Raising the Standards - IMPORTANT - BLACKLIST ADDED
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Author:  Valentine [ Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Raising the Standards - IMPORTANT - BLACKLIST ADDED

I'm raising the standards for advertisements oh noes!!!

I've been seeing nothing but trash lately when I check advertising threads. Seriously. Out of all the threads on the front page (not counting stickies and testing threads, of course), more than half of them (67.5 percent exactly, yes i'm a nerd) are insufficient, poorly-written...hell, just plain bad. And boring. So, I'm raising the standards. It won't just be good for my eyes, it will be better for you, the advertiser, as well. A well-written, organized and creative essay gets you an A in class. A well-written, organized and creative advertisement gets more members to join your forums, more publicity, and most importantly, my approval! :D It doesn't matter if your forum is nothing special – if it meets my standards, we're cool.

Now, about the actual standards...

- I expect at least two paragraphs describing your forum, and not just one sentence each like I always write them. A full paragraph. What your teacher would want. If you don't know how many that is, mannn.

- You will list some of the things about the website or whatever you're advertising. An example of this is from Sneaky_Sneasel's ad:
* Create a custom player, at any position on the football field, and assign any name you want
* Train your player from the ground up to be the type of player you want
* Gain experience from playing games to improve your player's abilities
* Sign with teams from around the world and negotiate your contract
* Create custom signature equipment
* And much more!

- If your site has any advertising images (buttons, signatures, etc.), put them in your post. If you'll be getting some later, edit them into your post. No posting just to introduce a 500x100 image with your forum's name on it. Plus, this makes it easier for those of us who are too lazy to look around your site for them.

- Put in a little snippet from your rules. This will give readers a taste of what you expect at your site. And it shouldn't be 'no spamming, no flaming, no discussion of ROMS, have fun.'


examples of good advertisements
most of these don't meet all the standards, but they're pretty close.

Chronicler - 'Pokemon Turquoise Text RPG'
bluebell_rose - 'Anime Gateway'
spongedude - '§mash Titans'
tennis8668 - 'The Spriting Shack'
Sneaky_Sneasel - 'Goal Line Blitz'


note: If your advertisement does not meet up to most of these standards, I will PM you with a warning and a span of two days to fix it up. If it's not done by then, I lock it, and the link to your forum will be removed. No questions asked. BUT, I won't count you off if you don't show up some day, or not at all. It starts as soon as you log on.

Update (July 1st, 08): It seems that not a lot of people are actually reading this notice..which, as can be expected, isn't helping the forum at all, or my temper. So, I'm going to have to get a little stricter!

If your advertisement is simply one or two lines followed by a link to your forum, I will lock it and remove the link at first sight! Since you pay absolutely no attention to important topics that you should read before doing anything related to the forum, why should I give you the opportunity to revise? However, if you beg and beg and beg and give me virtural puppy eyes via PM, I may give you a day..

Update (August 31st, 08): Okay, this is ridiculous. I don't really want to go to this measure, but people STILL aren't reading to this thread and it's really starting to piss me off. So, I've added a blacklist.

If you're not sure what a blacklist is, it's a list of people who cannot advertise in this forum. Ever. They are free to post on other user's advertisements, but they cannot post any of their own. If you're on the blacklist and I catch you making threads, you're in a heap of trouble.


Don't worry about fixing your advertisements right now - this is for future threads.

Author:  bluebell_rose [ Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Raising the Standards - IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ

good to know that anime gateway's advertisement meets the standards. um, I posted a link to the rules. Do I need to do anything else? Like how I should fix it as the gateway staff are in the process of making a new advertisement description so any critiques would be welcome. I updated my post with the new one so yeah, any ideas on whether it needs to be worked on would be greatly appreciated.

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