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Author:  dat-mudkip [ Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Help with...writing...

gawd I feel stupid asking this

Brand new here. Like literally. Never heard of this place, haven't been here prior to two-three nights ago. Always used Bulbapedia...and never came across this for one reason or another.

Anyway, I'm a Mudkip whom normal is on deviantART. But when I saw you could post stories of your own here, I'd figure I'd make a Pokemon story here first, get feedback, then put it on deviantART.

As such, comes my 'issue'.
Again, being about as new as I can get, I have NO idea how this place works. At deviantART, we got this thing called a st.ash. You could almost call this a 'Work In Progress' profile, as you could make art, stories, etc here without it being posted to deviantART...unless, of course, you choose to upload it. The only way you can get there is if you are the owner of the 'account', or if you have a direct link.

As such, this makes good use of story typing as I can type a few paragraphs, stop for a while, come back tomorrow, and repeat until the story is done...or until I hit the character limit...then work on splitting things into multiple parts..."fun"... :frustrated:

Now, were exactly can I make stories like this here WITHOUT posting until I want it to be public? Or can I not do that?

Again, feel very, very silly.

If anyone wishes to help me out, that'd be grand great!

Crap I'm talking somewhat like a British again...why does this keep happeningI don't even..........

Author:  DNA [ Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help with...writing...

Welcome to you good sir. Glad you made the right choice to come to the phenomenal resource known as Psypoke. /flex

Ego aside, it is good to see you. Your question, how I see it, is "how does this place work", and "how can I store things without making them public just yet".

I'll answer the second one first since it's faster: when creating a new thread, OR when making a new post to a thread, there's a button right next to Submit that says "Save draft". Hitting that saves your post/thread in a draft folder that you can go back and edit any time - though each time you go into it, you save your changes by hitting "Save draft" again - hitting Submit posts the post/thread.

This makes it so you can type up long lists of things without making them public until they're ready enough for you.

When your post/thread is already made public, if you want to make subsequent changes, hit "Edit" at the top right of your post and you can make changes there, then save them with Submit.

Going to edit in which kinds of threads go where shortly.


Saffron City: Topics to talk about life in general, honestly. Whatever interesting thing comes to mind (and doesn't fit into any of the other categories) goes here.
ALL GLORY TO THE FLOATING CLEFFA: Same as above but a lot more lax and goofy.
Lumiose City: Bringing up entertainment stuff, like TV programmes, video games, music, and so on.

Pokemon Center: Any Pokemon-related topic that isn't game-specific usually goes here.
Victory Road: If you wrote a guide of some kind and want to share it, post it here! I think non-Pokemon game guides are fair game as well but most of them will be Pokemon-related.
Battle Tower: For the competitive VG battling sphere.
Pokemon Stadium: For organizing trades. You can make your own thread or request in another's (or both).
Orange Islands: The Pokemon anime section.
TCG Islands: Not surprisingly, the Pokemon TCG section.
Ransei Region: All of the spinoff games talk goes in here.

Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos are for the respective generations 1-6 respectively. Remakes go in the region they're set in (for example, HGSS talk goes in Johto, not Sinnoh).

Kanto Safari Zone: Forum games created by members for members! There is a bit of structure required, though, so check up on it.
Lilycove Museum: For posting and reviewing of your own creative works such as writing and artwork. This is probably the section you most want.
Ecruteak Theater: To create forum-based (PBP) roleplays. As with Safari Zone there is structure required and all RPs are subject to approval before posting. Check up on it.
Oreburgh Mining Museum: The place to post "How do I _________?" about how this site Psypoke works in general.
Viridian Forest: Found a bug that needs fixing? Post about it and it'll get fixed in about two months when Serps gets around to it when Serps has time when Serps feels like it.
Slateport Market: I honestly am not sure what this section is for anymore.

The last two sections are archives and are thus not used.

Author:  dat-mudkip [ Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help with...writing...

Alright. This'll be handy for a while. Thanks! :)

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