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Name: Annemarie Johansen
Profession: Student

Appearance: Chin-length wavy and a bit bushy hair, tall.
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Body type: lanky
Hair and eye colors: Extremely light blonde hair, blue eyes.
Face type: diamond
Other physical features: None
Clothing style: European
Speech style: Danish

Personality: Cool, calm and collected. She tries to look to the bright side of things, and is very loyal to her family and Ellen.
General demeanor:
How he/she sees himself: A regular student.
Best qualities: Friendly, caring for others, and responsible.
Worst qualities: Does not have much courage and depends on her parents for help.

Background: Annemarie Johansen is a regular Danish schoolgirl who resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. She lives with a loving mother and father, and a little sister who must have her share in everything. She has but one best friend, a Jewish girl named Ellen.
Parents: Inge Johansen, the father remains nameless for the story.
Siblings: Kirsti and Lise Johansen.
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Childhood history: Her older sister, Lise Johansen, had died in a tragic accident while out with her future husband. Most other times in her younger years were regular.
Recent history: Nazis have come to Copenhagen to take Jews away to somewhere else. Many attractions, shops and transportation have been closed or even burned down. There are German soldiers on every street corner. It is not a pretty sight.
Plans for the future: For the Nazis to leave, and for all the Jews of Denmark, especially Ellen and her family, to remain safe.

That is a RP form of Annemarie Johansen from one of my favorite books, Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry. It is a very heartwarming story. You should read it some time! :D


Thu Apr 05, 2007 7:49 am
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Location: I detest Kyogre! Huh? This isn't the 'least fave pokemon thread'?
Name: Viles
Profession: Athlete, Pokemon Trainer
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Hair/Eye colours: Dark blue hair, blazing red eyes
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Other Physical features: None
Clothing Style: Dark blue trousers, sleeveless red shirt.
Speech Style: full of expression

Personality: Extremely stubborn, he never backs away from anything, even when all hope is lost.
How he sees himself: One of the best, but with room for improvement
Best qualities: Values evryone elses lives on a higher scale than his own
Worst Qualities: Does not know how to show mercy

Background: Lived an average childhood in Sootopolis City, but after his mother died from a bad/human case of Pokerus, he left to go exploring.
Parents: A lond dead mother, a caring father who is a retired famous athlete.
Siblings: None
Hometown: Sootopolis City
Recent History: Completed his party of 6 eeveelutions.

Jolteon: Shock Wave, Thunder, Sand Attack, Thundershock

Vaporeon: Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Tail Whip, Aurora Beam

Espeon: Psybeam, Psychic, Psyche Up, Confusion

Umbreon: Pursuit, Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Moonlight

Leafeon: Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf, Sunny Day, Solar Beam

Glaceon: Icy Wind, Frostbite, Hail, Blizzard

Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:23 am
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Voila my first character.

Name: Keith Vincent Muroa
Age: 16
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 112 lbs
Eyes: Ivory
Hair: Ebony – unkempt, but not wild
Clothing: Stark white pants, with matching wristbands, a black PKMN League T-shirt with white lettering, and a white fedora to contrast mirrored black shades. Oh, his shoes are black-and-white, as are his fingerless gloves. Some would say he’s an… anti-statement?

Keith Muroa was born to one of those typical Pacifidlog Families: a mother who stayed at home, a father who fished Krabby for a living, and a rambunctious older brother who someday dreamed of traveling all over Hoenn, Johto, and even the far-off Kanto in conquest of Pokémon Mastership.

When Keith was eight, his brother – three years his senior – left home for that specific quest, taking the family’s Wailmer out to sea with a balmy volition to never return. Unfortunately for the young trainer-to-be, he didn’t even reach the mainland of Slateport before a terrible storm surged up over the sea, overcoming the boy and his inexperienced Wailmer. They were swallowed up by the vengeful sea, never to be seen again.

In lieu of his brother’s tragedy, Keith suppressed his own desires to travel the world – all the way up to his fifteenth birthday. On that night, he wrote a letter to his mother, explaining that he simply couldn’t stay at home any longer, and he left that night, taking his own little boat to Slateport. Since then, he has crisscrossed most of Hoenn in search of more and more Pokémon… not like he ever finds that many.

Keith himself is a fairly reserved individual. He strays on the shigher side, preferring to stick with his Pokémon over attending the local rave, etc. On the flip side, he knows how to laugh - he's not emo - and he -can- make friends when he tries. It's just that he's more of a... wandering soul... than a people person.

Keith was the antithesis to the rest of Pacifidlog’s inhabitants. He liked water-types plenty enough, but he simply couldn’t keep himself from falling in love with the “dark side” of Pokémon.

Uni – a rambunctious Umbreon, Uni was Keith’s first Pokémon. The two spent their early childhood together, bonding closer than the famed Ash Ketchum and his loyal Pikachu. Uni, too, dislikes Pokéballs, but will gladly return to his when he’s hurt or tired. He evolved into an Umbreon in the months after the death of Keith’s brother.

Morty - a quiet and reserved creatue, Morty the Mightyena came to Keith as his second-ever Pokemon. Their meetings was less than picturesque; one stormy night, he stumbled across the then-Poochyena after diving into the hollow beneath a massive tree, in search of shelter from the storm. She was bleeding from a Taillow-inflicted wound on her leg, and after he patched her up and gave her some food, it was s imple matter to introduce her to a Pokéball.

Sabrina - typical of her ghostly family, this Sableye has a rather spooky nature. She likes to lurk around, disappearing and reappearing here and there, and occasionally scaring small children. Like Morty, Sabrina was not caught, but rather, "obtained;" she happened upon a rather bedraggled Keith after he lost to a trainer on the road, and for some unknown reason, took an immediate liking to him.

Windsor - the rowdiest of the group, this Weavile was the first Pokémon that Keith actually, phsyically "caught." They met one night when this creature was still a Sneasel, and the nsuing battle drew a crowd of wild and domestic onlookers alike. Windsor displayed his impressive speed, taking out Sabrina and Morty almost effortlessly. Uni, however, proved his superiority and tamed the beast instantly.

The waves of life are ever at an ebb; from the moment of birth, you are constantly fading. Take control of your life, lest you be washed out to sea an effortlessly forgotten memory. --Anon

Sun Apr 22, 2007 7:01 pm
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((Before I continue, I'll tell you this once: THIS IS THE ONLY CHARACTER I'VE EVER HAD IN POKEMON RP. I don't have ANY Trainer Characters at all, no backup chars, nothing! I've had this kiddo since I was 11 and that isn't gonna be changing any time soon. Also, I refuse to RP anyone BUT this character. Thank you for understanding. >.>))

Name: Cait Sith
Other Aliases: Cheshire Meowth, The King of Cats, Devil Cat, "Wretch"
Race: Meowth
Gender: Male
Age (Human Years): Early 40's
Physical Features: Striped much like a Tabby Cat. His fur tends to darken easily, so he wears a cloak in order to keep it light. Sometimes he has to take it off, as his colors fade just as fast. He has yellow eyes and is normally seen grinning.
Equipment: Usually wears a gray hooded cloak.
On the back of the coin on his forehead is a map of a dungeon he once visited.
Personality Traits: The reason why Cait Sith hasn't ever had a true travel companion is because he is so untrustworthy, conniving and lenient. Once someone said "he has a tendency of (metaphorically) using people, even friends, as bridges to walk over a river of trouble." His 'uncaring' ways cause even the best of his buddies to want him dead, but nothing they do to get rid of him ever works. Cait has Lady Luck on his side every step of the way. He can take advantage of any situation to prevent his own death or get something to work out. This could be the result of his quick and witty thought pattern.
Involvement in millions of different storylines has gifted Cait with a worn-out disposition sometimes, especially when he knows he's been dragged into yet another plot. He gets unusually serious around anyone who claims to be his friend, and tries to make them hate him as soon as possible. Maybe he's trying to protect them?
Moves: Swagger, Pay Day, Substitute, Endure
Fighting Style(?): The funny thing is... Cait Sith doesn't fight! Instead, he manipulates the situations, people, landscape, and pretty much anything he CAN manipulate, into doing his bidding. Usually he winds up making the opponent look like a complete idiot just by evading their attacks in a unique way. His favorite thing to do in a "fight" is cause a chain reaction resulting in an immediate KO.
Bad memories cause Cait Sith to try not to let his foe die, so you're all safe.
Besides. The only offensive attack he has is Pay Day.
Affiliations: Giovanni
Theme Song: "Descent of the Archangel" by Kamelot
Pictures: Lookit my Sig and Avvy, and then you'll know. >->

History: Cait Sith was first seen in 1999, introduced as an Artifact Hunter. He was considered by some as pure evil and by others as a conniving brat. Nonetheless, many of his friends were prone to becoming enemies.
He and Giovanni have always had some kind of affiliation with eachother, as they always made bets on which path certain events would take. Cait normally won. But anyway, he had a short relationship with a Mew (which ended VERY badly...And depressing) and once had a partner he travelled with.
Nobody knows Cait Sith's childhood, but it's been proven that nobody would care anyway. He's happy enough, isn't he?
Cait Sith disappeared on the Christmas of 2005.
((FYI: All these events are true. However, the forum I used to post in was hacked and demolished a month or so after I left. If you know which one that was, good for you! :D You get a cookie.))

