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Author:  Goldenprince [ Mon Sep 05, 2005 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Art Guide

<center>Art Explanations and General Question Answers.
Please read if you need any art made, some topics you want to post or questions may be answered right here. I've seen some newcomers needing to make art, READ HERE FIRST</center>
  • Banners/Signatures
    There is a guide on that right here.
    Try looking through that to learn a bit if you are a beginner on them.

  • Avatars/Non-Animated/Fusions
    1. Go to MS paint or your paint program.
    2. Start with getting some pokemon pictures/sprites from or in the psypoke picture dex after you somehow contact an admin without Private Messaging to get permission.
    3.Open a second MS Paint or your art program. MS paint is for Microsoft Windows users. It is the easiest to use for beginners. Beginners should use it.
    4. Open a picture on MS Paint(either the first or second).
    5. Use the select tool and select a square on where you want to fuse/copy to other picture.
    6. Then Click on the top toolbar, overlap the "EDIT" Button then click on copy.
    7. Go to your second opened art program. Open another picture(fusions) after you click "FILE" Button, then click open.
    8. Stretch the image page a little by moving the Square dot around at the bottom right edge of the page until it is big enough to fit another picture.
    9. After that, overlap the "EDIT" Button and click "PASTE". You will get the picture you had on the other MS Paint.
    10. Play around with the Select tool again, Select the pieces of the picture you want to fuse, then keep moving them to the picture you want it to fuse, that will end up of fusing.
    11. Recolors: If you want to do recolors, open a picture, then use the paint bucket tool or the pencil tool. You will see that the picture has dark and light colors, use a lighter color for the light parts, darker colors for the dark parts. It'll look better that way, but if you don't want to do that (won't look good), no one says you have to.
    If you still have any questions, let me/whoever know to add some detail by Private Messaging.

  • Animations: Glowing Avatars
    Those are the ones RaichuLatias/RL made at the graphics section.
    1. You need a program that can do animations
    Examples: The GIMP, Photoshop 3.0/Photoshop other version Imageready, Animation Shop, etc.
    The beginners should use Animation Shop. Never mind, the download is down. Something else will be edited on as soon as possible.
    2. To make an glowing avatar, take a pokemon picture you want to make glow.
    3. Go to MS paint first and open a art file.(Note: Make sure the picture isn't bigger than 70x70 Pixels/Dimensions(Psypoke Limit size).
    4. save the picture when you overlap "FILE" button, and outline the whole picture, whatever way you would like to outline it, save it each whole pokemon outline.
    5. After that, go to animation shop and click the "ANIMATION WIZARD" at the toolbar, keep searching for it.
    6. Open all the pictures you would want to animate in the exact order, the no glow picture first, small glow second, then continue with the glow from small to big.
    7. Reopen the second biggest glow and continue reopening the glows that are smaller than the second biggest from order big to smallest.
    8. After you have all the frames on, click continue/ok/whatever word it says.
    9. Continue through and it will open all of them in order. Click on the "VIEW" Button, then click "ANIMATION/Show animation/whatever".
    It'll show your animation in size 10, if you didn't edit the speed on the animation wizard. 10 is the default.
    10. If you want to change the speed, right click each frame/picture. and then click "Frame Properties". Change all/some of the frame speeds to the size you would want.
    11. If you can't change it while it is showing the animations, Click/overlap the "VIEW" Button, then click "ANIMATION/Show animation/whatevername" again. that'll get you to the frame showing where you can right click them and change the speed.
    12. After your speed and frames, plus everything is what you want, go click/overlap the "FILE" button until the toolbar comes, after, click "SAVE AS"(you probably all know, but incase you don't, I will tell you).
    13. It'll be saved after.
    14. We will get to typing the picture on forums later, it is for everything, sigs, avatars, animations, pictures, photos, etc.

  • Animations: Flashy Avatars
    1. Go to MS paint, do exactly the same as you did for glowings, except don't outline the picture, recolor it and save it everytime you colored it a different color.
    2. Go to animation shop and do exactly the same as the glowings except open all the recolored pictures instead of outlining pictures.
    3. That is all, If you need anything else, Private Message me or someone that knows.

