. Okay.

That's not to say that they're bad Pokemon; they ARE totally original and bring a new flavor to the series, and I'm thankful for that. Their Roman-esque armor plating, the aforementioned ability to fly at Mach speeds due to an internal power source and their mech-like essence in general were all concepts never really done in Pokemon before. I also appreciate that they're man-made Pokemon meant to serve as protectors of both people and Pokemon, which is a particularly novel idea for this series where you consider that nearly every other Ghost-type Pokemon likes to torture, harm and/or otherwise kill humanity. I was really sad when one of Golurk's Japanese promo cards was never translated into English despite many botched opportunities from TPCi, I think Golurk has a very interesting movepool and decent stats, and at the moment I do think this placement feels a little too harsh, so I suppose I do like them overall.

Image 452. Mime Jr. -- Generation IV, #439: +42/-55: lol WTF caused this bump for a lame Baby Pokemon? I think it's because on the original rankings I used Mime Jr.'s bland base sprite, whereas on the second round I used one of his intermediate frames that looked much happier and cuter.

Image Image
451/97. Sawk and 450/96. Throh: Generation V, #539 and #538
"In development, Sawk and Throh both had horns, making them look more like oni. However, they were replaced with eyebrows so as not to clash with Tornadus and Thundurus, who both were originally designed to be red and blue, like Throh and Sawk." So they're a fighting pair of oni? I guess they have as much in common with Moloch and Drahmin as they do with Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, then. Truth be told I never noticed the "oni" connection until researching these two for this write-up but I guess it does sort of explain their evil-looking, weirdly-designed faces... although that means they probably should have been Dark/Fighting instead of Scraggy and Scrafty (which would still be an upgrade for the series' first Dark/Fighting-types). Obviously Sawk and Throh are meant to be Unova's Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, being male-only humanoid martial artists and all, but unfortunately they missed the opportunity in XY to introduce a third counterpart based on, like, kickboxing, as well as a baby Pokemon to bridge all three. Slapp (the baby) and Kikk (the purple third form) for Generation VII!

Overall they're alright, but I do have some concerns. The random lines and crosses they have all over their gi, and more importantly their skin, are distracting and ugly, and so are those "eyebrows" which look more like abstract face guards. I don't like them as much as the Hitmonsters, I regularly confuse which one is Sawk and which one is Throh, and their stat distributions could have been more specialized -- it feels like they were aiming to make Throh a slow powerhouse and Sawk the glass cannon, but didn't go far enough with either one. But I do like that Throh is based on judo, which is a fighting style based around throws, and I didn't know that Sawk's fighting style was supposed to be karate, nor that he is apparently supposed to be based on a famous martial artist like Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee were, but it's interesting nonetheless. I went back and forth on which I liked more -- I prefer blue so Sawk had that edge, but in the end Throh's less lanky body and better posture won out for me.

Image 449. Poliwrath -- Generation I, #62: -5/-100: Poliwrath isn't great and isn't even the best Water/Fighting-type anymore (sup Keldeo), but the hideous new frog Pokemon we've gotten lately have given me some perspective. He's solid.

448/95. Gothita: Generation V, #574
Gothita herself is a nothing, so let's answer some burning questions about her placement relative to others. Why Gothita over Gothorita and Gothitelle? Less crazy frills, a less jacked up face, a slightly cuter design (but only slightly). Why Gothita over Solosis? Solosis is okay but couldn't be a more basic design for a Pokemon if they tried; while humanoid Pokemon are a dime a dozen, Gothita at least has body parts, and is meant to play the "baby" stage of her evolutionary line. Why is Gothita not higher? Because I'm not a huge fan of babies in real life, and as such something about her face is extremely creepy to me -- this, for example, terrifies me even though it's ostensibly supposed to be 'cute'. Also, because I don't really care about Gothita's evolutions and the line in general feels sinister. Okay? Alright.

Image 447. Staravia -- Generation IV, #397: -21/-115: He is alright but he really was annoying in DP and that kind of overwhelms everything else looking back.
Image 446. Ralts -- Generation III, #280: +28/-66: I think the entire Ralts line got bumped up on this revision thanks to Gardevoir crushin' it. Ralts can show a lot of charm when we're allowed to see past its helmet, but the helmet covering its face is still the 'default' so it's hard to bump him up TOO much.
Image 445. Chatot -- Generation IV, #441: +73/-21: Back in the day the first thing that came to mind with Chatot was its angry squawking face. Now it's this majestic TCG artwork that sadly was never released overseas. Of course the latter mental image made Chatot FAR more appealing.