"Tans like a Latino, Poses like a Rockstar!"

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Tue May 01, 2007 10:11 pm
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This is the character ill use if i decide to join in RPing, plus its my first character so gimme a break if its a bit average.

Name: Thorn
Age: 13
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 70kg
Eyes: Green
Hair: Spiky and black
Clothing: White shirt, baggy jeans, fingerless gloves, and his lucky necklace, which is in the shape of a sword.
Profession: Pokemon Trainer
Background: Thorn never knew his parents, apparently they passed away when he was young. His father was an ex-member of Team Rocket who left when he realised the terrible things they did to Pokemon. He was raised in an orphanage and on his 13th birthday he was given a pokeball containing a Gastly by the person who ran the orphanage, and claimed that his parents wanted him to have this when he was old enough. He then decided to set out his own journey, and meet a whole bunch of pokemon

Pokemon: As he is only beginning his journey, Thorn only has his Gastly. They enjoy spending time with eachother, but are nowhere near as close as some trainers are with their pokemon, as they have only recently met. However, Gastly is eager to impress and always gives 100% in battle and will usually do what Thorn asks him to do.

<center><img src="images/trainercards/flash.png"></center>

Mon May 07, 2007 1:13 am
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I normally don't have much time anymore to RP, but I might as well type a profile for the very rare times I do use it.

Name: Daisuke Kiriyama

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: Around 139-143lbs.

Profession: Wandering Trainer/Shoe salesman (Don't ask.)

Appearance: Black trench coat, baggy black pants, a black top hat with a skull pin on it, black medium length hair (down to his chin), skeleton arm warmers with the fingertips cut off, a custom made necklace of Sazabi's Beam rifle hanging off it (google Sazabi and you'll find it the rifle), dark red eyes, checkered slip-on shoes, and a bit of hair below his lower lip (don't remember what that's called), and a stubble of a goatee.

Background Story: Throughout his early years, Daisuke Kiriyama would almost be considered mute if you didn't see him every single day. He was generally the type to be a loner and to keep to himself. As the years went on, his older brother, Kenshiro, packed his bags and set off to become a pokemon trainer with his loyal Cyndaquil. After seeing this, Daisuke knew what he wanted to do. At age 13, he stepped outside his house, bought 5 pokeballs, and actually went into the nearest bush and caught a Nincada, which he then nicknamed "Atomsk" (FLCL reference FTW). By the time 4 years passed, he conquered the Kanto Elite Four, the Johto Elite Four, and his home region, the Hoenn Elite four, but throughout all this, he had been searching for Kenshiro to see how he was and for a taste of his power. He had heard stories of how far Kenshiro had gone, how strong a connection he had with his pokemon, and how ruthless he was. Daisuke still has no idea where to find him.

Personality: Quiet and secluded, usually only talks to those who he finds great interest in and who has information reguarding Kenshiro. He has a slight bit of OCD where has something like an uneven folded piece of paper would bother him all day. Can be very comical when you get to know him well and he becomes comfortable.


Name: {ninjask} "Atomsk"
Lvl. 100 - The very first pokemon he caught. Daisuke prefers to keep it out at all times in case of anything. Is insanely fast and confident in all his battles, so much so that he switched from an timid nature to a relaxed one.

Name: {blastoise}
Lvl. 74 - The Kanto Region starter that he tricked Professor Birch into giving him. Doesn't appear in battle much due to it's gentle nature. Enjoys surfing.

Name: {scizor}
Lvl. 59 - Is usually seen eating food without others noticing, but amazingly keeps it form and speed. Also doesn't appear in battle much due to it's timid nature.

Name: {umbreon} "Reita"
Lvl. 39 - Recently evolved and classified as a "shiny". Due to training issues, it is the one pokemon that is sent out first and seen the most by trainers next to Atomsk. Is still in the early stages of battling compared to the others.

Name: {gengar}
Lvl. 51 - Has the same nature as Atomsk and is equally confident. Is lacking in physical attacks, but makes up for it in it's power in special attacks.

Name: {elekid}
Lvl. 1 - Recently hatched from a breeder's egg. Not much is known about it escept for Daisuke's expectations for it.

Thank you Kryten!

Sun May 13, 2007 10:41 am
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thought i'd put a profile out there just in case, but i don't know how much use it'll get.

Name: Jay
Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Tall, wiry
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Body type: Thin and muscular
Hair and eye colours: Black and spikey; eyes are brick red
Face type: normal
Other physical features: Lanky figure with longish limbs
Clothing style: Sleevless white shirt, blue jeans, black belt, fingerless gloves and shoes
Speech style: Slow and distinct. Chooses words carefully, but gets more careless when exited.

Personality: Calm and reckless
General demeanor: Relaxed
How he/she sees himself: The most powerful trainer around
Best qualities: Determination and ability to keep a cool head
Worst qualities: Overconfidence

Background: Jay got his first pokemon when he was 12 as he insisted on finishing his studies befor setting of on his journey. Although he is a skilled trainer and has challenged the elite four on multipul occasions. However, he has always lost due to his overconfidence in his abilities.
Parents: Mother is a top cordinator and he got his flare for pokemon and battling from her. His father is a pokemon professor and Jay studied with him before setting of on his journey.
Siblings: None
Hometown: Viridian City
Childhood history: Raised to respect and care for pokemon, as a result, he has a great respect for them.
Recent history: lost to the Hoen elite four and is back home in Viridian preparing to travel to the Sinnou region.
Plans for the future: Become the champion of the elite four.

Pokemon team:

{charizard} - Jay's first pokemon and most loyal, Charizard has been with him since his journey began. Charizard is a lot like him in that he's overconfident to the point of carelessness, but despite that, he's a powerful pokemon and shouldn't be underestimated.

{sneasel} - Jay rescued Senesel from Team Rockets in saffron city and has used him in almost all of his battles since. Sneasel is powerful and fast and is always looking for a battle.

{wartortle} - Jay found a squirtle in Viridian Forest apparently abandond by a trainer. He became a valuable asset after assisting Jay in defeating Brock in Pewter City. Wartortle has a long-time rivalry with Charizard and is determined to prove itself.

{scizor} - Jay found a Scyther attacking trainers in the Safari Zone and caught it to tame it. After taming Scyther, it became a powerful asset to him. it evolved into Scizor after exposure to a metal coat.

{magneton} - Jay caught magemite to help him defeat Misty in Cerulian City. Since then, Magneton has been used for important battles, but not as much as the others due to hits limited mobility. Nonetheless, it's strong and relaiable.

{alakazam} - Possibly the most carefree pokemon on the team, Alakazam joined Jay as an Abra voluntarily and, at first, without Jay wanting it. He relented, however, after Abra saved him and Charmander and he has raised it to be a strong pokemon.

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Wed May 16, 2007 1:55 pm
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Name: Spence
Profession: Pokemon Trainer

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Body type: Normalish height, some muscle
Hair and eye colours: Thick fuzzy brown hair, big blue eyes
Face type:
Other physical features: Scars down his back.
Clothing style: Black bandana around forehead, black shirt with hood on back, three silver belts, holding up baggy white pants, half covering up black boots.
Speech style: Mumbles

General demeanour: Spence is both brave and very ignorant, but over all, he’s just a nice guy. Spence has a good sense of right and wrong, and fights only for justice
Best qualities: Friendly, talented, experienced, brave, strong, relaxed
Worst qualities: Gets himself into trouble, sometimes reacts without thinking, never quite relaxed, sometimes doubts himself

Parents: His father
Siblings: None
Hometown: Motown
Childhood history: Spence has had a rough time throughout life, but to start, the Motown Incident, which seemed to had taken everything he loved, including his dad. But, with his newly-found pokemon by his side, he tried to carry on alongside a girl who called herself by Kikyo, ex-member of Team Magma, leader of Team Midnight at the time.

Oddly, Spence’s best friend Shiny got involved with Team Magma after the incident, but joined Spence in his quest after a heated battle. Shiny disappeared later after Spence and his pokemon were mind-controlled by Magma’s new weapon, forced to fight against Kikyo.

