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 another solution to saving problems [and for cheating] 
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Lite Four
Lite Four
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This can be used with RBY AND GSC.

I don't really expect this thread to get any replies (and probably a minimum amount of views since nobody plays GSC anymore), but I thought I'd just throw this out here in case someone actually does care.

I recently discovered a product that can back up saved data AND do your cheating all in one device. It is called Monster Brain, and it can be found on EBay for a relatively cheap price. I got mine for $1.29 + shipping, but it seems to be slightly less common and more expensive now. I made a video on it located here, but since my camera sucks floppy donkey :censored: , I'm going to break down all the things it can do in text. All pink text is GSC exclusive.

Start Game
-> Starts the game, pretty self explanatory.

-> Doesn't work. Broken function.

Blast Off
-> Doesn't work. Broken function.


-> Edit your name
-> Edit your rival's name
-> Edit properties
-----> edit money
-----> edit time
-----> edit badges
-----> edit clock
-----> edit ID #
-----> edit seen dex
-----> edit caught dex
-----> edit Gear
-----> Allow Fly

-> Edit Monsters 1 through 6
-----> edit monster type
-----> edit monster nickname
-----> edit gender / type
-----> item held
-----> store as egg?

-----> monster status
-----> current HP
-----> max HP
-----> level
-----> EXP points
-----> ID #
-----> Original trainer
-----> Technique 1
-----> Technique 2
-----> Technique 3
-----> Technique 4
-> Edit pack
-----> edit items
-----> edit balls
-----> edit key items
-----> edit TM/HM

-> Enter Poke [broken function, does not work]
-> Save changes


-> Backup (backs up saved data)
-> Restore (restores a file saved in the monster brain to the cartridge inserted)
-> Delete (deletes a backup)
-> Erase saved game (erases saved game on the cartridge (!))

Honestly I think it's a great product, and if you hate when your game randomly corrupts your data, I highly suggest getting this. It's also good to edit your Pokemon and items and makes things a lot easier.


Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:05 am
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something i defintly neeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i care for my gold game!!

Sat Nov 01, 2008 1:09 pm
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Ace Trainer

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Sounds good, but I want to know how much internal batteries cost individually (or at least usually) in the US before I buy this thing, seems like it could be just as harmful as helpful.

But it would stop my friend from using my rechargeable SP on charge all the time if he could do it without turning the GB off.

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Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:31 pm
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Lite Four
Lite Four
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Joined: Sun May 29, 2005 6:21 pm
Posts: 3472 is it harmful? It hasn't caused any harm to my games. :? Don't make any blind assumptions either.

Batteries that fit inside the cartridges (CR2016, CR2025, and CR032) are about $2.50 each. They usually come in a pack of 2 though, so you'll be paying just under $5. You can get any of the 3, but CR2025 is the most desirable. CR2016 is a pretty small battery, so I try to avoid it and get CR2032 if I cannot find CR2025 at the store. The only problem with CR2032 is its larger than the battery thats *supposed* to be in the cartridge (CR2025) so its a bit harder to get the cartridge back together. My Silver Version runs off a CR2025, Gold and Crystal run off CR2032. All three are Durecell brand.


Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:45 am
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Does it automatically save? I have when I'm playing Gold and I haven't saved in awhile, I accidentally knock it against something and it freezes up or restarts and I lose possibly a couple hours' worth of training.

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Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:34 am
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no it doesnt attomatically save...

i got a monster brain like 9 years ago.

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Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:14 pm
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You're seven years too late...or actually at the time this thread was created you were only a year, just barely too late!
I could have used this in 2007 when my Silver battery died and I lost my file and everything valuable I had on it. To top it off I had no idea this was possible until it happened so though I had Stadium 2 that couldn't have crossed my mind. But knowing there was a way to back up the data might have caught my attention just the same.

Don't need it for anything now, I recently started a Crystal file where I found a shiny Gastly only to find out the clock being severely behind was the first symptom of the battery dying. Haven't touched it since but it can still die without being used. That's how I discovered it had happened on Silver. I hadn't turned it on for some months actually and then surprise, my very valuable file that I had worked hard for seven year on was gone.

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Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:00 pm
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