444/94. Accelgor: Generation V, #617
Accelgor is the only saving grace of the Karrablast/Shelmet rectangle. I like that there's a super-fast Bug-type with good Special Attack and it's cool that there's a Pokemon truly modeled after ninjas -- I don't really count Sceptile or Ninjask -- even though it doesn't really make any sense with the Bug-type or the trading evolution concepts, and Greninja did it better three years later. However I don't really like Accelgor's expressionless face or its ambiguous design basis; Bulbapedia conjectures that it's supposed to be a tube worm or a bagworm, but none of that is really going on in Shelmet or Karrablast's line, so who knows for sure? Like with Escavalier, Accelgor benefits from things like the anime and the card game that allow it different poses and such, but unlike many other Pokemon with bland sprites, it pretty much looks the same in everything. For some reason Accelgor is ALWAYS angled in a way that makes it look like he's cast judgment on the peons below him. And unfortunately Accelgor didn't break the trend of Bug-types with decent stats having terrible movepools, so while it's interesting design there's nothing that overly attracts me to it otherwise.

Image 443. Makuhita -- Generation III, #296: -10/-103
Image 442. Luxray -- Generation IV, #405: +18/-75: He's grown on me a little since his lackluster debut... but then Pyroar came in and stole whatever shine he had to me once again. womp womp
Image 441. Bibarel -- Generation IV, #400: +10/-83: While Bibarel a star, this bump is nothing compared to the one that Goddess Most High Bidoof received. <3
Image 440. Yanmega -- Generation IV, #469: -42/-135: Yanmega always felt destined to be the new evolution that I liked initially but then cooled toward. It's just far too soulless after Yanma was so sweet and timid. Also, it should have been Bug/Dragon if Flygon wasn't.
Image 439. Smoochum -- Generation II, #238: -18/-111: She's not Jynx and she never will be~
Image 438. Rhyhorn -- Generation I, #111: +11/-82: I'm surprised Rhyhorn saw an increase when so many of the other common wild Kanto Pokemon plummeted. Rhyhorn is a little bit more interesting, I guess, and he is only common in a totally optional area.
Image 437. Piloswine -- Generation II, #221: -37/-130: Piloswine is definitely something I liked more for its typing than the design itself. I also think I liked it more when the anime was fresher in my memory banks because now I think it's just a bland pile of nothing.
Image 436. Hitmonchan -- Generation I, #107: +5/-88: I feel like I should say something here because Hitmonchan is considered an iconic Gen I Pokemon, but I got nothing.

435/93. Foongus: Generation V, #590
It says a lot about the utter shittiness of Generation V's Poison-types that, at one point, Foongus was my favorite of the lot. Okay, so that was a little harsh toward Scolipede, but as a whole they really were an unreedemable mess of reused concepts and type combinations. Foongus has a lot of the same problems as its evolution: super stupid name? Mhm. Type that makes my eyeballs bleed? Amen. Umpteenth mushroom-based Pokemon and second pseudo-Pokeball line? True, but these factors don't bother me as much. I give Foongus more of a pass because I think he's cute - not exceedingly so, or else he'd be a top favorite, but he does convey an innocence and charm that many don't. Okay, I already wrote too much about this thing, moving on.

Image 434. Nuzleaf -- Generation III, #274: +28/-64: lol what? This is such a random bump and I don't even remember what caused it. Also is anybody else creeped out that they drew tiny dots where Nuzleaf would have nipples if he were human? >_>
Image 433. Grovyle -- Generation III, #253: +9/-83
Image 432. Relicanth -- Generation III, #369: -14/-106: Relicanth is kind of dull but I was just actually thinking about him the other day because my boyfriend started a town on my Animal Crossing game and it was raining so I remembered you could fish out coelacanths. <3
Image 431. Ekans -- Generation I, #23: +2/-90
Image 430. Charmeleon -- Generation I, #5: +26/-66: I definitely hit Charmeleon a little too harshly for being a jerk on the first list. It's undeniably got personality, which is more than the vast majority of middle evolutions can say. I just don't like its personality though.