  • Animations: Others
    1. Well, this is almost the same, go to MS paint and edit all the pictures you want in the animation.
    2. Go to Animation shop and do exactly the same as the other animations, except open the pictures you want in the animation, make all the pictures the same pixels/size/dimensions.
    3. Preview it, edit the speed or whatever you want.
    4. Go save it when you click/overlap "FILE" button, then click "Save As".
    5. That is simple as the others. If you have any questions, ask me by private messaging or tell me to update something on.

  • Animations: Christmas Light(Named by RaichuLatias/RL)
    1. It is just flashing/changing color and glowing together, put both of the tips on Flashing and glowing together to make one.
    2. We don't need to go through it step by step since I explained Flashing and Glowing, just combine the knowledge from both of them and fuse them together to make one.

  • Opacity/Ghost Like(for advanced sigs and others)
    1. I only know how on Photoshop.
    2. Go to the square at the bottom right of the photoshop(it will have the layers and others).
    3. Select the layer you want invisibility on, then look on the top where it says "OPACITY.
    4. Click on it and make it lower, the lower it is, the more invisible it is, if it is set to 0, it will be unseeable.
    5. That is how you do it, questions are leaved to Private Messaging with me or anyone who knows.

  • Transparency/No background
    1. I only know how on Photoshop, Click on the Magic wand tool. It looks like a magic wand/a stick/tree branch/whatever it looks like for you.
    2. Select the area you want transparent on.
    3. Make sure the layers on the bottom right square doesn't have a lock symbol beside it.
    4. If it does, right click it, click on "DUPLICATE LAYER", then there is a popup, click ok, then you will get the second layer, delete the layer that has the lock beside it and leave the second layer.
    5. If the area is still selected by the magic wand, press the "DEL/DELETE" Button on the keyboard
    --NOTE: It will delete simuliar colors, do NOT make the image color and the background color alike.--
    6. That is how you do it on Photoshop, Private Message me for updates and questions. I will NOT take questions on how to do it on other programs since I don't know, but forum color always works.

  • Forum Color/Fake Transparency on Psypoke
    1. I will NOT say the color code I think that is right incase someone complains.
    2. To find out, either ask someone that knows, do not private message an Administrator/Elite Four
    3. Second way is to press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard, find the abbrieviated form of Print Screen and press it.
    4. Laptop: Press the "FN" key on the bottom left of the keyboard if you have it, hold it down, don't let go, then click "Prnt Screen/Print Screen(Abbrieviated form on your keyboard however it says it)".
    NOTE: Press it when Psypoke Forums is open. Don't press it when it is not.
    Credit: I will give credit to Chimaerax for telling me to press "FN" Key on laptop since I am using one.
    5. Go to MS Paint/ Art Program and press CTRL+V or go to overlap the "EDIT" button and press paste, that will paste the page you pressed Print Screen on. You should've done it on the forum.
    6. Use the eyedropper tool to get the color.
    7. I wouldn't be sure on the exact color, so don't Private Message me or Message/Email me for the color. Other questions and updates would be accepted.

  • Art Formats
    Ok... Some info on formats.

    PNG: Will not change anything to your picture, stays the same as it is, but it will take more space. [Note: Preferred for MS Paint users]

    GIF: I think only type that works for animations. Most transparent pictures are in this format, but some others work with transparency too.
    [Note: Don't use this format in MS Paint, it gives bad effects]

    JPEG/JPG: Takes less space, but gives a blurry effect to images.

    BMPs: Depends on what kind of bitmap you save it as, basically. [Note: May change ur colors for some]

    Pixar: Not really sure.

    PCX: Not sure either.

    PICT: Also not sure.

    PSE: Photo Creation Format? Lol.

    If you would help with some of them, I would be glad to give credit and add it on, I don't care about custom save types for different editors, only basic ones.

<center>:roll: Just Helping Around, since I see a lot of people needing help on animations and others. :roll:</center>

Edited 01/11/07- Some formats added.
Edit by RL: Stickified

Author:  Magcargo [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

does it cost?

