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Hey guys, I'm kinda Testing and Advertising. I'm working on an idea for a new book. It's kinda sad, if I start it it would bring my current project count to three, so I'd need to drop my hiest novel for later. Anyway, so here it is. I'm working on a strange thriller/mystery novel that will hopefully spark interest into all. I call it National Threat right now, and it's about.... well... let's go to the reason I'm posting.

Nati?nal Threat

Backdrop: Election season, and the candidacy is in, for the first time, a hot three way tie. After a terrible turnout scandal for the Democratic Candidate, it’s between a split fifty/fifty between the Republican and Independent Candidate. Media’s tough, and the campaigning’s more harsh then ever in history. There’s only one thing that could spell instant victory to one candidate or the other, and that’s if the other dies.

CRACK! A shot rings out during the Republican national convention. The Republican candidate is dead and his killer at large and in escape. In all the craziness one loan Best Buy employee get’s caught up in the mix. Now it’s up to the assassin and the employee to uncover the mystery of why an unknown employer would pay so much for an impossible mission and who this unknown employer is.

The Assassin- Patrick McNeal grew up in the mayhem of the Irish Civil War. His mother was a victim of the Northern Irish bombing run and his father died from an Irish Police raid gone wrong. Patrick and his brother, Connor, looked at the Irish situation differently. Eventually, they chose different sides, and were split up. Patrick grew up to be a young cadet in the Irish police Academy, and a star student, but the rules of engagement never appealed to him. One day, he decided against it, and delved into a world of mercenaries and assassins. He built up his name and became a top assassin and a gun-for-hire against the Northern Irish.

The Looser- Michael Tymbermen was never much of a leader. Graduated High School #2 in his class and having the eighth highest SAT score in the state his Junior year, he was always just out of the spotlight. Working his way through the ranks, his best accomplishment in life was making it to manager of his local Best Buy. His skills include math, a basic understanding of Russian, fluent in Spanish and French, and he has a clean driving record. He was an only child whose mother was overprotective and his father was always disappointed in how his son turned out.

The Connection- After McNeal hits the Republican candidate and barely escapes capture, he crashes his stolen car while escaping. He takes down the regular-joe Tymbermen and together they escape death in a ditch. After getting out of the crash, the police and soldiers chasing McNeal fire blindly into the ditch, forcing Tymbermen and McNeal to flee into the woods. Now Tymbermen tries to figure out why someone would pay a large some of cash for a close to impossible job. McNeal hears something he recognizes, and begins to see not a scandal, but a conspiracy that may infiltrate into the thick of the United States government. Now McNeal and Tymbermen have to survive their escape and solve a mystery to prevent a disaster in the making.

As you've probably seen, it's got potential. Anyway, tell me what you think? Extra things I can add is that most of the book will probably take place in the wilderness, in the forest/woods and possibly on a mountain/hill type landscape but it will eventually end in a city, and then eventually an office building. I don't want to say too much until I figure out enough. Anyway...

So if you got any thoughts, suggestions, Yaya, or Nays on it. "It sucks" or "Sounds good" doesn't count and will be considered spam. Please actually have a conversation.

PS: This does not mean Cleansing Warswick will be stoped/slowed down in it's posting (since it's technically finished) or that it's sequal will stop (not yet posted).

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