Snapping out of it, Spence and Kikyo then visited Team Magma’s base after learning of their plans from Shiny. There, they met a strange loner named Diseh, who was working undercover for an unknown community called Team Solaris. He was second in charge next to his wife-to-be. With the new support of the prisoner, all three of them destroyed the weapon and wiped Team Magma’s first headquarters off the map, awhile confronting the evil leader, and meeting up with the young monk character, Ki. The Magma Leader escaped as they rescued and said their goodbyes to many.

After these events, Spence needed some time to think, and ended up flying to the old ruins that was his home. Stumbling upon an underground spring, he encountered the pokemon that was used to wipe out his home into oblivion. The pokemon, Mewtwo, was controlled by the very same weapon Team Magma wielded and used against Spence and his friends before. Him and Mewtwo being almost alike, Spence welcomed Mewtwo onto his party and called up his friends to tackle the Team once again.

Kikyo being nowhere to be found, Spence was now officially leader of Team Midnight, and took this job very seriously.

Surprisingly, Spence met up with both Diseh and Ki to find out they were actually cooperating with a rival of Magma’s, Team Aqua, for they knew of the second Magma base. Disgusted with this, Spence and Diseh left Ki and Team Aqua to find themselves on a lovely beach. This is where they met a strange and interesting girl called Xaliaphous. Spence had some fun and some pokemon issues, but that was all sorted by a final battle between Spence and Diseh, where Spence forfeited.

Diseh parting the group, Spence and Xalia followed Ki with Team Aqua to destroy and finally put an end to Team Magma once and for all. Before they had worked out Aqua was actually using them for their own benefit, they had already drilled through the volcano into the Magma’s headquarters. There, they carefully placed the bombs inside and made a break for it. But, Spence foolishly decided to stay and make sure the Magma Leader was dead for sure this time, telling Ki and Xalia to leave him there and escape from the base without him.

After the explosion, Spence came in contact with a ghost, Shiny’s ghost, almost as if it was haunting him. Spence then knew Shiny was dead, but the cause was still unknown to him.

Spence later woke up at the ruins to take his father’s blade, venturing once again to obtain some answers to his long awaited questions.

Meeting back up with Xalia, Ki and Diseh in a pokemon tournament, they encountered a man who was set on stealing Xalia’s pokemon, he called himself by the name Chase, and he knew Spence. Spence knew him too because they were actually friends way back before the terrible incident happened in Motown. Chase, backing off, left the party for the time being, leaving the others time to themselves for the short while.

In that time, Spence found out that Ki and Xalia had actually developed feelings for each other when he was away, which made Spence quite jealous.

Leaving them alone, Spence stayed at Diseh’s place to find out more about the teams, and found out that Chase was really connected to Team Psyche all along, one of the richest and most powerful of the teams out there.

So, they both followed the hotspot, and left to take the next train to Sinnoh. But before that, Spence ran into Xalia and gave a teary final farewell to her.

Finally there, Spence and Diseh made it to a beach, where Chase appeared and gave Spence some sickly news. The news was that Spence and everyone who survived the Motown incident would die of what was described as an incurable disease. Mental breakdowns were only signs of this, and Spence had them quite recently.

Teaming up to defeat his own team, Chase followed Spence and Diseh to gather up Xalia and Ki for what looked like the final battle.

Everything from there is a blur.

Recent history: Spence rests in a coma.
Plans for the future: Waking up.

Pokemon team: Scizor (Joshua), Snorlax (Crunchy), Dragonite (Jamie)


Sun May 20, 2007 1:39 pm
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Name: Kren

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height : Tall

Weight : Light

Profession: trainer

Appearance: Black, red, blue, and white shirt with black and white pants

Background Story: The son of a professor, he had a good start with pokemon.

Personality: Kind

Speech Style: Pretty good, uses slang occasionally

Most recent adventure: He had caught a Heatran, he almost died doing so

Plans for future: He's trying to get to newly discovered area


Name: Burn
Lvl. -

Name: Frostbite
Lvl. -

Name: Upwind
Lvl. -

Name: Astaro
Lvl. -

Thu May 24, 2007 3:44 pm
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Name: Natalya
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135 lbs
Profession: Pokemon Researcher
Appearance: Form fitting black outfit with a full length leather trench coat. ‘Nat’ as she’s called by her friends has flowing light blue hair down to her mid back, black bow in back of hair. Her outfit is completed by heavily polished black boots for walking on her feet and two cartilage piercings in either ear.
Background Story: Hailing from the Island of Cinnabar Natalya is traveling all over the world on-leave from her father’s research facility in search of what causes a Pokemon to change color or become ‘shiny’ as some trainers call it. Debating on the facts given to her, she is trying to discover if it is world effect such as a mineral or on a genetic level that causes the change. Collecting skin samples from every odd color Pokemon she encounters has proven a daunting task. As a side assignment she is also searching for the cause of the rare Pokerus virus.
Personality: Cool and collected Natalya is a fierce opponent. Expecting as much from her Pokemon as she does herself. Never backing down if challenged she’s strong willed and very stubborn. Often loving the finer things in life little else matters to her. A true lone ‘Tyranitar’ by nature she cares little about others.
Speech Style: Often sophisticated and thought provoking she loves to leave people standing and blinking making them ponder the true meaning of what she has said.
Most Recent Adventure: Upon leaving home Natalya took her loyal Arcanine with her on a journey to the various regions of the world. While resting in Lavaridge Town she came across a fiery Trapinch, upon entering the battle the small Pokemon refused to give up. After hours of battling, she finally managed to capture the creature becoming her first Pokemon captured in the Hoenn Reign. Naming the new partner Achilles she had no true idea what she was getting herself in for. Finding as the creature got stronger it cared less and less for any other being around it and would often turn and attack its own comrades in battle, preferring to be the only creature in battle. The Flygon works alone, friend or foe alike it doesn’t care.
Pokemon Preferred type: All. She holds a soft spot for Dragons/Eevee (mainly because of its strange genetic code).

Name: Achilles (Blue Eyes, Blue Wing Bands, Blue Tail Tips)
Nature: Rash
Favorite Attack: Earthquake/ Hidden Power (Ice)
Gender: Male
Name: Mihos
Nature: Naughty
Favorite Attack: Ice Beam/Surf
Gender: Male
Ability: Water Absorb
Name: Nickel
Nature: Hardy
Favorite Attack: Overheat/ Shadow Ball
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Name: Hurricane
Nature: Hasty
Favorite Attack: Thunder/Substitute
Gender: Female
Ability: Volt Absorb
Name: Kain
Nature: Bold
Favorite Attack: Bite/ Psychic
Gender: Male
Ability: Synchronize
Name: Xero (Solid Black, White Eyes) (Walking Partner
Nature: Brave
Favorite Attack: MegaHorn/Iron Tail
Gender: Male
Ability: Rivalry

Others: These are sometimes found in the group and are mainly for study purposes only, rather then battle. Natalya is always trying to capture new Pokemon.
Name: Star (Shiny)
Nature: Jolly
Favorite Attack: Taunt/ Toxic
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Name: Disturbed
Nature: Timid
Favorite Attack: Calm Mind/ Thunderbolt
Gender: Male
Ability: Super Luck
Name: Saber
Nature: Serious
Favorite Attack: Roar/ Flamethrower
Gender: Female
Ability: Flash Fire
Name: Vineslash
Nature: Lax
Favorite Attack: Leaf Storm/ Crunch
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrowth
Name: Outlaw (Blue Cloud)
Nature: Hardy
Favorite Attack: Thunder Fang/ Discharge
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Pressure

-Coming soon

Thu Jun 14, 2007 7:22 pm
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Here is my latest one from S_S High School RP:

Name: Joshua
Nickname: That Guy (Because no one knows him...)
Age: 14
Grade: Freshman/9
Gender: Male
Species: {sneasel}<What, you couldn't have guessed?
Likes: Winter, Books, Food, and Work...yes he likes work...
Dislikes: Being embarrassed, Bullies, Plays, and Presentations...anything where he is center of attention....
Bio: Being new to the high school, Joshua was very nervous. He didn't have any friends from middle school since he moved again. This was the fourth time he moved. He hopes to get some friends here...that he will be able to keep this time. He does very well in school, and he gets picked on about it everywhere he goes.

Mon Jun 18, 2007 7:00 pm
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This a profile for a made up character I made:

Name: Kiki

Profession: Once a victim of a horrible test – Once a test subject

Appearance: Small girl with cat (neko) ears

Age:6 years

Gender: Female

Body type: Small but very agile

Hair and eye colours: Orange hair and blue eyes

Face type: Has a soft look, round-ish

Other physical features: Large brown neko ears

Clothing style: White and pink striped tank-top and boy style brown khakis

Speech style: Small, quiet, but accurate voice-very clear and
understandable. Speaks Japanese and English

Personality: Quiet, caring, untrusting except for close companions, very childish at times, can be sweet, almost always calm and looks uninterested. Has a high IQ. Can speak to pokemon (Ears might be an Persian's)

General demeanor: Hides behind her most trusted companions when greeting people, rarely, but surely, to attack those who threaten or insult her friends.