Author:  Goldenprince [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Animation shop? that is the download of the free trial, it is 60day free trial, after 30 days, u can increase the trial to another 30 days. You can buy it though, but u dont have to. its a animation guide to beginners, beginners can just get a trial and sorta get the idea, other animators are too complicated for beginners.

Author:  Magcargo [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

So what animation shop should i go to?

Author:  Goldenprince [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

The one on the link. Just download it and try it, if you like it and you have money or CHEATING plans, you can go buy Animation Shop3.0 or CHEAT on getting it a licensed copy.

Author:  Magcargo [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

whats cheat?

Author:  gloom master [ Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:20 am ]
Post subject: 

whats cheat?

using a serial number generator like goldenprince did....

Author:  Galar [ Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:54 am ]
Post subject: 

Great tutorial. If you know how, you could add a "How to Sprite" guide, like spriting out of drawings or pictures (much like Riku did here). Or maybe someone else (even Riku himself) could teach us how to do it. Well, if its just about drawing the pictures really small using the MS Paint and coloring, nevermind...

Author:  Seraphim Riku [ Wed Sep 07, 2005 2:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Well I was thinking about doing a Sprite tutorial, but total business in my life could prevent me from making it, so I dont know yet. :?

Author:  Goldenprince [ Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:35 pm ]
Post subject: 

I can add one on, but its really kinda like fusions. If you really want to add something, do it in exact words, i dont like profreeding. Pm me it.

Author:  Gardevoir1313 [ Fri Dec 30, 2005 2:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm having an issue downloading this. I click on the animation shop "Try" button, but it takes me to the download for "Photoshop Ten", and I don't want that...

Author:  TheKyogreKing [ Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Where is the avatar gallery? i need to know. its driving me mad!

Author:  The Obsidian Wolf [ Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:23 am ]
Post subject: 

Go to profile, scroll all the way down, click on show gallery, and then you have another dropdown menu with Pokemon, and trainers in each of the games. :wink:

Author:  Goldenprince [ Thu Jan 11, 2007 5:06 pm ]
Post subject: 

Eeks... So.. I'm back temporarily, ask what u want and request anything by pm anytime, before I leave -.-.

BTW- Formats edited on to first post, any other suggestions? I'll consider and give credit..


Author:  Preblooch [ Tue Jan 16, 2007 6:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ms paint comes with all windows compys si? I have windows 2k and on my paint I cant find any kind of animation thingy. *Cries*

Author:  Goldenprince [ Tue Jan 16, 2007 9:41 pm ]
Post subject: 

sorry.. u cant make animations in windows paint..
If u want to make animations, u could download a trial of animation shop(its pretty easy).

Try this
Not sure if it'll work or not though. Worth a try.. its paint shop pro with animation shop. The animation shop download is down on the official site.

Yeah i know, Paint doesnt have much we want. :(

errr.. again- edit

havent tried doing animations with it yet.. but successfully installed and launched. Still trying to find out how to go to the attached animation shop... Maybe it doesnt have it.. not sure

Author:  Natalya [ Mon Jun 18, 2007 5:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

With Paint Shop Pro the animation shop should be under it in the start/flie menu. When you click on the programs name from the start menu the side/ additonal menu should show the program. PSP comes with the animation shop with every program I've ever used of pro. I prefer photoshop because of the export to 'Image Ready' it just makes making animations easier.

Author:  pokemaniac64 [ Sun Jul 01, 2007 7:19 am ]
Post subject: 

I already know how to make a picture or banner, but how do I post one? :oops:

Author:  pokemaniac64 [ Sun Jul 01, 2007 7:26 am ]
Post subject: 

<a><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>

well, here's my trapinch drawing...

Author:  dom a nater [ Tue Jul 17, 2007 1:35 am ]
Post subject: 

well could u tell me to to do that?plz plz plz plz plz pzl pzlplpzlplzplzlzplzpzlpzklzplzlzplzplzplzpplzppzlpzl pPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author:  origenalpokemaster [ Thu Jul 19, 2007 3:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

can u get on that website
{rattata} {butterfree}

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