429/92. Simisear: Generation V, #514
I'd like to reiterate that I'm probably the only fan of the monkey trio in history, but the Fire line is the worst of the three for a couple of reasons. First is that I picked Tepig and then Snivy so I never had the game conveniently hand me Pansear, and even if it did, Simisear really does kind of suck and is extremely outclassed whereas Simipour and Simisage are much more useful in-game. We also already had a Fire-type monkey line that I liked more in Chimchar and, hell, we even had another Fire-type simian line IN BLACK AND WHITE, although to be fair I do like Simisear more than Darmanitan. He just feels like the weak link of the Simi trio, abandoning the "hear no evil" motif of Pansear in favor of... unkempt shagginess? Lack of inner equilibrium? A hangover face? I remember somebody in the chat (Krisp?) said he looked fabulous upon reveal, but outside of his fierce rendition of "Walk Like an Egyptian," he looks entertainingly drunk more than anything, and definitely bows down to Simipour in the fabulous department. I also resent Pansear and Simisear a little because, as Fire-types, they were printed a few extra times in the card game and came the closest to validating the droves of TCG haters who boohooed the monkey trio for being "printed too much." :roll: So I like him but I don't feel overly compelled to defend him like I do Simisage and Simipour.

Image 431. East Gastrodon -- Generation IV, #422: -37/-128: I'm surprised I used to like this one more. For whatever reason the pink one made more of an impact while I was doing the rankings this time...
Image 430. West Gastrodon -- Generation IV, #422: -35/-126: ...but that still doesn't change the fact that I ranked them way too highly last time. Gastrodon somehow morphing in an OU force in Generation V that eclipsed Quagsire and Swampert will never not make me lol though.

426/91. Tranquill: Generation V, #520
After the Starly line's strong showing in DP, I was really looking forward to seeing what BW's early bird archetype would bring us. I really liked Pidove, but Tranquill was the first sign that something was off here. His natural level-up moves combined with his stat spread meant for disappointment, and even his design looks kind of goofy when you really look at it - for example that mane of feathers behind its neck that looks more really long hair. It's also very generic to the point that one can barely place what kind of bird it's supposed to be. Is it a big mutant pigeon? Some sort of crack dove because its Pokedex entries mention how it keeps the peace? Even Tranquill's appearances in supplementary material like the anime and the TCG invoke a feeling of it just being there. At the same time, after Staravia's reign of terror (and even dumber looking hair) throughout the wilds of Sinnoh, Tranquill looking less stupid and not being as annoying in the wild is perhaps all I really needed. So he's decent in the respect that you can come across his picture and go "yeah, it's okay" and then promptly forget about him again.

Author:  Lord Darksol [ Sun Jan 05, 2020 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (100-91): Walk Like a Unovan

And to think, after all this Farfetch'd got an evolution...

Author:  KierTronik [ Wed May 13, 2020 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (100-91): Walk Like a Unovan

And sirfeched is actually pretty good and has a signature fighting type giga impact :) .

Author:  Lord Darksol [ Wed May 13, 2020 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (100-91): Walk Like a Unovan

KierTronik wrote:
And sirfeched is actually pretty good and has a signature fighting type giga impact :) .

Oh my gosh! Another person is on Psypokes! I'm not the only one!

Author:  KierTronik [ Wed May 13, 2020 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (100-91): Walk Like a Unovan

Lord Darksol wrote:
KierTronik wrote:
And sirfeched is actually pretty good and has a signature fighting type giga impact :) .

Oh my gosh! Another person is on Psypokes! I'm not the only one!
yeah i just signed up today i just wish they would update the dex :geek:

Author:  Lord Darksol [ Thu May 14, 2020 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (100-91): Walk Like a Unovan

yeah i just signed up today i just wish they would update the dex :geek:

Who doesn't?

Author:  KierTronik [ Thu May 14, 2020 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost's Unova Rankings (100-91): Walk Like a Unovan

Lord Darksol wrote:
yeah i just signed up today i just wish they would update the dex :geek:

Who doesn't?


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