How he/she sees himself: She doesn't think about things about that…

Best qualities: Her caring, sweet, brilliant, unselfish side.

Worst qualities: Her weak social status and her distrustfullness.

Background: Was a test subject for an evil Scientist incorporation, that gave her her distrustfulness (excuse the nonexistent word), her agility, ears for hearing, (ect.) her looks, and language, among other things.

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Hometown: Unknown-Possibly Pallet Town

Childhood history: Test subject...

Recent history: Escaped with a friend, trying to keep out of the hands of the scientists and Giovani.

Plans for the future: Stay free and destroy the organization, the rest is unknown.

Quirks: To be alone

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite pokemon: Persian

Favorite place: A peaceful waterfall surrounded by a forest

Pet peeve(s): Evil people

Least favorite season: Winter

Worst memory:Test subject…

I guess her ears resemble an Persian's. She was a test subject for Giovani and others (Like Mewtwo) Except that she was human. Escape partner is yet to be known.

If I need some changes, please tell me! I guess it looks so long because of the fact that I indented so many times :D

By the way, she has one pokemon

She doesnt use a pokeball, but oddly disappears when someone is present, except if it is someone Kiki trusts. She was a Pokemon that Kiki rescued from the evil lab before Moni was tortured.
Just for those of you wondering...

The sannur kjarni af ljós er the hreinleiki af one's hjarta.

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Bug Catcher
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Location: New York
Name: Sage
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Light
Profession: Trainer/Happiness Reader
Appearance: Black hair pulled into a bun with red bangs

Hometown: Floaroma Town
Background: From a young age, Sage has had a connection with Pokemon. Some say it was because so many flocked to the flowers of her hometown. Whatever the reason, she qucikly learned how to tell their happiness. Trainers started to come to her, asking her to "read" their pokemon's happiness for them. When she was fifteen, a traveling priest gave her a pokeball, telling her that her destiny lay inside. She released the pokemon, and her best friend emerged- a chingling, who quickly evolved to a chimecho. A year later, she decided to travel, and has been going around the world since...

Personality: Sage is relatively helpful, although her aid comes at the price of her mocking. She annoys most people quickly, and has gotten good at telling the moods of humans as well as pokemon. Sage has been known to egg people on as well as heckle them, but she's a loyal friend to those she's accepted.


{chimecho} -Kalyan
Lv 60 Male
He is always out of the ultraball she recieved him in.

{raichu} -Ukko
Lv 20 Male

{chinchou} -Chachamaru (Chacha)
Lv 15 Female

Egg- Not Yet Hatched


Name: Jon Trilby
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Average
Profession: Trainer/Aspiring Gym Leader
Appearance: Black hair, with milky white eyes

Background story: Jon Trilby has had his houndoom (at the time, houndour) since he was three. That is because Trilby is blind. He was born blind, and no cure or reason for it was found. However, he found comfort in his pokemon, and trains with them. People often do not realize his problem until after knowing him for a long time because of his comfort zone with it. His pokemon are all canines.

Personality: Quiet and clever. Trilby is not harsh to judge, though he does not forgive easily. Loving towards his pokemon, Trilby is gentle with them (sometimes excluding Alru) even if he isn't always with humans.


{houndoom} -Alru
Lv 89 Female
Alru is his companion, and fiercly loyal to Trilby. She would protect him to the death, even though she can be harsh on him sometimes. He often gains bite marks and scratches from her.

{mightyena} -Chander
Lv 35 Male

{arcanine} -Azar
Lv 40 Female

{umbreon} -Vic
Lv 15 Male

Sat Jul 07, 2007 4:43 pm
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Location: United Kingdom
Name: Jacob Rennie
Age: 13
Home town: Oreburgh City, Sinnoh
Occupation: Roaming Pokémon Trainer/Aspiring Coordinator.
Aside from his thick-rimmed black glasses, and his refusal to wear the hat, Jacob dresses in the usual Sinnoh Pokémon Trainer gear.
Personality: Jacob is often naive and can be gullible, he loves to play and joke around with his Pokémon and relishes travelling with them. He has very low self-esteem and can sometimes lack in confidence.
History: Born and raised in Oreburgh City, Jacob always wanted to travel the world and see things beyond the mines and the Pokémon Center. His mother was a doctor in Oreburgh; both to Pokémon and as the on-call medic for the miners, of which his father is one. Jacob showed promise as a trainer during practice battles using his mother's Medicham or her father's Sandslash and Geodude; which lead Professor Rowan to choose him to recieve one of his three starter Pokémon; Chimchar, Turtwig or Piplup.

Jacob chose Turtwig and began to train intensely with him, even defeating Roark, the Oreburgh City Gym Leader and obtaining the Coal Badge; though this was down to a type advantage more than skill. When he asked his parents for permission to travel Sinnoh and challenge the Pokémon League, they declined, preferring him to remain in Oreburgh to learn herbal medicine and how to treat Pokémon medically from his mother. He was already basically trained, but he wanted to be a world famous trainer; so he snuck off one night and stowed away on the S.S Anne, bound for Vermillion City.

Upon his arrival in Kanto he travelled to the Celadon City Trainer Meet, becoming friends with a trainer named Kiki, who had a Chikorita named Candy.

After the meet he travelled Kanto, collecting badges. He is now has five badges: the Coal Badge from Oreburgh, the Boulder Badge from Pewter City, the Cascade Badge from Cerulean City, the Thunder Badge from Vermillion City and the Rainbow Badge from Celadon City. He is ready to challenge Koga, of the Fuschia Gym.

Pokémon on Hand:

Torterra Image
Jacob's first and most powerful Pokémon, the two love nothing more than finding a powerful trainer travelling like themselves, so they can challenge them to a battle. When space permits, Jacob rides on Torterra's huge back, and often camps on his back overnight, with Torterra ready to defend him from any would-be attackers. Torterra is usually docile, but his temper flares when taunted or when Jacob is made fun of.

Jacob caught Kingler when he was a Krabby, and the two instantly formed a close friendship. Kingler has become one of Jacob's main battling Pokémon, and loves to battle stronger Pokémon in order to better himself. He and Torterra are also very close friends.

On a summer's night, between Saffron City and Lavender Town, Jacob had just made camp when he caught a little green Pokémon scurrying around his tent; he quickly had his Torterra (then a Grotle) battle him; he captured him and began training it without tiring, as Jacob loves bug-type. It evolved into Ariados during a battle with one of the Celadon City Gym Trainers, and went on to be instrumental in helping defeat Erika; taking down her powerful Bellossum with relative ease. Jacob has considered Ariados for Pokémon Contests but the spider Pokémon much prefers to battle. In contrast to the stereotypical relationship between bug and bird Pokémon, Ariados gets on exceedingly well with Jacob's Pidgeotto.

When one day searching Viridian Forest for a bug-type Pokémon, Jacob found a wounded Pidgey, which had gotten on the wrong side of a particularly strong Weedle. Using his herbal medicines and berries, Jacob brought it back to health and sent the bird on his way, but instead the Pidgey followed him. Jacob went to sleep one night on Torterra's back to find the bird roosting in Torterra's tree. Realising what Pidgey wanted, Jacob left a pokéball out overnight, which the Pidgey had voluntarily went into during the night. Pidgey quickly became an intergral member of Jacob's team, and then evolved into a Pidgeotto. It is extremely fast and a good physical attacker, Jacob frequently uses Pidgeotto for battles.

Caught in Lavender Town after Jacob witnessed him attack a grieving trainer; Jacob was outraged at the ghost-type's actions and quickly had Ariados subdue him. Jacob caught him in order to calm him down and stop him from playing tricks on grieving trainers again, but this Duskull is unusually violent and malicious, it doesn't listen to Jacob and reacts violently towards his attempts at friendship. Duskull is rarely let out of his Poké Ball as he often tries to harm people and Pokémon for no apparent reason. When he is, one of Jacob's other Pokémon is always out with him for protection.

Currently in need of a Vulpix! Someone hook me up!

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Hello! this is my first time useing this forum, below is my first profile (and I still don't know if it has been accepted).

Name: Glil
Species: Gallade
Gender: boy
Age: 30

Favourite Food: pickles
Favourite Colour: green
Clothing: (Not necessary, or desperately wanted on everyone, use to fill in specific details too, such as Jynx's hair is in pony tails) ur, none
Personality Traits: He has good reflexs but still acts like a gallade 10 levels lower, he is strictly loyal and will not hesitate to help a freind in need, he occasinally gets surges of adranaline that makes him hot headed.
Background/Brief Life History: As a ralts he was serious because of all the bad apperations he was having, eventually though he stopped having them, he killed a larva of a shadow (with out knowing what it was) by accident when he found his dawn stone and evolved, and he now lives with his father who is also his teacher until the shadows came and killed him.

