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So, I have suggestion for the Psypokes website (NOT the forums)...
Can we make a breeding calculator? Like, the chance of those two Pokemon with those specific stat sets and personality dispositions (i.e. naughty, calm, curious, et cetera) making an egg, and what eggs/Poke-babies are possible for them to make? I remember having something slightly like that in Pokemon Stadium 2 on Nintendo 64, at least, the part I talked about where it shows what Pokemon can reproduce which Pokemon.
I know that you can already sort of tell the chances of them making an egg or not by what the old man says, but I'd rather have a calculator do it for me so I don't have to go through the hassle of putting Pokemon into the daycare and talking to the man.
There's programs that can do this, I can list at least one, but you have to enter IV's to get stats out, which takes a bunch of calculating on this website. Why not just put those algorithms (i.e. Stats --> EVs ---> IVs) into one that is a breeding predictor like I mentioned, and save some time and work for us breeders?
Sorry if I got any of the info wrong on the conversions... I have dyscalculia, so I can't do math very well at all... :oops:

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The things that the man says to you are based entirely on whether the Pokemon are the same species and/or owned by the same Trainer, which in turn affects how likely they are to produce an egg once between each cycle of 256 steps. Two of the same Pokemon with different Trainer IDs have nearly a 70% chance to make an egg ("The two seem to get along very well"). Two of the same Pokemon with the same Trainer ID, or two different Pokemon with different Trainer IDs, have around a 50% chance to produce an egg ("The two seem to get along"). Two different Pokemon with the same ID number have only a 20% chance to have an egg ("The two don't seem to like each other much").

Natures (i.e. Adamant, Modest, et al) and stat genes don't affect the chances of making an egg at all. They come into play when determining the characteristics of the baby after the Egg has been created and given to you. The baby inherits at least one and up to three random stat genes of the parents, and has a random Nature unless the mother is holding an Everstone, which gives her a 50% chance to pass her Nature to the baby (bumped to 100% in BW2). Either parent can also pass down a specific stat gene if they're holding the corresponding Power item, i.e. a father Snorlax will pass down his HP IV to the baby if he's holding a Power Weight.

Calculating the specific chances to hatch a baby with such-and-such IVs, nature X, ability Y and gender Z was something I wanted on the site myself, but ultimately there are a lot of variable involved and coding it would be a bit complicated.


Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:25 pm
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