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 Hitch-Hikers' Guide to: Nuclear Fallout (Not a PKM FF) T* 
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Hello, everyone. Comedianmasta's Back and posting his latest project here for all to see! You'll be getting a SLIGHTLY more edited version of my newest creation, Hitch-Hikers' Guide to: Nuclear Fallout. Now, forgive me, I've been out of the Psypoke loop for some time, and will need to re-get used to the url style handling here, but I will be trying to effect my work as much as possible. If you like what you read, my work HAS been posted on Fictionpress (can be seen in "Comedianmasta's Return" thread).

So, let's get right to it, shant we?

*Warning, this Fanfiction is rated "T" because some events, language, setting, and otherwise banterous humor may not be suitable for children. Events take place in a Post-Apocolyptic inviorment and are, thus, portrayed as so. Please be aware: reading past this point without authorization from a Parent may expose you to content normally found in Rated M or T games or rated PG-13 to R movies. Although I have faith in Psypokes censoring abilities (sometimes over-censoring), I do not take responsibility with what you may find in the texts below.

*All locations and persons, although based on or around real people and events, are COMPLETLEY fictional. This does NOT reflect the morals, style, attitude, or goals of the factions, the persons, or the places in which are reffured in this fiction. Please keep that in mind, all over-exagerations (even of that absed on real people) are just that: exagerations for the sake of comedy.

Hitch-Hikers' Guide to: Nuclear Fallout
Genre: Humor, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure

Synops: When the great war left our land ravenged and destroyed, and all hope was lost, humanity retreated to its roots. The internet, a very major part of communication, remained through the ash and through the fighting. The survivors of this new world utilized it, turning the internet into the WWBC, a large, forum-like website that had everything nessessary for survivors to communicate and survive, learning from the lessons of others.

When Nathaniel Flint stumbles upon the Colony in Washington D.C., he finds an old friend from the WWBC. Through a scarring event and some well placed words, Nate ropes in Brom Shatner to join him in a stretch mission of hope to Africa. Problem is, nothing ever goes as planned. Now the two are stuck on the biggest roadtrip through Europe ever concieved.

Inspiration: Based off an old idea (which I came up for right here at Psypoke) a wrote something based off a group of friends and myself. We were all really close together, and we were perfectly spread out through the United States and Europe. So, I devised a comedy bent around our individual personalities and strengths and made a hilarious trip through space and time.

PLEASE DON'T judge this based off this. There are NO Gary Sues or Susy Qs in this story (well... not really). All of them are CHARACTERS. Although based off of real life people, they are characters and their personalities have been exagerated, altered, and fleshed out to represent the best possible CHARACTER of that person.

STATUS: In-Complete (up to chapter 28) for more "Nuclears"
Alright, let's start this party out right.

Walking. Is that all we do? Walk, now a days? I mean, sure

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