Posessions: (Just a few, use ingame items) A cloke, a shiney smooth rock that he uses to calm himself during his adranaline bursts by sharpining his blades against it.
Other: He likes to keep his blades short because he is still scared by his accidental murder of the larva shadow.

EDIT: Got another one.

Name: Shrad Hoki (HOE-K-I)
Profession: Coach

Age: 35
Gender: Male
Body type: Musculer, about 6' (6 feet or 2 meters).
Hair and eye colours: Short black hair, almost crew cut; dark brown eyes.
Other physical features: Long scar on right shoulder.
Clothing style: Usually wares a short or no sleeved purple shirt, heavy duty jeans.

General demeanor: Somewhat dark, unsocial so to most he is mysterious. He really is kind but has a tough outer shell, he rarley lets anyone in because of the risks he takes to occoplish his wants.
How he/she sees himself: A "middle" man who does not belive in good or evil, he belives fighting is stupid and a wrong form of entertainment though.
Best qualities: He is a good man though he does not think of himself as so, kind to a person in need.
Worst qualities: Slightly self-absorbed, he is willing to hurt bad people in order to occomplish good, rash and little regard for saftey of himself.

Parents: His mother Irva lives near Stark Montain and helps travelers reach the top by healing their pokemon. He doesn't know his father.
Siblings: None.
Hometown: He was born in survivle zone.
Childhood history: He was raised in stark mountains where he worked with his mother as a guide to people trying to reach the top of stark mountain, he gained his muscluer body that way. He had one freind name Vlen who also raised a poliwag from the eggs they found, he disappered when the new PLC started.
Recent history: Becomeing a coach, making A rank, breaking into Frederich Hytten's office and stealing important papers that Frederich needs to complete or be fired.
Plans for the future: Breaking into another Team Rocket leaders office and planting the papers there, become S rank to get closer to the admins.

Favorite food: Wild onions.
Favorite pokemon: Poliwrath
Favorite place: The inner chamber of stark mountain where he created stairways to make it easeir for travlers to trek thorough it.

Pokemon 1: Poliwrath (Plar)
Item Holding: Muscle band
Level: 61
Gender: M
Appearance: Red scar on his right hip from touching the magma rock while training.
Personality: Great trust of Shrad, used to hardship and can go through a lot with a cheerful attitude.

Pokemon 2: Weezing (Astem)
Item Holding: Lax insence
Level: 54
Gender: F
Personality: Starting to gain good trust in Shrad, slightly pessemistic but will do any job Shrad asks of her.

Pokemon 3: Electrode (Sprac)
Item Holding: Focus sash
Level: 43
Gender: ---
Appearance: No furrowed eyebrow.
Personality: Thinks of Shrad as a teacher, a little trust for him, verry cheerful and hyper-active, Likes to play with the others by being thrown by Plar as high as possible and by racing with Astem.

Edit2: Aaaand another.

My Character:
Name: Tirn Ilnoque
Gender: Male
Specialist: infiltration (sleath is useless against mind reading.)
Personality: He is very caring, knowing people need compassion in this time of violence. He is ruthless in battle though, doing whatever is nessesarry to protect himself and his freinds thanks to his one track mind. Though he is technically nija he takes orders from those he respects, no other, though he usually respects all his superior officers. He is very hyperactive and acts almost completly on instinct at almost all times, he rarly thinks ahead so he has learned to be prepared for anything at all times.
Ninja: Bladesworn

Pokemon: Gallade

Other info: He has a VERY short crew cut and often shaves hair off the rest of his body. His sword is a short samuri sword.

EDIT3: And yet another!

Nickname: Straf
Gender: Male
Personality (positive/negative): Loyal, will not stop until a job is done/a prankster.
Birth/Childhood: He was born from an Drapion and a Armaldo, they both disappeared when the humans left. He was raised in mt. coronet, hanging from the walls and suprising travelers. Because of being raised in a cold place he is somewhat resitant tocold.
Water gun
Egg move: Cross poisin
Favourite berry: Razz

^DarkCosmos, Poems^

Sun Jul 29, 2007 2:33 pm
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Location: Oregon.
Name: Loraine
Profession: Pokemon Trainer

<img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

Age: 13
Gender: Female
Body type: Short and petite, stands at around 5"4.
Hair and eye colours: Loraine has shoulder length blond hair and baby blue eyes that she thinks represent her love for water.
Face type: Oval shaped.
Other physical features: She has a small real diamond stud piercing on the left side of her nose.
Clothing style: Loraine's wardrobe usually changes after a while since she always tries to wear what the next big trend is. Otherwise, she just wears a white tank-top, a jean skirt, and some tennis shoes.
Speech style: Loraine has a high and squeaky voice. To most people it's annoying but she really can't help it. Because of that, she rarely talks at all or she talks a lot to really annoy the person.

General demeanour: Loraine is used to having anything she wants. Most people say she's spoiled and she really hates being told that. But recently, she hasn't been that bad. She's going through a period of rediscovering who she really is.
Best qualities: Loraine is extremely cautious in dangerous situations and has connections to bigger and better things. For short, she can "hook you up".
Worst qualities: Loraine is often too quick to judge someone or something and can be quite bossy. Whether it's towards her pokemon or human-beings, she can fight like noneother.

Parents: Loraine's father is the CEO of the company that provides submarines for deep sea expeditions. Due to the fact that her father makes so much money, this has enabled Loraine's mother to stay home and raise Loraine's other siblings and start a small catering business on the side. Her father goes by the name of Rick and her mother's name is Anna.
Siblings: Loraine has an older brother named John who is currently a pokemon breeder and a younger sister named Larissa who is in the 5th grade.
Hometown: Slateport City
Childhood history: Loraine was homeschooled her entire life and never had any "real" friends. This sort of forced her to turn to pokemon for companionship. Since her family is very affluent and they go on multiple vacations per year, she's been able to catch pokemon from all over the different regions and has been given some exclusive pokemon as gifts.
Recent history:[/b[ Loraine just returned from her birthday cruise at The Sevii Islands. She had a great time and learned a bit more about pokemon from the natives that lived there. On her way back however, there was a confrontation involving Team Aqua and the well-being of the cruise ship. All in all, things were settled with an intense pokemon battle between Archie and the Captain of the ship.
[b]Plans for the future:
Loraine plans on venturing out on her own and to discover who she really is and what she really wants to do with her life whether it be with pokemon or not.

Pokemon team:

<img src="">Drake, her Dratini, is her oldest pokemon. Loraine recieved Drake for Christmas two years ago and is excited for this exotic pokemon to evolove into a beautiful Dragonair. Drake is usually quite squirmy and gets lost quite often in her family's house. Loraine has given him a special necklace/tracking device because of this. Has a modest nature.

<img src="">Flair, her Ponyta, is really quite the pest. Being the second oldest, Flair thinks that she can boss others around but when it comes down to it, she can't. Loraine recieved Flair as a birthday present. Flair loves to be mischevous and pull pranks on Loraine and her other pokemon as well. Armed with a blazing back and a hot temper, this Ponyta can be quite useful in a pokemon battle but not so much in real life. Has a naughty nature.

<img src="">Skai, her Seal, is most likely Loraine's favorite pokemon. Even though they've only been together for a little while, Loraine and Skai share a special bond that none of the other pokemon in her party do. Skai was caught off the coast of Cinnabar Island in Kanto when her family went their for a vacation. Has a docile nature.

<img src="">Sally, her Skitty, is a very odd pokemon. Loraine never actually planned on having Sally as her pokemon but do to the fact that it constantly followed her and tugged at her leg while visiting Hoenn, she decided to catch it fair-and-square. This energetic Skitty loves very sour berries and enjoys taking part in Pokemon Contests. Sally hasn't won any first place titles yet, but certainly plans to in the future. Has a quirky nature.

<img src="">Sam, her Snubull, is also one of her favorite pokemon in her party. Loraine caught Sam in the park to the north of Goldenrod City while he was being harassed by a group of large Pidgey's. Sam never stays in his pokeball and obediently watches over and protects Loraine. Loraine has recently noticed some strange signs about Sam. She's noticed that his coat is slightly changing colors and that his teeth are getting bigger. She things that he is almost ready to evolve. Has a brave nature.

for beginner rps.


<center>Used for Charly's "Kanto Chaos"</center>

<b>Name:</b> Amy
<b>Profession:</b> Pokemon Trainer

<img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

<b>Age:</b> 14
<b>Gender:</b> Female
<b>Body type:</b> Slender, stands at about 5"7
<b>Hair and eye colours:</b> Has shoulder length dark brown hair which she inherited from her mother's side of the family. Also has dark green eyes.
<b>Face type:</b> Oval shaped.
<b>Other physical features:</b> Has a zig-zag shaped burn mark on her left arm which she obtained by stroking the back of an angry Moltres when she was younger.
<b>Clothing style:</b> Wears a baby blue t-shirt, with khaki shorts, and white flip-flops.
<b>Speech style:</b> She is usually quiet, letting others do the talking. But when she's around her friends, she's usually the loudest in the group.

<b>General demeanour:</b> Amy may seem bipolar at times do to her rapid moodswings and childlike behavior. But when she's in a good mood, she is willing to help those in need.
<b>Best qualities:</b> Caring and helpful towards others.
<b>Worst qualities:</b> She is spoiled by her parents and may often appear as arrogant, which sometimes draws people away from her.

<b>Parents:</b> Her father's name is Dean Adam Falkner. He currently works in the Johto Pokemon League. Being the first gym leader, he is often overlooked and classified as weak. He works with bird pokemon. Her mother's name is Kyoko Marie Falkner. She used to secretly work with Team Rocket as an administrator, but now is a stay at home mom who is raising Amy's younger brother Tyler at their tucked-away cottage in Violet City.
<b>Siblings:</b> A younger brother, Tyler John Falkner.
<b>Hometown:</b> Violet City in the Johto region.
<b>Childhood history:</b> Amy was a very active child. She played with everything that was close by, and always had a fascination about pokemon. Upon turning the age of 8, she recieved her father's Pidgey as her first pokemon. This Pidgey has quickly evolved and now is her best friend.
<b>Recent history:</b> Stopped a plan to re-launch Team Rocket in Johto by destroying their base in the Radio Tower of Goldenroad city.
Plans for the future: She eventually wants to become a member of the Johto Elite Four and wants to take care of her family with her income.

<u>Pokemon team:</u>

<img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"> Penny, her Pidgeot, was her first pokemon. This bird type has endured many challenges along side Penny and they have grown together quite a bit. Has a brave nature.

<img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">Violet, her Vaporeon, was the second addition to her team. When she needs to cross a particular path containing water, she turns to her Vaporeon to guide her safely. She completely trusts this pokemon. Has a docile nature.

<img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"> Miley, her Miltank, is her latest addition to the team. She caught her at a farm in Johto and is a very nice pokemon. She constantly produces milk which is used for her baby brother back at home and also can be used as medicine. Has a calm nature.


for semi-exp.'d rps.

<br> <center>Used for Sneaky_Sneasel's "Pokemon in Space!"</center>

Name: Angela
Profession: Head Team Aqua Executive/Pokemon Trainer

Age: 27
Gender: Female

Looks: <img src="">

General Demeanour: Angela doesn't like to rely on others for help. She'd rather do it herself and do it quick. She has no toleration for foolish people and come off as quite ruthless.
Best qualities: Maturity, Skill, Independence
Worst qualities: Ruthless, Rude, Not Caring About Others

Home Town: Was born in Mauville
Quick Bio: After being abandoned in an alley only after a couple months of living, she was sent to the "Sheer Hope Orphanage" in western Mauville. She spent most of her time there, playing and interacting with the other orphans building friendships. At the age of 10 she recieved her first pokemon. She chose a Smoochum and named it Lily. When she turned 13, her life changed dramatically. She was adopted by Archie the soon to be Team Aqua Leader. Since then, Angela has been Archie's most trusted employee and "daughter".

Species:<img src=""> Jynx
Nickname: Lily
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Moveset: Psychic, Blizzard, Body Slam, Toxic (TM), Meditate (Egg)

Pick a number 1-12: 2


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I've already posted an RP for one of my characters earlier in this thread (Jacob Rennie), so I thought I might as well put the rest here too.


Name: Elliot Demakes
Age: 18
Occupation: Roaming Pokémon Trainer
Hometown: Oldale City, Hoenn.
Father: Scott Demakes - Age 47 - Born in Viridian City, Kanto
Mother: Claire Demakes - Age 45 - Born in Cianwood City, Johto
Sister: Elisa Demakes - Age 11 - Born in Oldale Town, Hoenn
Personality: Elliot is driven and ambitious, but not to the point of zealotry. He is generally calm and collected, but meeting trainers and learning about their Pokémon is his passion, and for that reason he travels the world collecting badges and challenging various leagues and tournaments, making friends and learning. Elliot always seeks to better himself, but often ends up in deeper than he should be, sticking his nose in where it's not wanted and shooting his mouth off.

History: Elliot was born in Rustboro City but his parents moved, both Pokémon trainers who had met on the road, to Oldale Town to settle down and raise a family. Elliot's early life was full of joy and learning, his father's Venusaur and his mother's Meganium were exceptionally protective of him. Though it's natural for a Pokémon to be protective of it's trainer's offspring, Elliot seemed to have as much control over them as his parents did. As he grew up and attended Pokémon School, it was discovered Elliot had a natural affinity towards grass type Pokémon. At the age of 12, after graduating Pokémon School, Elliot and his best friend Malcolm travelled to Littleroot Town to get their first Pokémon. Elliot, to honour his parents' choice, chose his favourite Pokémon: Treecko. Malcolm chose Torchic and left, he hasn't been seen since.

Elliot spent his rookie days travelling Hoenn, collecting all eight badges and building up a reputation for himself. He was overconfident at the Pokémon League, knowing the Champion used water-type Pokémon, he expected to defeat him easily. His hopes of becoming the Pokémon League Champion were dashed however, after Hoen Elite Four member Drake's Salamence single-handedly brought down Elliot's entire team.

Disenheartened, Elliot left Hoenn to retrain, heading for the Sevii Islands. There he met the Daycare Couple of that region, and began renting their spare room as he vigourously retrained his Pokémon. During that time, his Flygon was injured - and so had to be left with the daycare couple as Elliot travelled the islands and the outskirts of Kanto.

He has since regained his confidence and was last seen departing the Sevii Islands to challenge the Gym Leaders of Kanto.

Active Pokémon Team:
Image Sceptile - Male
Elliot's first Pokémon, and his best friend. The two often poke fun at each other. Sceptile is also Elliot's most powerful Pokémon. There are rumours around the Hoenn Trainer Fan Club of it's power, causing trainers to seek him out just to challenge the grass type. Known moves: Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, Solarbeam, Dragon Pulse, Quick Attack, Slash.

Image Snorlax - Male
Given to Elliot as an egg, a gift from the Daycare Couple of the Sevii Islands to fill the sixth slot in his active party when Flygon had to stay with them to heal. It was an egg an arrogant trainer left behind after collecting her Snorlax and Slakoth. The egg hatched into a Munchlax after six months. Recognising his potential, Elliot spent two years training the greedy Pokémon. It evolved into a Snorlax and has become the physical powerhouse of Elliot's team. he is often out of his Poké Ball snoozing when Elliot rests, and walks alongside Elliot from time to time. Known moves: Headbutt, Rest, Snore, Yawn, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Body Slam, Earthquake, Psychic, Surf

Magneton - Genderless
After obtaining his third badge, Wattson, the Mauville Gym Leader asked him to get a supply of Shock Wave TMs from New Mauville, telling him he'd run out through being beaten so often using these words, that Elliot remembers with a chuckle to this day...

"Darn kids, that Birch keeps giving out Mudkip to new starts, so by the time they get here, they've got a Ground Pokémon to beat me with. How'm I supposed to challenge that?! I'm an electric trainer."

Once down there, Elliot encountered a Magnemite that had been drawing electricity from the TMs. Rather than defeat it and tell Wattson, he had Torkoal Ember it, then he captured it for himself. Since then, Magneton has been an instrumental member of Elliot's team, as it is a fantastic battler. Elliot took Magneton to the Sevii Islands because he wanted to discover a means of evolving him into Magnezone. Known moves: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Tri Attack, Flash, Metal Sound, Supersonic, Shock Wave, Tackle, Thunder

Former Active Party Members:
Image Crobat - Male
The first Pokémon Elliot ever captured on his own, as a Zubat, it rarely left his side; even in the sunlight, which is known to be bad for Zubat. The bond developed during his time as a Zubat meant he wasn't a Golbat for long before he evolved into a Crobat, when it became Elliot's strongest Pokémon at the time. He has since proven invaluable as both a fast and strong sweeper Pokémon; using his agility and meany Poison and Flying attacks to overcome most enemies. Known moves: Aerial Ace, Poison Fang, Ice Fang, Fly, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Crunch, Mean Look, Giga Drain

Image Torkoal - Male
Torkoal was caught after a lengthy battle that an exhausted and hurt Grovyle managed to just win, since then the two Pokémon have had immense mutual respect and battle together exceptionally well. Torkoal is a very efficient battler, using his high defenses to hold out against quicker foes before launching a powerful blast of fire. Known moves: Flamethrower, Body Slam, Overheat, Headbutt, Lava Plume, Protect, Iron Defense.

Image Wailord - Male
While en route to Mossdeep City, Elliot's boat overturned in a small storm that came out of nowhere. He woke up on Mossdeep Island, with a Wailmer caustiously watching him. Elliot was surprised to meet such a Pokémon, and thanked the young whale with food. The Wailmer bounced along the shallows, following Elliot. The Wailmer then willingly joined his team, and has since evolved into a Wailord, even defeating a female Wailord (which are larger, thus physically stroner) soon after his evolution. Thought Wailord doesn't get out of his Poké Ball often due to his immense size, he is used for travel and as many battles as possible. Known moves: Surf, Waterfall, Body Slam, Rest, Water Spout, Ice Beam

Image Flygon - Male
Caught as a Trapinch in the Route 111 Desert, Elliot was keen to have a powerful Dragon Pokémon, and so over-worked Trapinch into evolving. As a Vibrava, he grew apart from Elliot. Vibrava stopped listening to Elliot for a time, but they spent some time alone, away from battling and re-established their bond. Vibrava evolved into a Flygon in time to win Elliot's battle with the Gym Leader Twins of Mosdeep. Flygon was the Pokémon first to be mowed down by Drake's Salamence, taken out with a single Ice Fang attack. During Elliot's retraining on the Sevii Islands, Flygon was injured - he remains with the Sevii Daycare Couple for healing.

Image Chimchar - Male
Elliot saved the Chimchar from a beating by it's trainer, and released him into the wild. It showed up days later, apparently scared to be on it's own. Elliot consulted his father, who suggested Elliot keep it with him to rehabilitate the little monkey. Chimchar was given to Elisa as an 11th birthday present.

Currently in need of a Vulpix! Someone hook me up!

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Tue Aug 21, 2007 6:58 pm
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Trivia Champion
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Name: Solano (last name unknown)
Age: 17
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer, but only technically.
Hometown: Fallarbor Town, Hoenn.
Appearance: About 6 feet tall, and eyes that change color according to emotion (red = anger, blue = calm, purple = pure evil, the latter of which only happens when he loses his mind). His skin is a bright red, and rock hard. Because he was injected with Solrock DNA before he was born, he displays various Solrock features (red, rock hard skin, and 8 spikes on his back).

Disposition: Originally, his parents had locked him in a room inside a fortress, treating him like an outcast from society. 6 years he had lived in that room, until he broke free and caused untold havoc before finally subdued and taken to Fallarbor Town, where the village elder raised him like her own son. He only has one Pokemon, Lunacis, who he treats as his brother. He enjoys solitude, and retreats into Meteor Falls for sometimes years on end. Because of what had happened to him in his childhood (and for the way some people look at him funny just for being a bit 'different'), he bears a deep-seated grudge against the whole human race. Also, he bears another strange gene that essentially has a mind of its own, and grows out of control, dooming the individual. No one born with it surpassed age 5...except for him. There's no telling what will happen to him next though...will the gene kill him, or will it cease to affect him?

Other: He has no emotion for 'love', 'kindness', 'compassion', or 'sorrow'. Because of his horrible childhood, he does not know what they are or what they feel like.

And all RP characters I make are usually just variations off Solano here, my original RP character (in the DNA Academy RP).

(Wait, Kiki is 6? I thought she was 13! :shock: )


Tue Aug 21, 2007 7:31 pm
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Location: United Kingdom
Name: Callum "Cal" Doughty
Age: 24
Occupation: Pokémon Breeder
Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto
Mother: Maria Henderson - Deceased - Born in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Father: Frank Henderson - Deceased - Born in Ekruteak City, Johto
Grandmother: Elanor McGrath - 76 - Born in Pyrite Town, Orre
Personality: Though sarcastic and jaded, Cal can be kindhearted - he cherishes the life he has, due to his parent's untimely demise. He will help when asked, but won't do it without a few stabs at them first. He is also slightly vain. He often picnics with his Pokémon in open fields, letting them play as he rarely battles.

History: Born in Azalea Town in Johto, Cal learned to appreciate the simple life; even spending a year of his teenage life as a guard of the Slowpoke Well. His parents were killed in a suspicious accident at the Lake of Rage, while Cal was saved by his grandmother, a retired Pokémon Trainer. She now lived in a small lodge inside Azaela Forest with her three remaining Pokémon Typhlosion, Mismagius and Roserade. His grandmother raised Cal from then onwards. He left the lodge to become a Pokémon Breeder and has became relatively successful around Johto.

Active Pokémon Team:
Image Slugma - Male
The son of his mother's Magcargo, and Cal's first Pokémon, this Slugma does not ever battle. Instead, he helps Cal look after the Pokémon Eggs he is always carrying as part of his career as a breeder. Cal and Slugma are very close, as Cal sees him as a link to his parents. Slugma is usually only in his Poké Ball when it's cold or otherwise inconvenient. Known moves: Ember, Rock Throw, Harden, Yawn, Smog, Flamethrower.

Image Ledyba - Male
Before Cal decided to become a Breeder, he and Slugma had tried their hands at Pokémon Training, taking on a few Pokémon in Azalea Forest. One of these was a Ledyba. Cal had Slugma attack it before the Ledyba was aware of what was going on. Feeling guilty about hurting the bug, he stayed in the forest until nightfall and brought him back to full health. Grateful for his kindness, the Ledyba followed Cal until he bought a Poké Ball to contain him then. Ledyba has potential as a battling Pokémon, but rarely does so due to Cal's chosen path. Known moves: Tackle, Supersonic, Light Screen, Reflect, Mach Punch, Swift, Silver Wind.

Image Sentret - Male
A very cheerful Pokémon who loves to run around and play with Ledyba and Slugma, as well as help out where he can with the Pokémon Eggs. He was caught while Cal tried to train Ledyba, and has since became another one of Cal's options for a battling Pokémon. He likes to be out of his Poké Ball but due to his occasional hyper-activity he's only allowed out when not in a crowded place. Known moves: Tackle, Quick Attack, Defense Curl, Helping Hand, Dig.

Image Swellow - Male
A fearsome and proud Pokémon, Swellow was a gift from Cal's Uncle Stewart, a Bird Trainer from the Hoenn range. He gave it to Cal as an already well trained Taillow to serve as his main battling Pokémon and to protect him, as Stewart realised Cal's other Pokémon may have difficulty with that due to their lack of battle training. Taillow has since evolved into a very powerful Swellow, and is the strongest of Cal's Pokémon. He is very protective of not only Cal, but the other Pokémon as well, seeing it as his duty to defend those weaker than him. He is very proud and serious, but Sentret's antics have been known to lighten him up. Known moves: Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Return, Roost, Double Team, Quick Attack, Steel Wing, Gust, Defog.

Image Egg (x2)
Cal also carries Pokémon eggs as well. The two he has now are thought to contain an Elekid and a Totodile.

Name: Elisa Demakes
Age: 11
Occupation: Rookie Pokémon Trainer
Father: Scott Demakes - Age 47 - Born in Viridian City, Kanto
Mother: Claire Demakes - Age 45 - Born in Cianwood City, Johto
Bother: Elliot Demakes - Age 18 - Born in Rustboro City, Hoenn
Personality: Keen to live up to her brother's extensive history, Elisa is confident and skilled, but she also falls victim to her youth and immaturity; often making rash decisions and getting herself into trouble that either her Pokémon or herself needs to bail her out of. She hopes to become the Hoenn League Champion before her brother returns from his travels. She is mischevious and smarter than she lets on.

History: The spoiled and cherished daughter of the family, Elisa is the apple of her parents eye. She uses this to craftily get away with anything. After Elliot obtained all the Hoenn badges and was recognised as having a natural ability to train grass Pokémon, she became slightly jealous, wanting the attention back on her; she asked for her own grass Pokémon. Her parent's Pokémon, had just had an egg, so she was presented that. She set out to get all the Hoenn badges after the egg hatched and is now up to two.

Active Pokémon Team:
Image Chikorita - Female
Hatched from an egg her parents Venusaur and Meganium had, the baby Chikorita took on Elisa's personality traits; and so is also mischevious and smarter than she lets on. She's a very agile and capable battler. Known moves: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Reflect.

Image Marill - Female
The first Pokémon Elisa caught under her own power, Marill is generally cheerful and is quite content to play in the water with Chikorita. She often teases Chimchar, but is serious and precise in battle. Known moves: Bubble, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Tackle, Slam, Iron Defense

Image Chimchar - Male
Chimchar was an abused Pokémon that Elisa's older brother Elliot rescued and rehabilitated. He then gave her the little fire-monkey for her eleventh birthday. Chimchar and Elisa adore each other. As Chimchar is still effectively a baby, it clings to Elisa when out of hit's Poké Ball and not in battle. Known Moves: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt

Image Swablu - Female
The second Pokémon Elise caught on her own was met under Cycling Road, where it had gotten seperated from the rest of it's flock. Clearly scared, it attacked Elisa, who responded by having Marill battle it. Elisa caught the Swablu and calmed her down. She doesn't like battling though she is getting better, but loves Elisa to pieces. Known moves: Peck, Growl, Astonish, Sing, Fury Attack

Only used for Sneaky Sneasel's "Pokémon in Space" - Which I think I was rejected from.
Name: Lambert
Profession: Thief
Age: 25
Gender: Male

General demeanour: Somewhat cold and to the point, Lambert prefers to get the job done and leave; undetected. He only opens up to his Pokémon, and is usually dismissive and condescending when faced with other people or Pokémon. He often broods about his past.
Best qualities: Cunning and quick-witted.
Worst qualities: Over confident and unable to work with anyone other than his Pokémon.

Home Town/Planet/Colony: Titan, largest moon of Saturn
Quick Bio: Born on a farm on the recently terraformed Titan, Lambert was originally named Ben Carter and was set to lead a very normal life; working the farm while attending school, and later a student at the University of Titan studying Technical Engineering and Computer Systems. At the age of 18, after his mother and father were murdered viciously by an unknown crime syndicate because his father failed to repay a debt that kept the farm running during an economic recession, Ben fled Titan with his beloved shiny Eevee in tow. With no family to guide him, Ben quickly grew cold and selfish living rough, stowing away on transports to travel the solar system. Taking the name "Lambert" Ben became a thief, using his basic technical skills to infiltrate the homes of the social elite and the labs of large corporations; stealing treasures and prototype technology to sell on to the highest bidder. His Eevee, now evolved into an Umbreon, helps him do this. When news of the evil force looking to overtake the universe and the Secret Tiles reached him, Lambert saw an oppurtunity to steal the ultimate treasure and joined the group that were setting out to stop the evil.

Active Pokémon Team
Image Umbreon (Shiny) - Nickname: Swift
Lamber's Umbreon was his starter, given to him by a professor back on Titan. As a boy Lambert wanted to wander the stars, but he and Eevee were kept on Titan to help his parents with the farm. After he left Titan and began living rough, Eevee was always there to protect him when he collapsed from hunger, fending off other poverty stricken people who tried to rob him while he was unconcious. This sort of constant depending on each other brought Eevee and Lambert closer. Once Lambert had decided to make his way in life stealing from the privelaged and the corrupt, he began training at a martial arts academy, not letting on that he planned to use his newfound agility and fitness to steal. On his first attempt at a heist, he was almost killed by guard Houndoom on a country estate on Earth. Fleeing in open moonlight for their lives from the Houndoom, Eevee evolved into Umbreon and fought them off. Lambert renamed him "Swift", in light of their new career.

Currently in need of a Vulpix! Someone hook me up!

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Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:48 pm
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Umm.. di we have to post here before we can roleplay :?: {slowking} if so... Umm: Beav I DON"T WANNA!!!! :oops::objection: I dont feel like it!!!! {magnezone}

Well untill Trainer cards come back,Charmeleon,Wartortole,Mewtwo,Tentacruel,Aerodactyl,Omanyte,Slowpoke,Pidgeot,Arbok!!


Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:31 pm
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Pokemon Ranger
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Slowpoke_king wrote:
Umm.. di we have to post here before we can roleplay :?: {slowking} if so... Umm: Beav[/size] I DON"T WANNA!!!! :oops::objection: I dont feel like it!!!! {magnezone}

In answer to your question: No you do not need to post a profile here to start role playing. However, you DO need:
#1 to read this thread, this thread, and this thread.
You also need to go take an English class, get a spell checker, and finally STOP POSTING IN LARGE LETTERS. :evil:

I doubt many DM's will let you into their RPs if you keep posting like That. :roll:

I'm not here all the time, though I do pop back in occasionally, if you want to contact me, you can dropped me a line at

Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:06 pm
Fails at life
Fails at life

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ok i do rp`s all the time irl as well so this will be easy i supose...

Name: Raff (a nickname given by my girl freind which that is true not made up.)

Look:Green eyes,Brown Hair and also his hair is all the way down to his back Hoody whith the Snake logo on the back and black baggy pants.

Born in: He was born in Jhoto in Black Thorn City and was trained by there gym Leader Claire and became a pokemon trainer.

Likes: The Battel tower gym battels and just randomn pokemon battels he runs up on.

Dis Likes: uhm idjits...uhh...and preps XD

Pokemon in his party

{arcanine} 1.) Arcanine lv - Raff`s most favorite and most loyal pokemon he has hes had him since he was a growlithe after it saved him from a gang of thugs.

{gyarados} 2.) Gyarados lv - probably Raff`s most powerful pokemon which he caught in the wild whith his Arcanine which was extremly hard.

{ampharos} 3.) Ampharos lv - Raff`s favorite electric type pokemon since he ever saw it after he cuaght a wild flaffy and he trained it to be an Ampharos.

{flygon} 4.) Flygon lv - Raff`s dragon type pokemon which ALWAYS helped him out whith its great speed and physical power which has helped him greatly in battles.

{cacturne} 5.) Cacturne - Raff`s grass/dark type pokemon which scared him at first after it evolved from his cacnea but then after and incident where it protected him Nick fianlly noticed not to be scared of him Anymore.

{gengar} 6.) Gengar lv - Raff`s favorite ghost type is pretty strong and fast especially when it uses its combo Hypnosis & Dream Eater most pokemon faint right when ita done once.

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Thu Aug 30, 2007 7:56 pm
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Bug Catcher

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Age: ???

Looks:Often wears Pokemon costumes.

Hair: (if shown) Brown.

Background: Born in Viridian City. Not much else is known.

Pokemon: MAIN BATTLE TEAM: {slowking} {machamp} {feraligatr} {golbat} (usally out of pokeball) {hypno} {tentacruel} .

OTHER: {blastoise} (starter) {kingler} {rhydon} {hitmonlee} {haunter} {chatot} and lots more.

Well untill Trainer cards come back,Charmeleon,Wartortole,Mewtwo,Tentacruel,Aerodactyl,Omanyte,Slowpoke,Pidgeot,Arbok!!


Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:12 pm
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Pokemon Master
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Nothing quite like working out the mind...

Name: Tangdom
Profession: a fighter? Throws weapons around? I don't know.

Appearance: Tangdom is tall and lanky, and has very pale skin. His straight, fine hair goes down to his mid-back, and his bangs are parted with the right side almost covering the eye and the other sticking out casually. He has large eyes and long, almost transparent lashes.
Age: Tangdom is young and unexperienced, but he lost track of what year he was born in. All he knows is that he's in his late teens.
Gender: Male
Body type: Thin as a rail
Hair and eye colours: Tangdom has jet black hair that is tipped vermillion and blood red from a situation that happened when he was small and doesn't know anything about. His eyes are different colors, his left light green and his right orange.
Face type: Round-ish, but with a strong chin
Other physical features: Tangdom's arms are littered with small scars from fighting/fencing/whatever.
Clothing style: Tandom's favorite colors are in his hair, so he mainly wears black and red. He likes white as well, and often dresses in all-white.
Speech style: Rough, dark

General demeanor: Tangdom is quiet and friendly, yet he will go to extreme measures to "eliminate" people he has bitter thoughts about.
How he/she sees himself: Tangdom has regular self-esteem. He doesn't see himself as a piece of garbage, but he doesn't see himself as the best person ever either.
Best qualities: Kind, helpful, puts others before himself
Worst qualities: Tangdom is a chicken, and often has second thoughts. His dark feelings for people can trouble others and himself, and he's too quiet for his own good. He doesn't even speak a word when physically hurting somebody or praticing.

Parents: Tangdom's parents are named Layve and Prosper.
Siblings: Tangdom has an older brother named Agape.

dragonite knows who tangdom is. :D


Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:07 pm
Profile WWW
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Bug Catcher
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name: Hikari
age: 16
gender: female
height: tall
weight: skinny
profession: pokemon trainer
appearance: long raven colored hair that goes to her ankles, eyes like black opals that normally have an icy stare in them.
personality: A total girlie girl and boy-crazy though it isn't easy to gain her loyalty and trust.

Sango the DemonslayerImage

Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:26 am
Profile YIM
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